But i see a lot of people commenting or messaging me. Messaging me saying: am i seeing panda but which is kind of like saying? Are you saying bread, butt in spanish i’m, not sure if you’ve seen i had buns or what that is just wanted to clear that up all right, let’s get right into it. So first let’s go into the bottleneck, who is known as mitch. Mcconnell, if you guys don’t know who mitch mcconnell is. He is the senate majority leader for the republicans and the reason why we are calling him the bottleneck in this video is because he seems to be the one kind of holding everything back, at least for right now, not saying that democrats haven’t held it back in The past, because they’ve done their fair share, but for this moment right now he seems to be the gatekeeper for this next round of stimulus and is making it a little hard to pass.

Now, before we talk about his comments and where he’s at let’s go ahead and first talk about what we know about the figures with the next stimulus check, because we know that a lot of you guys just want that out front early in the video. So, just a quick breakdown now this isn’t set in stone, but what republicans have already voiced is that they are calling it the cares act ii. The way that it would break down is that you would receive 1200, like you did the first time.

If you found single with the same income threshold and then if you’re married, it would be 2 400. if you’re a dependent under the age of 17. You again or your parents or if you are let’s, say the parent of that dependent. You would receive the additional 500 it caps out at three kids and then again, if you let’s, say, have a dependent that was above the age of 17, like someone, maybe on ssi, ssdi or just again, an adult that you take care of what. Unfortunately, especially if your college student watching this, if this next bill gets passed, as is how the republicans want it, which is how the first cares act was passed, which again, both democrats and republicans agreed on so we’re not going to pick and choose sides here. Well again, that would mean that you would be left out for the next round of stimulus, and then we still haven’t seen any clarification if mixed status, marriages, meaning if you have someone that maybe is a non resident, marrying someone that possibly has a social security let’s Say someone that’s not a citizen, they come together.

They get married, none of their kids, even if they were born here in the us that have social social security’s are u.s citizens. They will not receive a stimulus check, the wife or the husband, the spouse, whoever even the hat that even has the social security wouldn’t receive anything either. So i just want to go ahead and put that out front, because a lot of you guys want me to just go ahead and put that information out from first just to show you that i am listening to what you guys are saying down in the comments.

So, in regards to mitch mcconnell’s new plan keep in mind mitch. Mcconnell represents the republicans. We waited monday, tuesday, wednesday thursday friday, and we did not receive anything in writing no bills, because we know that they are looking to present this next piece of legislation. For the cares, act 2 in bills, meaning if they want to possibly set up a bill for liability protection, that’ll be a separate bill if they want to do some type of unemployment extension, which again they’re aiming for possibly an additional 100 bucks a week. That would be a separate bill if they want to do a next round of stimulus checks. That would be a separate bill, rather than it just being one complete piece of legislation, kind of like what we saw with the heroes act. That was a 1800 plus page bill had a lot of fluff in it, but it was one piece of legislation and really quickly before going any further, because a lot of you guys have been messaging me and commenting me thanking me about the free amazon’s audible book, That you’ve gotten, but then a good portion of you have also said that you guys haven’t been able to find the link for whatever reason, i’m, probably just going to go ahead and show you on the screen.

Right now and pop up right in front of you. Look you just go ahead and tap the little triangle. You scroll down, you tap that link right there and it takes you right into the amazon’s audible website, where you can pick up the book for free again for being a part of this community.

But what i’ll do for you is, i will go ahead and pin it as the first comment. So as soon as you go into the comments down below you’ll, see my comment as the first one. Click on that link and enjoy your free month with audible and your free audible book. It can go either way because, if let’s say both democrats and republicans agree on something, they can just pass that with a vote without having to go through this mess right here, which is kind of kind of like what we’re seeing with the heroes act. We have good things in there, but there’s a lot of fluff and a lot of fat that needs to get cut out to keep it nice and lean well with the other side of that being multiple bills. That we’re facing is that now we have nancy pelosi standing her ground and saying they that they will absolutely not pass any bills unless it comes in as one piece of legislation, because they want to keep the leverage in regards to not only the amount of stimulus Money that goes out because we know that in the heroes act, it’s 1200 per dependent and it’s a retroactive pay of 500 for adult dependence, plus the 1200 – that you would receive for this next round of stimulus, again that’s the heroes act, not the karazak2, so just Want to keep you guys up to date with the difference with those two now with mitch.

