We also are going to talk about how unemployment can be possibly delayed for up to 20 weeks and then we’re going to talk about some ebt, slash food, voucher programs and then i’m going to answer your questions because you guys know that is my favorite part of Any segment that i do, i love to answer your questions, so let’s go ahead and jump right into it. If you watch my video on friday mitch, mcconnell has stated that hey early next week, you should be able to see this draft or this proposal that i have, and you know what we were like. Okay, we didn’t like it, but we were okay, but yet he has retracted those statements. Senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said that he hopes that in the next two to three weeks the senate will be able to get a relief bill to the house. Now guys i don’t know correct me: if i’m wrong, you know i didn’t get a plus in math, but next week maybe it’s like two three days weeks is like 14 to 21 days. What in the world now, we all know that the house and the senate both go on recess on august 7th, which to me it seems like they’re, going to wait down to the wire to try to get this done. What in the world is going on? Why are we moving slower than syrup? I have no idea what is taking so long, so he’s stating hopefully in the next two to three weeks.

They will be able to come together and pass something that we can send over to the house. Then down to the president for signature now, mcconnell said that he will be talking to the democrats as soon as next week on the bill. So he will. I guess maybe giving him that little. You know preparation and talking with them, but guys he’s, stating two to three weeks now. Mcconnell again stated that he does not support the extension of the 600 federal unemployment boost, but he does support continuing the traditional state led unin program unemployment program. Okay, just let us pray because the state led unemployment program. It is great, but also we know that the amount is reduced dramatically here in alabama it’s, only 282 dollars a week. What can you do with it for people that stay in california new york? Is this even going to be enough to pay your rent? Your bills, like, are we serious right now? What in the world? Let me know what do you feel about that in the comments below speaking of unemployment, a proposal was floating around the white house and some republicans that would tie unemployment payouts to this 70 of the workers, previous wage and the next stimulus bill so guys they have Been talking about this 70, i don’t see it happening. How can they know what you were making? What, if you were a bartender? What, if you were an uber driver? I mean 70, what about your tips like what in the world now, because they want to do this? This could delay jobless benefits up to 20 weeks, according to a new memo by npr shows that leaving this around about 25 million people that will be relying on those payments and the reason why it would take so long is because we know we already know that These state, unemployment, computers and systems are older than dinosaurs.

Like what are we thinking? We still have five million people that are waiting on a stimulus check like, but yet we think this is going to be the same system that can calculate 70 percent of a person’s. Previous wages, i’ll wait, so lawmakers want to extend the payouts at a reduced rate, but they can’t decide on how much now democrats hope to re up the payments in full. So we all know that the democrats are like no six hundred dollars. We want six hundred dollars, but the republicans are like no, no, no, no. So a memo was sent to the lawmakers and this was by the national association of state workforce agencies and they said that it would take most states eight to 20 weeks to transition to a system that paid unemployed americans on this sliding scale. So even the state workforce agencies are like hey don’t. Even do this to us, because you already know once you say that these people are going to be calling our office they’re going to be emailing us they’re, going to be sending smoke signals don’t even do that, like we can’t even handle the bandwidth that we have Now, but this is the silver lining: if it does take the entire 20 weeks, you will receive back pay, so you will get retroactive pay for it. Now i don’t know how back pay or retroactive pay would pay for your bills that you have now. Are they going to win? I don’t know but that’s exactly what it’s stating and they’re saying hey.

You still will get some money. It just will be yours. Your normal state led benefits and, like i said in alabama here, that’s 282, and then you have to get taxes taken out and who can with the state unemployment work for you. Let me know down in the comments: gee whiz, gee whiz, all right guys. So let’s go ahead and go over to ebt and food vouchers. Yesterday i posted a video, a video regarding eb team and normally on the weekends. I try to you know, switch it up. Sometimes i answer the questions. Sometimes i post ebt, if you are still in need of pandemic ebt, they are extending the application deadlines. I am watching it like a hawk to see if they’re going to do it for the upcoming school year as well. Now some states do have other programs that they have going on, such as like food boxes. They also have like different restaurants that are giving back as well meals on wheels program. So i do go over that in other videos, and one of the things that i discovered as well is food vouchers. Now these vouchers are great for some people who do not qualify, because if you were receiving unemployment, then it kind of messed up somehow, with your income requirements for your ebt benefits unless it was pandemic ebt. But so some people are unable to receive ebt. If you fall in that category, there are other programs out there that you can look into and then my seniors my seasoned seniors, because i love you so much.

These food vouchers do qualify now every state does not have them and the information that i’m giving to you. I hope that you’re able to take it and go and google and see or call 2 1 1 and see if it’s available in your state. But these food vouchers are normally for seniors, who have the federal farmer’s market nutrition program. And you will receive a voucher that you can redeem at the farmers market now in philadelphia. They do have this as well. This year they mailed out they mailed out those vouchers due to the pandemic. So one of the coordinators said that this time they mailed out a 24 voucher. Now guys, i know you’re like 24. This is just what they have in pennsylvania. They may have something different in your state and then last time i checked. Twenty four dollars is better than nothing you. You know what i mean. A goose egg is zero, so i mean it’s better than nothing, and so you can use these vouchers at farmers markets around the city and when we send out the vouchers to them, they will come to the farmers market list broken up in their neighborhoods in their City it’s easy to find a location near them that will accept these vouchers. The vouchers are funded by the us department of agriculture and the pennsylvania department of agriculture, and so i looked, i just googled a few places and i did see where other states had different amounts.

