It would help me greatly and please leave your comments. I’Ll give you a fast update on my wife. I just got back from the hospital about an hour ago. I was in there for an hour before they noticed me and they the charge nurse came in and said that there will be no more visiting at the hospital it’s under total lockdown, now i’m kind of covered. I said, but they approved for me to be here. She said i’m. Sorry, i can’t help it it’s total love now so i’m gon na call the doctor tomorrow and try to get that over see. If i can get back up, there may not work, but i got ta try. They gave her an unit of blood. This morning they thought she was bleeding somewhere uh when i first got. They called me about 2 30. This morning wanted permission to do that, and i said yes do anything you have to do and uh when i got there, they had just finished it uh right after i left they gave her another one, and when i went back this afternoon, they when i first Got there they was taking a blood sample, they said they want to find out where the bleeding’s from because there’s no sign of bleeding anywhere, but her red blood cells is low.

So after the charge nurse made me leave the her nurse came running down the hall and met me at the elevator.

She said i just got the test back. There is no bleeding nowhere. The blood is holding good uh. All of her labs is perfect. All of her vital signs is perfect. Just got to get that breathing fix, she’s, really having a hard time breathing and still a hard time communicating all kind of the breathing. I did not see a big difference this this afternoon when i went up there from this morning, but the nurse said: there’s a big improvement. The doctor this morning indicated that there’s a big improvement. I didn’t see it, but i don’t see everything you know all. I see is my wife laying there y’all please keep on praying now. This just announced a new 1200 stimulus package is coming. Republicans said that they will have a stimulus plan by tomorrow, if you can believe that including a twelve hundred dollar stimulus check chris wallace from fox news in the interviewed steven mnuchin and he read mnuchin, the riot act go chris wallace. He said after the republicans and the white houses, let the unemployment run out and they let the ban on evasions run out. Won’T, the american people be the one to pay the price for the republicans in the white house, dragging their feet and can’t come to agreement on anything. Mnuchin replied chris. Let me first say that was an unfair statement.

He said another word, but i can’t say what do y’all think about that was he was chris being unfair, or was he right on the target? I think he was right on target, because all of this is because they was dragging their feet and could not reach an agreement with themselves now, if they can’t reach an agreement with herself, how can they reach an agreement with the with the house and the rep And the democrats over there nancy pelosi has said again that they will not leave to go on recess until a package has passed.

She said they can’t leave until a package is passed and we know mcconnell said that he will not deviate from the schedule shows. Who cares no matter what you think about nancy pelosi? She is our champion right now. Y’All i’ve got another video scheduled to come out tomorrow morning. I want you to please watch it and share it. Leave me your comments here. Give me a thumbs up.