Mcconnell’S newest plan we’re going to be waiting monday, tuesday, wednesday thursday, to see if it comes out we’re expecting it to come out on monday, or at least a piece of it. So hopefully we can have something in writing that we can at least go through and start to break down. But this is actually the comments that he said, hopefully in the next two or three weeks, we’ll be able to come together and pass something we can send to the house and down to the president for a signature. Two to three weeks is a long time because that’s really cutting it close. We know that steven mnuchin again secretary u.s secretary, that uh trump has left in charge to pretty much take control of how the irs handles this situation, he’s kind of like the middle man. So he’s he’s been a little bit more neutral because it seems like he’s really trying to piece this thing together, he’s so confident that they’re looking to pass it before july 31st, it’s looking a bit more unlikely, especially with mcconnell’s comments coming in yesterday, looks like it’s Going to carry into august 7th now, if this carries into august 7th well come august, 8th, they’re gone they’re going on recess and we know how stern mcconnell has been about them, not pretty much cancelling their vacation or not canceling their break they’re going on it, whether We like it or not, ladies and gentlemen, that’s going to be four possibly five weeks of vacation that they’re going to be gone.

So if that does happen, and i hope it doesn’t, i hope we can get something in writing come monday. But if it doesn’t happen, then rest assured you’re, not gon na be seeing a next round of stimulus checks or unemployment extension being passed, possibly until september. Now. Keep that thought in mind, because we’re going to tie that in of how unemployment benefits have been able to keep the economy together throughout this crisis and stimulus checks as a whole. Now mcconnell has said that next week, they’re looking to begin talks with democrats, which is some good news and they are on board with a next round of stimulus checks, but they are also wanting within the next round of stimulus checks. Again, the cares act too. They want help for kids, healthcare and jobs, and again we know that the president has also reiterated that he wants that in there as well. Now, concerning payroll tax, it looks like it’s not going to make this cut, or at least not within the next coming bills that we’re going to have for them to negotiate. This is what mcconnell had to say about it. I think we are a lot better off to just send another round of direct payments to those who have been left out of all of this, so which that’s good news and then he also said that a payroll tax cut would only help those who have a Job so i’m kind of glad that he came to the realization that yeah now concerning mr mcconnell, the republicans well, one of the biggest issues that continues to hold this process back is that.

Well, we have guys like lindsey, graham, and we have guys, like ted cruz, that they feel really differently about how mitch mcconnell has handled the situation. This is what senator ted cruz had to say. Mitch told us discussions were ongoing, that’s the furthest we got into it. He then added that’s import, that’s, unfortunately, a pattern that we see a lot he’s referring to mitch mcconnell bills, are drafted behind closed doors and then thrown out at the conference last minute, so hold that thought, because this is what lindsey graham thinks about mitch: mcconnell he’s, Very good in moments like this, he listens, he’s quiet. He holds his cards close to his vest. I mean no kidding me. We can’t even get a smile out of the guy, so concerning the unemployment benefits, this will be the last day really the last weekend that we have that you will be receiving that’s plus up of 600 bucks for the fpuc that expires july 31st, which is next Friday and keep in mind there’s nothing set in estonia for an extension. Now, if you are still collecting unemployment, you still haven’t been able to go back to work check with your state to see what the ongoing benefits are, because the good news with that is you’ll at least have some recurring benefits coming in. I know that here in florida, it’s right around 275, but that is different per state, so it is a state by state case.

I recommend that you go ahead and search to see what it is for your state and concerning unemployment benefits. Several academic studies have now confirmed that one of the main things keeping americans afloat from entering and below the poverty line and entering into that threshold. Well, it was actually the 600 plus up and the 1200 that we received back in april, check this out because, according to the columbia center on poverty and social policy, they ran a research and they found that between 2019 and 2020 poverty rose 0.2. From twelve point. Five percent to twelve point: seven percent, however, had the cares act not passed, they calculated it that it would have entered sixteen point. Three percent of those people would have now gone into the poverty line, that’s alarming, especially when we have americans that have been waiting since april for this next round of stimulus, and so now we have people possibly waiting for 1200 for their dependence, which now may get Slashed back down to 500 and then again we still have those that old child support which there’s still no protection on them. Those with mixed marriage, statuses, no protection for them and then again, if you were a college student or you were claimed as a dependent and you’re an adult, and even if you worked well yet again, you will be left out unless negotiations take a turn and there You have it. I hope that you guys enjoyed this update today.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this. I know that it continues to take a turn, but look, hopefully we start having some progress coming up this monday, if not tuesday, we will. We will continue to keep a close eye on this if you guys haven’t done so already make sure to subscribe to this channel and make it official by hitting that subscribe.