We’Ve got a lot to cover in this one, so we’re just gon na go line by line on this. By the way i just posted a video showing you exactly how much youtube paid me in may. I don’t think youtube’s really encouraging sharing that video, because it’s it’s crazy, i mean you think they would want to encourage that, but anyway go check that video out. If you want it’s it’s, i i’m speechless on it, but for right now, let’s focus on what’s, going on with the stimulus plan, i’ll link that video down below let’s get right into this. Okay. Folks, here is the text, so it looks. Like 300 billion is sort of 2b appropriated by the senate and house committees, then we got 20 billion dollars going to farmers. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is because their supply chains have just been like destroyed during this pandemic. It’S it’s been difficult that’s. Why we’ve seen you know some issues with food shortages in certain stores we got for some reason. I don’t know why, but 21.3 billion dollars is going to defense and defense contractors, kind of like mercenaries and contractors for construction and so on. Then you’ve got uh 200 million dollars go into the tsa, which i wrote a little note here and wrote flir question mark because i’m wondering like are they going to put in infrared cameras? Is that going to be good for the company flir? That does infrared technology? Might be an interesting stock to consider looking into i certainly i’m writing it down to look into it.

A billion dollars for fema we’ve got some other money here. Five billion dollars for vaccine distribution overseas i’m, assuming this would be for uh, like embassy distribution, something like that, not quite sure what thud is 10 billion dollars of which is for airport improvement. I’M. Sure we’ll get many more details on this. This is kind of a rough get together here and i imagine this was not meant to be leaked and i’ll link this down below. So you could see it as well: 15 billion for child care. You could see 26 billion here for vaccine research and distribution. The government’s already spent by the way, like i think, it’s, somewhere around seven or eight billion dollars for vaccine research, so we’ve got even more money coming out for vaccine research. They really want a vaccine 25 billion dollars for testing work. Look at that 1.3 billion for workplace training on social distancing. What the heck is that workplace training for social distancing. I mean like it’d, be one thing if it was like money for like plexiglas at the factory, but no it says workplace training on how to social distance, my goodness, okay uh! You know this is how these things get so porky uh anyway, uh. Okay. What is this 7.6 billion dollars for community health, centers 25 billion for hospital slash provider fund bringing the total to 200 up from the cares? Act: 105 billion for education, including 5 billion to the governor’s fund? Okay, interesting and 29 billion for higher education, 70 billion for k 12 that, by the way, 70 billion for k 12.

I think that’s pretty much what california spends in a year on their schools, like california, spends a ton of money on schools, it’s insane and nobody even likes school what’s. Up with that, okay, i’m being facetious, uh 10 billion is actually getting handed out to private schools. I wonder what kind of lobby got that written in 30 billion – and i mean it’s kind of like i wouldn’t – be surprised if private schools got ppp money and then they’re getting this too 30 billion is distributed to states within 15 days and then the rest goes. Another 15 days thereafter, but the last 30 billion is restricted to schools that actually physically reopen stimulus payments. These will include will be included like that will be included, but the amount of the payment and eligibility criteria are to be announced. That’S really interesting so they’re saying the current proposal already includes stimulus payments. There were concerns for a while that they were going to try to chop this up and do stimulus payments in a different bill. Unemployment extension there will be an extension, but not six hundred dollars. Look what they said, though, likely not likely not six hundred dollars a week this. This is like a big sign that okay, they know they’re gon na get negotiated by democrats right there will be a transition period during which there will be a flat amount of extra unemployment, uh insurance payments per week. After that, there will be a new policy that better aligns with an individual’s lost income, possibly by multiplying a person’s state benefit, but will cap out at a hundred percent of income that’s actually really good, because you know in some states, like california, 600 doesn’t go as Far as it does in like ohio right, new york is more expensive to live in compared to like idaho, so the state benefit is already kind of scale to generally what people need for a percentage of wage replacement.

So, having maybe like a 2x on what the state pays, you might give somebody in california 900 a week uh in in a fed boost if they did 2 2x right and somewhere around 500 as a boost in florida, so it kind of scale. I doubt they’ll do 2x, especially since they say it’ll cap out at 100 of income, which is probably going to be somewhere no more than a total of 500 per week at least that’s. What republicans are talking about? Ppp they’ll have streamlined loan forgiveness for loans under 150, 000 uh that’s great, because the uh, the the loan forgiveness app, the first one they came out with, was like 13 pages long. Then they came out with a shorter one. That was three pages long and it was so complicated for a lot of people. Look at this intermediate forgiveness process for loans under a million okay, fine. I thought it said immediate, but it says intermediate second round of ppp loans for businesses under 300 workers that’s down from 500 within the sba size threshold, blah blah blah blah, but your income has to be down 50 from last year. Forgiveness will be expanded. Oh, this is good. Forgiveness will now also include certain supplier costs, operating expenses and damage caused by rioting, whoa that’s interesting. So you can actually get a ppp loan that’s forgivable to fix damage caused by rioting, that’s that’s, really interesting. There will be a more generous, generous calculation for farmers, they’re also a new working capital loan.