But that is one thing as well. That you can look into. Is a food voucher now, last but not least, let’s go ahead and jump into some questions. The first question comes from jeffrey. He said what about the people who found on the nun filers page last time? Will they be eligible for the next stimulus check absolutely like? If you filed last time as of right now, they’re saying that the next stimulus check will go to all dependents regardless, if you were filed, if you were claimed or not, you should be able to, you know, receive a check now. This all can change here within the next few weeks. It’S the news it changes daily right. We don’t know because just on friday, he said: hey we’ll have that bill next week and then now he’s saying in the next few weeks. So you should according to right now. Yes, you should be able to receive um the check the next person comes from tanya. Why did i get denied from the student? The sba because of my credit, i would definitely say, reach out to the sba.gov and see what is going on. Some people were denied and then a lot of people that i know that said that hey my credit was a little bit on the wobble wobble side and i still got approved, so i would just reach out to them. The next one comes from jody, they said. Are there any funding in the any rental funding in the state of washington or even with electricity bills? So jody? I will look for the state of washington um.

I have been trying to put together like on a website all the different programs that are going on, but it seems like there’s, so many in different states and literally when i get them that’s. Why? I talk about them and then a lot of them. The applications have closed or they’ve run out of funding, so that’s what’s going on. So please please, please don’t charge it to my heart, i’m, not being mean or facetious or anything like. I just can’t find it. So i will look if i do find something. I promise you, i will talk about it in a video pinky promise. There you go. I think why do i always want to do that all righty here? The next question comes from bobby. She says what about tennessee? They are evicting people out here. Um. Is there any more information, because sometimes we don’t hear about programs until the last minute to apply and the waiting list is so long? Why are the landlords evicting tenants now now it just depends on if the eviction moratorium in your state has expired, and so because there is no bill or anything at all. That is set in motion to offset that, because a lot of states had by like july 27 july 2nd. So if that time has expired, then they can start evicting people and guys. This is getting really scary for me because i think a lot of people are going to be affected by this um.

Somebody in the comments below had asked about the eviction process and are there any programs i will check and see but yeah it is. They have started evicting as well alrighty here the next question comes from. She said if my daughter claimed me on my taxes from beth last year as a dependent. When i get a second stimulus check, i did not receive the first one as of right now, we’re hoping that that is the case and according to all the verbiage that is coming out of the white house and the senate that’s. What they’re saying that all dependents will be able to get one so we’ll see you know how they wait to the the final hour and change everything, so we will have to see the next one comes from dennis. I didn’t receive a similar shade because i owed back child support. Will i receive a seamless check this time? It just depends because, right now they are doing um a bill to stop the garnishments, but they did not include child support in there. It was for debt collectors and i think it was like banking. The banks could not take the money for the stimulus checks so fingers crossed. Maybe they will address this. I don’t know on there, but i know this. Child support is a big issue as well and i’m. Not judging at all, i know it’s a big issue. So definitely the next one comes from miss bobby.

She says: hey there are you excited, i wrote a new book and guess what you are featured in it. So i just wanted to say thank you with lots of love, donna alrighty. Well, it said bobby, but then i see donna, okay! Well, donna. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. I will look on amazon and check out your book. Um that’s nice that you included me in a book wow like i feel, like i’m big time, okay, big time, okay, girl. Let me see what you wrote about me, though you’re probably saying something: no i’m guessing it was all nice, but i will definitely check it out. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So much now right here, the next question comes from pam. She says i live in columbus and i work at a bar and grill and we just went back to work. Is there is any hazard pay that would qualify for us? Maybe a few months ago? I did something for like restaurant workers or if you were bartenders as well, that they had like their own grant. I want to say it’s, like the restaurant association go to google type in like restaurant association. I don’t believe that you will receive hazard pay, but they did have some um some grant programs that, if you are, if you were in the restaurant, like industry as well, i want to say it was like a thousand dollars. But it was like two three months ago: you, you know, you know i’m old, okay, my mind just you know it doesn’t all righty here and then i will take this last question because i know i value your time.

The last question says candace: when will we get more money, and that is a great one to end it on canvas that’s, exactly what we’re waiting for? We are trying to see when that next payment is going to come. If they wait to the final hour on august 7th, then we’re looking at. I think it was like the 26th or 27th and that’s if it takes like the full 13 business days, because you know the department of treasury you’re, saying hey, we can have these payments out like that honey. So who knows? We think it may take a few business days, but it may not take um that many business days at all, so we will see as well and guys. There were some talks that there may be another stimulus after this like a another 5.0 or like another phase. We’Re not even going to go let’s just get through this phase and let the first people who have not received their siblings checks, let them get through that phase and then we’ll we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Okay. So please, like comment subscribe, and i will talk to you later.