Today they were supposed to unveil the package last week. Instead, they spent last week amending some provisions in the draft proposal to be clear. This package that will be disclosed today is just a first offer or a first pass. The senate republicans will still have to strike a deal with the democrats and passing this bill will depend on how the negotiations go in the senate. In less than two weeks, the senate breaks for a one month, recess which begins august. 8Th time is running out and the american people are running out of patience. Give this video a thumbs up. If you want congress to quit, the lane in today’s update we’ll quickly cover the key benefits that have been extended. The latest update from the white house and the major provisions to expect in the next stimulus package, if you are new to this channel, welcome, consider subscribing now to join this awesome community to stay informed on the latest stimulus updates, economic updates and financial tips and if You’Ve been watching this channel, but yet to subscribe, you are really missing out hit the subscribe button now to stay informed on the latest updates top white house officials made some announcements on the provisions in the next stimulus package and second similar check yesterday, but before we Dive into the latest updates from the white house on the second stimulus check.

Let’S quickly discuss the extension of eviction humanitarian. So last week the federal eviction monetarium imposed by the cares act expired according to aspen institute a non profit.

Think tank about 20 of 110 million renters are at risk of being evicted from their homes by the end of september. The good news for millions of renters across the country is that on sunday, during an interview on cnn state of the union white house, economic adviser, larry kudlow said that the trump administration plans to lengthen the federal eviction moratarium. To clarify this federal eviction. Protection only applies to government backed mortgages, so if you live in a building backed by a private mortgage, it doesn’t offer any help to you. You may have to discuss with your landlord for assistance. Let me know your thoughts about this in the comments section below about the stimulus package. It appears that the white house and gop senators are done fighting over the plan. Steven mnuchin told fox news on sunday that the administration and the senate republicans are completely on the same page. If you can recall from the previous updates, the disagreement between the white house and senate republicans last week played a major role in the delay of the release of the stimulus package. Also white house economic adviser, larry kodlow, told cnn on sunday that there’s a 1200 check coming that’s going to be part of the new package. This is another confirmation from a top white house official on the second stimulus check amount.

What do you think about the 1200 amount share your thoughts in the comment section below larry caldwell, also added that it is very well rounded package it’s a very well targeted package according to cnbc here’s what he said about other provisions in the next stimulus package.

There will be tax breaks, there will be tax credits for small businesses and restaurants. Larry kudlow saved the administration’s plan to replace the 600 weekly unemployment with the 70 percent wage is quite generous by any standard. According to a cnbc report house, speaker, nancy pelosi has argued about the republican plan on unemployment benefit reduction. She told cnn on sunday that the 600 weekly unemployment benefit is so essential. Surprisingly, two republican senators won the two million americans who were excluded from the first round of stimulus payment to receive the second stimulus checks. During the first round of payments, the white house directed that the u.s citizens married to foreign nationals without social security numbers will not receive the 200 stimulus checks included in the cares act. According to a report from the heel, however, senator marco rubio, a republican from florida and senator thom tillis, a republican from north carolina, want to ensure that these americans are not excluded again. In the next stimulus package, a spokeswoman to rubio told the hill last thursday that senator rubio believes that no american should be denied a federal stimulus check because they are married to someone who is not a u.

s citizen. What do you think about this move? I want to hear from you let me know your thoughts in the comments section below one more thing.