First uh we’ve got uh two really quick quotes and then we’re gon na get into the three interviews. Ted cruz just said that the heroes act, just funnels money to nancy, pelosi’s, friends and doesn’t actually solve the problem. Ted cruz is obviously republican. Looking for a very small next stimulus package, nancy pelosi says that she wants to give donald trump. A new nickname quote, mr, make matters worse all right. There we go. We slammed republican, we slammed a democrat now let’s get into the three interviews. Larry kudlow was interviewed this morning on jake tapper with cnn. I know a lot of you don’t, like cnn, okay, we’re. Just listening to the interview larry kudlow says there is a 1200 check coming. That is going to be a part of the new package.

That is a quote for him from him verbatim. Another quote the check. Is there the re employment bonus? Is there the retention bonus? Is there there will be breaks and tax credits for small businesses and restaurants, it’s well, rounded, very well, targeted kudlow then went on to even suggest that there might be an extension of the eviction ban. This is all extremely good. Let’S try to unpackage this. For a moment, first we’re not sure what he means by re employment bonuses, we’re, not sure if that means, like a back to work, bonus like taking the unemployment back to work with you, if you’re on unemployment or, if it’s a tax credit for businesses to get Back to work, we do already know that we saw some draft of a bill yesterday, that there are tax credits for businesses to eat at restaurants and fully write off restaurant meals.

We also saw an extension of the employee retention credit yesterday and other potential tax write offs, so that’s. What we saw yesterday and today, larry kudlow, is doubling down on those, but also giving us this. This interesting comment that there might also be some sort of re employment bonus again. We don’t know what that is. The stimulus check confirmation, that’s very good we’ve, heard about this stimulus check confirmation before that there would be a check, but we weren’t sure if it would be twelve hundred dollars. Larry kudlow has now confirmed that it would be twelve hundred dollars now we still just need to narrow down who’s going to get that our adult dependents going to get that our adult college students going to get that our senior dependents going to get that we’ll find Out we also don’t know about income limitations, but now we know that the amount is intended is intended.

Excuse me to be 1200. Furthermore, the extent of the eviction moratorium holy smokes. This is huge. I mean this is a game changer, because i’ve been making quite a few real estate. Videos, youtube may not have shown those to you, but if you go to my real estate, playlist you’ll see those and i’ve been talking about how devastating a lack of an extension to the uh. You know eviction moratorium would be for real estate, and so this is very, very, very good news, uh and i think we’ll still see a rush of filings on monday.

We’Ll likely see that those filings end up getting put on hold, but at least we’ll get a taste for how bad the eviction crisis would have been because, honestly, we’re, probably just kicking the can down the road a bit, which means i guess i can kick down. The can of signing up for life insurance, but then again, it’s cheap, and it only took me five minutes so check out that link down below and get your life insurance. Big warning, larry kudlow also did not tell us exactly when the eviction ban would be extended. So is this going to be part of this bill or is it going to be part of another bill? We’Ll see that’s interview, one of three interview: two of three treasury secretary mnuchin, was interviewed by chris wallace on fox news, sunday here’s. What we learned number one, the new bill will be introduced to monday we’ll, see if that actually happens, the treasury secretary wants to act quickly and believes we can get this done quickly and his focus is kids and jobs.

Number two: the treasury secretary, said that there’s going to be a focus on the bill with liability, protections, unemployment, schools and that there is nothing to stop future bills. This is bill number five and that there could easily be a bill. Six, seven and eight that’s. What he said, which, if you have trouble keeping track of the numbers of these bills, i’ve outlined them in the description down below it, also happens to be right below the link for you to get two completely free stocks with weeble.

If you put a hundred dollars in a stock trading account with weebles so it’s still your hundred dollars, you get two free stocks worth up to. Fourteen hundred dollars takes you about five minutes to do it. Then treasury secretary mnuchin says they still have one trillion dollars left to spend from the last stimulus package. Honestly, i want to punch him every time. He says that, because that money is dedicated for hospitals and big businesses via the main street lending program, which isn’t even fully up and running yet, and a lot of the companies that are considering even using that bailout money are thinking it’s too strict of a program. Because the treasury secretary made it too strict, this kills me because he implies that there’s still money to be released to the people from cares number one and we should wait on – cares number two when in reality, he’s totally misleading us no minutian.

There is not more money in the pipeline for people in the original bill, so stop suggesting that anyway, chris wallace nailed treasury secretary mnuchin, rightfully so when he said. But what you want to pass is what you want to get through. Not what the democrats want. Mnuchin dodged that question, but chris wallace is right. The republicans right now are trying to squeeze through a republican catered bill. My guess is the 1200 stimulus checks that they’re throwing in there is in there solely to try to appease democrats.

Hey give us liability protections. Give us the the unemployment reduction to 200 a week and uh you know, give us some money for schools here. We’Ll give you the 1200 stimulus checks. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s, what they’re trying to do house democrat nancy house, democrat leader, excuse me nancy pelosi and senate leader chuck schumer disagree. They want a complete package now in interview three of three this morning, it’s been a busy morning. Mark meadows gave us updates, and he says we are that the country will spend on therapies and vaccine research. What we can, which is true, because we’ve already spent eight billion funding vaccine companies to come up with a vaccine no vaccine. Just yet, though, mark meadows as usual, dangled the carrot and said we’re hoping for good news in the next couple of days. Now, just a heads up. We have also heard every administration official, say we’re waiting for good news in the next few days, like every time they talk.

So this is no surprise. Mark meadows reiterated that it is important to wear masks and that we’re now testing over 1 million people per day. This is up from 800 000 people per day a couple weeks ago, on unemployment mark meadows began by suggesting that the original unemployment benefits would not expire. This implies that state benefits do not expire. However, many of you in my comment section yesterday, were saying that your unemployment pay as a self employed individual was cut.

For example, if previously you got 600 per week in florida from the fed boost plus 275 in state unemployment. Now you’ve lost the 600, so you’re left with 275 in florida, but now florida is cutting that in half so that’s not completely true. Mr mark meadows, people are getting screwed. Mark meadows went on to say we will be prepared on monday to provide a boost of up to 70 percent of wages. This is that seventy percent number we keep hearing it’s complicated. Basically, when you hear seventy percent think about two hundred dollars per week as a boost, potentially there might be a way to scale this per state and they’re working on fixing their quote antiquated computer systems. However, they want to pass unemployment now and it’s possible. Mark meadows suggests that they’ll do the rest in august, which honestly just drags out other important things to other bills in the future. In covent news, google trends, searches for coronavirus, symptoms, coveted symptoms and covid19 symptoms are all still trending downwards.

Despite peaking about one to two weeks ago, i believe tracking. This is very important, especially for the stock market recovery. By the way, if you want to learn how i put videos together like this and edit them in under five minutes, make sure to check out the youtube course it’s on pre sale right now, you can get a better deal if you buy now before it comes Out it all comes out on august 10th, which hopefully then all the stimulus stuff is over, and i can teach you exactly all of my tricks, no matter if you’ve never edited a video before or you don’t, even own, a camera other than your phone.

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