So frustrated about republicans, who decided to leave town and head out back home without passing a stimulus package. Now their goal had been to pass a stimulus package on friday of this week that didn’t happen and they left town they got out of dodge without doing their work. I mean this to me: is political malpractice right now, so many millions of americans are hurting eviction moratoriums ended yesterday, they’re watching news reports about people who you know single mom being thrown out of her apartment. What is she going to do with her children? Absolutely horrible up to 12 million people could end up in a few next few weeks here homeless, upwards of 28 million people could be evicted. According to the reports, 28 million people, and yet the republicans in congress in the senate decided to go home. Nancy pelosi was furious about this, and she said this yesterday in an interview, and she couldn’t believe that republicans left town without passing this bill take a listen. I, for the life of me, cannot understand why the republicans in congress hold it against people without, shall we say, a trust fund or something and why they can’t get through this on their own food food stamps we’re, trying to increase the level of food assistance and They resist that so that was speaker pelosi furious of the republicans for skipping town without a bill and now we’re learning this morning, thanks to senate leader mitch, mcconnell that we might not see a bill for the next few weeks, he’s quoted at an event in kentucky Saying that we will not see a bill likely for the next few weeks.

That, of course, is a front page story in the washington post this morning. That says stimulus deal could take weeks and right now. One of the big sticking points is the unemployment benefits, the unemployment benefits which ran out this weekend, six hundred dollars per week for the average american who was unemployed so that in many cases they’d get a hundred percent of their wages or even a little bit more To get them through this catastrophe, those have now ended, and now those people will not get those benefits and they’re also being evicted from their homes. Does this sound like a perfect storm of absolute perfect mess of a storm and you’re going home, you’re you’re going back on vacation for the weekend i’m working, you should be working, you didn’t get the job done. It’S, like i said to my kids. No you don’t get screen time. We asked you to clean up the whole living room from all of your stuff. That’S everywhere get it done. If you still see things laying around the living room, that means the job isn’t done. Don’T come to me and say: hey, can i have my ipad now or can i have some screen time now? Look around is the job done. I still see crap laying over there republicans leave town go home back to kentucky without getting the job done. I mean this is why we have elections, people i swear, you better get those absentee ballots ordered we have less than six weeks until we can start voting the absentee ballot.

Do it. It is time to shake things up. We are a mess compared with other countries who managed to get stimulus packages in place long ago and actually well before they were up. They were able to reanalyze and see whether or not they should continue australia. For instance, when australia’s plan was in place, it managed to keep them out of a major recession. It managed to keep money flowing into the economy, so consumers could spend money in the economy, which is exactly what we need and many so it was set to expire in september. One month ago they had an automatic look update where they were going to sit down and see. Is this working? Should we extend it so one month ago they got together and had a discussion about extending their stimulus plan that was set to expire in september. Republicans waited until the last possible minute and then went on. Vacation went back home that my friends is political malpractice. They should be ashamed of themselves. So again, the sticking point is the six hundred dollars per week. Unemployment benefits there are members of the republican caucus who want it eliminated or brought down to about two hundred dollars per week or less there’s talk from treasury secretary mnuchin right now that it would be 70 percent of wages or about 100 per week. So upwards of about 400 dollars per month, we do not have it finalized yet uh. One of the big criticisms from democrats with this thing that was floated by secretary mnuchin this week was that, if you’re going to change all of this now you’re going to have to make percentages of each person’s paycheck that before they lost their job or were out Of work because of the covid 19 virus, you’re going to overwhelm these unemployment offices now, what you’re asking them to do is a whole bunch of extra math get pay stubs analyze.

Their percentages, make sure that they’re getting 70 percent. Your these offices have been crushed. These offices have been crushed. Have you seen the horror stories? Many of you leave me a comment. Leave me a comment right here. I read all of your comments. Have you received your unemployment benefits? So many of you, if you said you, you filed them seven weeks ago and you still haven’t received them, does that sound like a system that’s currently working and now you want to add a whole extra layer of complexity on top of it, you know, we’ve seen The stories out of florida call centers where people call to get answers from those call at the call center and call center. Employees have gone on the record in local news reports, saying we don’t have the proper answers, we’re not able to answer these people because we can’t give them that type of an answer. So these people are calling waiting on for hours to get through, and then they don’t get the answers they need about applying for unemployment benefits or lines wrapped around the block. People trying to apply for this it’s been a disaster. Congress leaves town doesn’t pass. Some sort of extension, millions of people are going to be out of their homes in the next few weeks. This is political malpractice among the other jaw, dropping sticking points in this stimulus package and why we didn’t get a bill this week. Is this new fbi building that president trump wants in the bill and republicans are saying this is unseemly? We can’t put this in the bill and the white house says we have to put this in the bill: building a new fbi building next to the trump hotel.

In washington, d.c it’d be cater corner to the trump hotel that’s in the bill, and republicans say no, no bueno here’s. What speaker pelosi is quoted as saying in this washington post piece this weekend, millions of americans will lose their unemployment. Insurance will be at risk of being evicted from their homes and could be laid off by state and local government, and there is only one reason: republicans have been dithering for months, while america’s crisis deepens. Do you see any other way of analyzing? This there’s plenty of criticism to go around here, there’s plenty of criticism to be heaped. Nancy pelosi during the first cares act there’s plenty of criticism to heap at the feet of the democrats on their heroes, act which they passed two and a half months ago, which is a massive bill and there’s plenty of bloat and all sorts of things in that Bill that are extraneous sure, but they got the job done. They passed a 3.3 trillion dollar heroes act strip out the things you don’t like use it as a starting place. Instead, dithering is exactly the right word. I can’t think of a better way to describe the republicans right now and then, when you have the former majority leader of the house of representatives eric cantor, a republican from virginia criticizing his own party for not getting the job done. That’S bad polls in kentucky right now are not good for mitch. Mcconnell overwhelmingly in kentucky 70 percent of kentuckians want a new stimulus package.

Only 26 don’t 26 percent don’t get off your butts and get something done congress. Now there is some word that they could come back on monday and get this thing done next monday, but mitch mcconnell. Why would he say it is it to set low? You know to lower expectations and then he’s gon na he’s gon na come out on monday with a bill they’re all at home this weekend, they’re not meeting. So again we could see something monday, but according to the washington post, according to mitch mcconnell in his interview yesterday, he said it could take weeks. That means that in the meantime, there are people who are unemployed, who don’t have money coming in, who are about to be evicted and cannot. You know cannot pay the bills, and so my point is that you cannot retroactively eat right. Oh great, so i’m gon na get money to feed my kids in three weeks. So what happens to me and the family in the next few weeks? Well, we’re not able to eat you can’t retroactively eat. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below i wish. I had better news on this saturday, but this is total political malpractice on the part of the republicans and they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Ashamed leave me a comment below. Thank you so much for subscribing. Thank you for joining us and don’t forget to subscribe to our morning newsletter. We publish this monday through friday, plus we’re, giving away some free stuff some mugs and stickers.

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