Oh what’s, this wait a minute wait a minute. What is this? There is also a new working capital loan for businesses. So this is a loan, so you would have to repay this uh as an alternate to a second round of ppp. So you can’t take the second ppp and this working capital loan, but it does look like you could potentially get the first ppp and a working capital loan. So i imagine this would be some kind of cheap money kind of like what the sba offered where you could get. You know like uh, a hundred fifty thousand dollar loan for three percent or something most people just ended up dumping that stuff into the stock market. Let’S be real: the stock market’s going nuts it’s it’s, like a party over there now we’ll keep looking at this form, really quick, but i do want to mention get your life insurance if you haven’t, yet you could sign up in as little as five minutes. This video is sponsored by life insurance sign up in as little as five minutes. You can apple pay or android pay for it and, of course, get your two free stocks with weeble. After all, when you deposit just one hundred dollars with the stock trading platform weeble, you will get two free stocks worth up to fourteen hundred dollars. Okay, healthcare finance medicare part b premium will not increase in 2021.. Good okay, so we’ve got some other details here.

If you have a flexible savings, account, we’ve got some kind of carryover provisions here: finance tax uh, an enhanced. Oh, this could be good. An enhanced employee retention, credit enhanced, usually just means more money, so that’s good, so we’ll see what that means for small business owners. Tax deductions for employer purchases of testing, ppe and other suppliers increasing business meal deduction from 50 to 100 whoa whoa that why? What does that even have to do with the pandemic? There’S? Another bailout for businesses in here i’m telling you this country, is all about bailing out people who have businesses, assets or real estate. So well, okay, i guess we could all go out for lobster because we’re writing it all off Laughter geez man, deductions for employ. So i don’t understand why they have a thing in here about deductions for purchases of testing or ppp equipment like why would those not be deductions anyway? So i guess we’ll find out more detail on that liability: exclusive uh protection for businesses, nonprofits, schools, medical providers, medical professions – this is the text. This is actually really really interesting. This text here, in my opinion, i don’t, know what’s interesting to you. I’M. Sorry, i’m. Imposing what’s interesting on you, i just want to get through this uh, so it says here to prevail. Plaintiffs must show so if somebody’s gon na sue somebody, they have to prove two things number one. They have to prove that somebody was either grossly negligent or which grossly negligent is hard to prove in court.

I think i’m, not an attorney, but that that’s hard to basically say somebody was just like intentionally like trying to cough in your face, almost no that’s. That would, i think, be an example of grossly negligent again: i’m, just a dude on youtube. Okay or then you have these following two criteria that you could sue under the uh person, you’re trying to sue engaged in willful misconduct, so they kind of did something on purpose, but maybe not intentionally. I don’t know. Maybe they forgot to refill the hand sanitizer because they were counting the money in the till and violated relevant public health guidelines. So maybe they ran out of hand. Sanitizer uh, you told them about it. They were too busy putting money in the till and they weren’t wearing their mask, and then you would have to prove that jeez that’s a really strict provision, and then they have simple negligence – is not enough. You would need to be grossly negligent gosh. I i i couldn’t even come up with an example of that, maybe maybe the hand sanitizer example is or like coughing in somebody’s face. Like oh i’m. Sorry i sneezed it came over me. I i was totally negligent, but i was simply negligent. That was, it was an accident, maybe that’s what that is where grossly it’s like. I want you to get sick. You want me to cuss more, like i could see that being grossly negligent right, uh, that’s, almost malicious anyway.

Additionally, there is a cap on damage awards. This is a big whoa and i wrote germany next to this, because in germany my father always told me if you got injured at work or something like that, they would give you a set amount of money like if you slipped and fell at work and you Broke your arm there, you didn’t have to sue the business. The government already established. Okay, broken arm. You get ten thousand dollars. Okay, you lost your finger. You get a hundred thousand dollars. You lost the limb. You get uh five hundred thousand dollars like there was no. I mean i’m sure i don’t know if it’s different now that’s just something i heard, but it just reminded me of that this cap on damage awards. You know that could in theory, be something like okay, let’s say somebody was grossly negligent and then a family member died. The family gets a million dollars. I have no idea that’s just an example of of what a cap on damages might be: okay, state and local government. Oh my gosh! This is ridiculous. Look at this look at this. No additional money for state and local governments certainly expect to get some added in negotiations with democrats. Okay, that’s that’s a priceless line right there. This goes to show that this is just their first volley. You know why don’t they like just share this document. Well, i guess it’s shared with the world now, but they could just send it to nancy pelosi and go yo nancy mark it up.

State local governments can use that money from the cares act. Blah blah blah, okay, now they’re just trying to defend. Why they’re not giving money wow, okay? Well, there! You have it by the way, if you want to learn how to make amazing videos on youtube and share your perspective, check out that youtube course it’s on pre sale down below. Thank you so much everybody for watching. I really hope you appreciated the insight in this video check the links down below, and i will also link where you can get this document directly straight from the new york times. Thank you again. So much folks, you y’all make this all possible for me uh that’s. Why i posted that video down below as well about how much youtube paid me in may, because uh it’s it’s it’s not really youtube uh, i have to massively thank you all. You know youtube’s like the platform that makes it possible, but uh i wouldn’t be here. If it weren’t for you, so thank you all. I can’t say it enough. I really appreciate you.