In fact, senate majority leader mitch, mcconnell and other top republicans are scheduled to release a series of bills to represent the one trillion dollar gop plan for a new uh virus stimulus package. Today and basically right around 4 30 is when we’re expecting that the senate will convene for today and at that point, uh they’ll be starting the negotiations with the democrats. So basically, what we’re expecting is we’re expecting a one trillion dollar package to be discussed, which is a huge chop down uh compared to the 3.5 trillion dollar uh stimulus package that was being initially proposed by the democrats, which was passed back in may uh by the By the house of representatives um, this is negotiation, guys uh. We knew that these stimulus packages uh were not gon na, be uh, just a quick hey. This is what we want and then everyone signs off on it, the president signs off on it. We knew that there was gon na, be some back and forth and honestly that’s exactly what we’re seeing here. So you know here it is uh we’re approaching maybe 30 minutes 35 minutes away from when the senate should be uh starting. Those initial updates those initial negotiations with the democrats um. There are certain things that we do expect like one. We know that there’s gon na be negotiations going back and forth, but we know the stance of the democrats specifically nancy pelosi.

She specifically said that time is running out and you know if you guys have been watching my videos uh this past weekend, i covered the unemployment, the federal unemployment insurance benefits, which have just expired.

This past weekend, uh we’re literally coming down to crunch time. So the eviction moratorium is an additional uh cares act benefit that has recently expired. So between the you know, a massive wave of potential evictions coming and a significant decrease in income for families that were depending on the 600 per week, uninsured unemployment, insurance benefits. I mean this could be pretty catastrophic if we don’t get some uh negotiations agreed upon – hopefully, today or at least in the next couple of days, so steve mnuchin hinted toward a cares act. 5.0. So what that tells me is that you know this is more than likely not going to be the last stimulus package. In fact, i’ve heard rumors that maybe three or four more packages may be coming so here’s. The thing the heroes act was somewhere between 3.3 and 3.5 trillion dollars, and the senate has come back with a one trillion dollar uh stimulus package here now, if there are gon na be multiple stimulus packages and if what they’re saying is true and their true objective – Is speed of execution? They want to get the money out to the people that you know those who have been hit the hardest. I think what might happen – and i don’t know if it’s really going to happen, but this is just my personal opinion.

I think what may happen is that maybe we see something like okay, maybe with this stimulus package, it’s only one trillion dollars, but they’re, focusing on unemployment insurance benefits, maybe they’re focusing on you know getting the 1200 stimulus checks out to people as quickly as possible, and Maybe they’re focused on getting the 105 billion dollars out to schools uh so that they can focus on reopening because right now the biggest goal is obviously getting the virus under control.

But you want to get people back to work. You want to get schools opened and you want to get the money into the hands of the people and keep people from being evicted. So obviously the rent and eviction moratoriums are what we’ll be focused on, so i feel like if they focused on that they don’t necessarily need a very big uh multi trillion dollar bill to accomplish those goals and if speed is of the essence, maybe they’re. Just like. Okay, hey let’s, just focus on some of these line items let’s not try to negotiate. You know these 100 different things that you know the democrats want and another 100 things that the that the senate wants um. Maybe if we just focus on a few really key line items that need immediate attention, i mean we’ve got congress about to go on recess yet again. Coming up in august now, granted nancy pelosi did say that she would postpone or even cancel the uh.

The next uh recess coming up, but the point is, is this time is of the essence and i think if they potentially reduced the number of things that are in this package, you don’t really need a big package in order to get the essentials covered so that’s. What i’m hoping for, like, i said right around 4 30 they’re, going to start this conversation, 4. 30 eastern. This is going to be a really quick update for you guys. I just want to kind of let you guys know what’s coming.

If you don’t have notifications turned on for my videos, make sure you turn them on uh as soon as this information comes out and becomes available for you guys, i’m gon na break it down like i always do uh. So i expect to upload another video for you guys in another couple hours. One other thing i wanted to say is the moment that they approve the stimulus package and they begin sending checks out.