That means that if you are single making under 75000 or married making under 150000 combined, then you would receive the full amount of the second stimulus check. The second stimulus check in the proposal would also be for 1200, so it would not be for under that amounts. Treasury secretary Stephen minuchin has also confirmed this Thursday morning that the payroll tax cut will not be in the next stimulus package president trumpet he has decided to stop insisting for the payroll tax cut, because it was simply not gaining traction on the Republican side. Minuchin said that the president is very focused on getting money quickly to workers right now and that the payroll tax cut takes time due to budget constraints, the Republicans they are backing the second stimulus check over the payroll tax cuts. The Republicans will be unveiling their initial proposal shortly and here’s. Some good news to the self employed and small business owners. Senator Marco Rubio said that there will be a second round of PPP money and that it’s going to be big Treasury secretary Stephen minuchin said that the proposal would allow for small businesses and the self employed to apply for a second forgivable loan. If you have under 300 employees and have experienced a drop in income of 50 or more, the PPP program for businesses and self employed it’s always received bipartisan support from the Republicans and Democrats.

So the additional PPP benefits that should not encounter much resistance from either party.

The Republican proposal also have tax breaks for small businesses, for hiring training and protecting employees. There’S gon na be a lot of good things and a lot of good support for small businesses and the self employed in the next stimulus package, and there should be quick agreements to the terms of the second stimulus check. As the Republicans and Democrats they’re nearly seeing eye to eye on that topic, if the second stimulus check does get approved, which there is a very high probability of that getting approved, I would imagine that the earliest that you would receive your stimulus check money would be Late August, there will be 105 billion dollars for education and Republicans are resisting the idea of having the federal funds tied to whether the schools are open or not for in classroom learning, there will be funding for the CDC for testings and for vaccines. This is going against what President Trump initially wanted, but he dropped that battle as well. The unemployment situation will experience some conflicts, but I imagine the Republicans and Democrats will negotiate coordinate an extension without too much conflict. Both parties, they want unemployment, benefits, extended, it’s, just a matter of how much the situation for Kovan 19 lawsuits and liability protection, and also the assistance for state local governments. These areas, they will be very problematic. These are the two issues that jeopardize the entire stimulus package for the disagreements with the state and local government assistance it’s a matter of money.

The Democrats they want to spend one trillion dollars for state local government assistance, the Republicans they want to give zero. They want to give nothing, but the bigger conflict is with the liability protection, the Cova 19 lawsuits. This is a bigger problem, because it’s not just a of money, it’s an ideological issue, it’s an ideological conflict. How? How is each party going to persuade the other party that their opinion or their belief, is better or superior than the other party in this situation? They’Re, not arguing over money, they’re arguing over beliefs it’s for that reason that this issue might be the most problematic. The legal liability protection, the Republicans they want to protect the employers, the Democrats they want to protect the employees, the Republicans they want to protect the schools, the Democrats, they want to protect the students, the Republicans they want to protect the doctors, the nurses and the medical Personnel, the Democrats they want to protect the patients, and I really wish that the politicians that could break up the stimulus package into multiple bills just pass the items quickly where they agree on and then for the other items such as legal liability protection. They could take their time on that because, right now the American people need help, especially when it comes to the stimulus checks and also the unemployment benefits. This is actually what the Republicans are trying to do: they’re trying to pass the next stimulus package in multiple bills, but the Democrats they want to actually pass the next stimulus package as one big bill to ensure that people are not left out of the multiple bills.

Let’S, take a look at the economic news, the unemployment reports that was released this morning, new unemployment claims came in at 1.4 million. This is up from the previous week of 1.3 million. In a quick, these shaped economic recovery. You will have unemployment claims dropping aggressively. This is not what we are seeing: we’re seeing on a plane claims increasing. So the idea of a quick economic recovery. That idea is fizzling away. Let’S switch over to covert 19 News. California, Texas, Idaho Alabama our reporting record rates of fatalities. The daily fatalities in the United States on Wednesday were the highest they’ve been since May. California is reporting record daily cases and has now surpassed New York in total, confirmed cases, Texas reported a record number of hospitalizations. Yesterday, currently more than half the states in America have face masks mandates. President Trump said whether you like the masker nots. They have an impact: the mine, the Miami police, they issued 40 tickets to people for not wearing face masks. On Tuesday, the tickets were fines of 50. Each the World Health Organization says that there are currently 24 vaccine candidates in clinical trials that’s. The news for today please subscribe and I will keep you updated.