All you have to do is deposit a hundred dollars and you can get two free stocks. One of which could be valued up to hundred dollars and sign up for robin hood and you can get a free stock there. All you have to do is sign up link your bank account and you’ll get a free stock, so let’s go ahead and get into the stimulus check information so, like i said we’re at this wait and see point. But a lot of people are thinking that it’s going to take a lot longer to get the stimulus checks passed now. It could actually be faster and i’ll. Tell you a reason why, when i get towards the end of the video, why it could be a lot quicker than we think? But if you don’t know right now, the stimulus checks have been confirmed that they want or that they agree on twelve hundred dollars.

Basically, the same amount as last time, so twelve hundred dollars for every adult making under seventy five thousand dollars a year and obviously it trickles off five percent, as you start to move up um also, if you’re a married couple, 150 000 a year so it’s the Same as last time, 500 for a dependent, they haven’t added any type of information for adult dependents or college students to receive these stimulus checks, as well so we’re. Looking out for that information, but it’s going to go out the same way.

It’S going to be the same check as of now. This is what they agree on so keep in mind with all that being said, this could change. I know it’s been confirmed that this is what they agree on, but it could still change because it’s not in writing and they don’t have something to wear. They can say this is finalized and everything is going in the bill. As we just stated, my thought process is actually that um things couldn’t really get better. I mean they can get better, but more likely than not they’re going to get worse so um instead of 1 200. It may be worse depending on where the republicans want to remain under their budget, so right now they may be at let’s, say 500 billion dollars and they still have 500 billion dollars left in the budget. Now, if they get to that extra 500 billion dollars, and then they surpass it a little bit, they want to push down they’re going to try and decrease something.

Maybe they’ll decrease the checks. I know that they agree on the 1200, but it could be possible that they decrease it now. It could also be a slight possibility that they increase it and they bring it up to the twelve hundred dollars and then twelve hundred dollars for a dependent. It could be possible so it’s not something that’s completely finalized, but it is something that they do agree on. So i want to make sure you understand the difference between those two.

I talked about that in my last video. So make sure you check that video out, but let’s quickly get into the reason why it could be passed a lot faster now. What i’ve seen is that they’re trying to argue these as separate bills, basically by putting stimulus, checks, unemployment, business liability protection, school funding, funding for testing they’re trying to put all of these in like separate bills, i don’t know what would be the reason i would imagine To get the bills passed faster and maybe it’s that tit for tat type of thing to where we gave you stimulus checks. We gave you unemployment now. The rest of the stuff is ours, kind of type of deal, maybe that’s. What they’re trying to do and i’m trying to think of this as a negotiation, leverage or tactic here, but it it doesn’t, seem right so i’m trying to figure out exactly why they’re doing that or why they want to do that.

But this means that twelve hundred dollars could be a single bill, and since this is the first thing that they really agreed upon saying, we agree that everybody should get twelve hundred dollars and at this point um, you know if you make under 75 000 a year. Now this is probably not what every single person agreed upon, but it’s what the majority agreed upon and now they’re they’re sitting here and saying we don’t have to talk about this anymore. 1200 is a given and that’s.

What we’re getting now nancy pelosi uh disagrees with that basically saying that um she doesn’t want it in separate bills. She wants it as a one bill. She doesn’t want a piecemealed bill. If you have seen my video of them rejecting piecemealed bills, it makes sense why they would do that. They want everything together. So you have that negotiation leverage in any instance, you can say we have this. You have that you don’t want to approve something and then start taking away from that budget. Take away from that one trillion dollars and now you’re stuck with giving them whatever they want up to 500 billion or whatever. So you want everything together to make sure everybody agrees upon what is on that bill, so it makes sense to do it as a full package, but if they do it as a single package, maybe just the stimulus checks just to get that out to american people. Then it might not be a bad thing and it’ll come a lot quicker than we think so it could be approved in the next week and then we’ll have it.

Maybe in the next week after that – or you know maybe a little longer but we’ll – have it a lot quicker than we would if we waited until like august 7th to when the full stimulus package is going to be put together that’s. What i feel is that it’s going to get to august 7th, i hope that it it’s approved by the end of the month, but i i don’t think i don’t think that’s likely.

So this is information for the stimulus check that you needed to know. It could be a lot quicker than you think it could be. Here could be at your front door tomorrow. It won’t be there tomorrow. It could be there a lot quicker than you think, though so that’s my video guys make sure you hit. The like button also hit the subscribe button for more videos like this one, and i do a giveaway every week so make sure you go over to my instagram dm me. Let me know that you want to enter the giveaway and that you’re subscribed to both of my youtube channels, um and remember, to get your two free stocks with weeble, one of which could be valued up to fourteen hundred dollars. If you deposit a hundred dollars and then also robin hood, sign up for robin hood link, your bank account and you’ll get one free stock, so go ahead and do that and uh. Hopefully you know you have good luck with that.

Hopefully we get the stimulus, checks.