Today then, we’re gon na get into a top federal health official suggested that leaders of a number of states should take a hard look at shutting down their economies again, then onto virus cases and how we’re still seeing an increase in cases all across the country. And then, finally, we’re going to go over how several members of congress and white house officials said yesterday morning that the second stimulus plan would be announced today on monday, they spoke about direct stimulus checks and we’re gon na also go over some unemployment benefits, but before We get started if you’re interested in staying up to date on what is going on in the world with your money. Well then, it would really mean a lot if you could like the video down below and subscribe to my channel, so you could be notified when new videos come out. Also don’t forget to get five dollars immediately when you download the acorns investment app and you can get two free stocks value up to fourteen hundred dollars. When you download the weeble investing app using the link down below also i’m gon na be putting the time stamps down for each of the topics in the video in the description just check those out. If you wan na skip ahead to any portion, anyways let’s get right into it.

So one of the first large studies of safety and effectiveness of a virus vaccine in the united states began this morning on monday.

According to the national institute of health and biotech company moderna, the study, a phase 3 clinical trial is set to enroll 30 000 healthy people at about 89 sites around the country. Half of these people will receive two shots of the vaccine 28 days. Apart and half will receive two shots of a salt water placebo. Neither the volunteers, nor the medical staff who will be giving the injections will know who is getting the real vaccine and who is just getting the salt water placebo researchers will then monitor the subjects. Looking for side effects and waiting to see if significantly fewer vaccinated people get the virus indicating that the virus will work, the main goal is obviously to determine whether the vaccine can prevent the illness and if phase 3 trials go according to plan. Well, then, we could definitely expect to see a vaccine by the end of this year. Next, up with kentucky officials set to announce stricter measures on monday in their state to contain the virus, a top federal health official suggested that leaders of nearby states should take a hard look at doing the same and putting more restrictions into place. On a visit to kentucky on sunday, dr deborah l, burks, the trump administration’s virus response coordinator, said several states in the region and in the southern united states should reinstate bar closures and restrictions on public gatherings to stop the rise of infections.

She said we do believe that there are states that need to close down their bars again to really make it possible to control the pandemic before it gets worse.

She says things are still getting worse and one of the ways we can help slow everything down is by limiting these gatherings. Shutting down bars and indoor gatherings. Next up is the united states reported 59 737 new virus infections on sunday pushing the total number of cases that have been reported in the u.s to over 4 million 200 000. Also, yesterday, florida surpassed new york in the number of cases, and four states also set single day records for the number of infections, including states like louisiana, tennessee, oklahoma and alaska. As of sunday morning, florida has at least 420 000 reported cases, and new york has 416 000 cases according to the new york times database, so we’re seeing that states are still seeing increases in the number of cases all across the u.s and florida is now the Epicenter of the virus, several members of congress and white house officials said yesterday morning that the next stimulus plan would be announced today. On monday. They said this all weekend: steven mnuchin, larry, kudlow, mitch, mcconnell and nancy pelosi all confirmed that we would receive the second stimulus package proposal today. On monday, stephen mnuchin said the 1200 direct payments would be included, and he said they would be based on the exact same formula from the cares act that was passed earlier in the year.

This would mean that individuals making seventy five thousand dollars a year or less, for example, receive the full amount, the full twelve hundred dollars.

And if you made more than seventy five thousand dollars well, then you would see incrementally less than twelve hundred dollars, depending on your income senate republicans had pushed to phase out a second round of payments sooner at a lower income threshold, but administration officials pressed to just Replicate the first round and send it out to the exact same people as what were in the first round so according to talks right now. That is what will be included in the next bill, which should be announced today. Mnuchin goes on to talk about when we can actually expect to receive the checks in our bank accounts, and he says: we’ll get the majority of the checks out to people in august and those will help millions of americans. He said so. While the bill will be proposed today and should be proposed today, the actual checks will arrive in your bank account closer to mid august, but it should arrive for most people in august. The president’s preference is to make sure he said that we send out direct payments quickly so that in august people can get more money. He said there’s no question that direct payments have worked in the past and they’re going to try and get them out again as soon as possible. That is another reason. He said why they are doing the same income cap because then with the irs, it will be much easier to get these payments out very quickly and finally, top white house officials say congress might need to rush a narrow relief bill to avoid the unemployment lapse.

They explained how, while the bill is supposed to be proposed today and supposed to be a comprehensive bill, they may want to get something smaller, that doesn’t need as much negotiations passed to help extend these unemployment benefits and prevent them from lapse, because, with the 600 per Week and 2 400 per month payments expired. That means tens of millions of americans are without any source of income, so they might try and push something smaller to get past sooner. However, democrats aren’t on board with this piecemeal approach. According to nancy pelosi, she said it won’t pass and they need to pass a broad relief package. First, they can’t pass any smaller packages, because passing a smaller package first would then make the senate republicans not as likely to pass another bill. So she said she wants to make sure they get the broad second stimulus package passed this week and they don’t pass any smaller packages to try and fix unemployment benefits. They want to include everything in the larger bill, so anyways that’s, just a quick update on what is going on monday morning july 27, 2020 i’ll. Keep you updated on what happens with the second stimulus package and if it is officially proposed today, like all of the white house, officials and congress members are saying, i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video don’t forget to get five dollars immediately when you download the acorns Investment app and get two free stocks valued up to fourteen hundred dollars when you download the weeble investing app.