All of my supporters. You guys are insane whatever you all want to call yourself: jungie nation, jungie clan. I love all my supporters and even the ones that just uh just watch for the info for this video let’s see if we can do something crazy, like getting 10 000 likes on this video. If we get 10 000 likes on this, video that’ll mean so much to me and maybe as a treat when the actual stimulus check comes out. We’Ll do like a video where, like maybe i’ll, do it shirtless or something because i got like a, i would say like one to three percent of people that are always just asking. If i do that, you know it’s not i’m flattered by it, but um yeah. Maybe if i tease that we’ll get some more likes on this video, so yeah don’t forget to drop a like on this video. So let’s get straight to the point: here’s what we know the republicans finally released and unveiled the next stimulus package and alongside that, we got the 1200 stimulus check. So what we’re going to do in today’s video is break this down. We’Re going to talk about what’s, included, who’s included dependents. Are they in what about college students? When is this going to pass, and what do we need to see next in order for us to get money into our pocket? So let’s talk about all the details coming up.

I don’t know why i did that, like i don’t know why i did that like a news agency.

So first of all, this is not the hero’s act. This is not the keras act. Nor is this the karazak2. This is actually called the heels act. The heels act stands for the health, economic assistance, liability protection and schools. Now i i think someone messed up, because if it’s health, economic assistance liability protection in schools, it should be called the helps act or the the helps act. It’S definitely not the heels act because there’s, obviously a p for protection in there, but you know whatever we’re gon na go with it. It sounds cool. It matches the theme that we’ve seen all year, let’s just go with it now. What’S included, like i mentioned in the heels act, is going to be that 1200 stimulus check and the reason why this is so significant is because earlier in the few months that we’ve heard debates on whether or not a second stimulus package will get passed, we were Having so much confidence from the republicans that a second stimulus check would not have gone past i’m, not sure if it’s, because of rising cases i’m, not sure if it’s, because all the people commenting on these youtube videos – and maybe they take a peek and they realize People really need stimulus checks, whatever the reason is, there are now full support for these next stimulus checks. Now, it’s not just republicans anymore it’s, the republicans it’s, the democrats, the house it’s, the senate it’s, even our president, who is all in favor for the next stimulus check – and this is really good news, so brian, how much money are we talking well we’re? Looking at this amount to be twelve hundred dollars, just like the last one, the income requirement is not going to be forty thousand dollars, like the republicans were saying earlier this week.

A lot of the income requirements that we’re getting for the second stimulus check is gon na reflect the first stimulus check that we received with the cares act except they’re gon na loosen up a lot of the restrictions with dependents, and even people who are college students. So let’s talk more about that. Technically, if you have a family of four in a regular single family household and you are filing joint you’re getting 2400 right there and say as an example, you have two children that are listed as dependent. They would also be getting an additional 500, so in total you could be receiving up to 3 400, which is the similar amount that you received in the last one. We haven’t heard full details on what that support is gon na be for those dependent people listed for those stimulus checks but we’re, hoping that they’re just gon na open up the gates on it in order for more people to be eligible for the full amount. It’S. Really that weird adulthood gap, i would say, when you’re transitioning from high school over to college into maybe your young adult professional life. Some of these people are still listed as dependent. Some of these people, don’t have high incomes and some of these people don’t even make enough to file for taxes, so it’s. This large weird demographic of people right in the middle of that and that’s who they’re really trying to focus on because they realize that everyone is still getting affected by this pandemic.

I do fully agree with that. I feel, like the pie, is still big enough for everyone to be getting these type of stimulus check payments regardless of age. Now i want you guys to comment down below right now. Let me know why you think republican leaders were able to make such a hard pivot compared to the previous months with them saying: oh we’re, not getting a stimulus check, we’re, not gon na the people, don’t need that we have too much debt. What do you think? The cause of this strong pivot was actually about. What do you think it was just politics? Do you think it’s, because we’re seeing an increase in cases or do you think they’re actually hearing people crying and people in support for the checks? Let me know what your theories are down below, so, although this is really good news and we’re progressing towards actual payments within our bank account what comes next, because this isn’t the end all be all just because this happens. Doesn’T mean we’re instantly gon na get the stimulus checks tomorrow or the day after that. Frankly, just because this has happened, it doesn’t guarantee that anything is actually gon na pass at all. We still need to make a couple more things happen in order for people to start receiving any type of stimulus check payments for the year of 2020.. So what we need now is democrats with their version of the heroes act that they talked about two months ago and now the republicans new version of the heels act they got ta just come together, make some type of negotiations.

They got ta merge, they got a fusion whatever they got ta do, but they need to come into some agreement talking about things that they wan na put in and that they wan na pull out. Now, although you know it’s all about whether you’re left or right, you’re blue you’re, red whatever it is, we are still talking about help for the people at the end of the day. The good news i would say is that, regardless of the debate that is going on, everyone is in full favor that people need extra economic relief payments, aka stimulus checks. So what we know now is that both parties can finally get to the negotiation phase. We have both people at the table now it’s, not just democrats sitting there waiting for something to happen. We have both legislations. They must negotiate now before august 7th. In order for us to see something get passed in a timely manner by the chance they go past. The august 7th date: what will happen is they will go into another recess which will further prolong the date for them to come to an agreement and, ultimately people receiving any type of support from the government. I really hope our leaders will be able to come together and meet in that middle. I really hope they’re able to come together past something. Hopefully the estimated date is gon na be at the end of august around september, if we’re gon na be optimistic.

So i would say first week of september is something that we’re looking at most people are gon na say like third fourth week of august, but i understand how long it actually takes a lot of our politicians to come to an agreement. I know how long it takes for them to actually send out these payments and all the little glitches and bugs that is going to experience all of a sudden once again with all the people coming in. So regardless what happens? I’M shooting for the expected date. At the end of august, so another full month. So if you’re someone who’s struggling right now, if you’re, really just getting by make sure that you look into all the additional programs that the government has whether it’s unemployment benefits, whether it’s food stamps we’re gon na see additional support from the government. That may actually come a lot sooner than the official stimulus checks delivery. So hopefully this video was able to provide you guys some type of value. Thank you all so much for tuning by another video. Thank you all so much for the support don’t forget to drop a like on this video.