That was a good choice. Was it i’ve never seen any i’m glad she’s not running for president i’d? Much rather go against sleepy joe much easier. Now, she’s fantastic, a fantastic person, fantastic woman, a great student, her professor, her great professor at notre dame said and he’s been teaching a long time. A lot of great legal minds. He’S taught he said, she’s the single greatest student he’s ever had. That was good enough for me, that was a highly respected person, he’s a highly respected man. He said sir she’s, the greatest student i’ve ever had judge barrett is one of our nation’s, most brilliant legal minds, she’ll defend our rights, our liberties and our god, given freedoms, and you saw that – and we were all watching a great amusement as she was so called. Grilled by the opposition that was easy right. That was easy. That was like one of our great football teams from the area, plenty of them playing a high school football team. That was really something judge. Barrett will be the third supreme court justice, along with almost 300 right around the number. By the time we end the first term. I’Ll have 300, maybe a little more, maybe a little less federal judges that we’ve confirmed to uphold our laws and our constitution, and part of that was that barack hussein obama allowed me to have 142.. We started with 142 empties, i don’t think anybody’s ever had one. You don’t do that, but he left me: 142 couldn’t get him confirmed.

To this day. Joe biden refuses to release his list of names, got ta live. You know it’s more than just a pack in the court, he’s got to say who’s he going to put on because we can’t have radical left justices that are going to destroy our nation, and we will be very, very careful as to who we choose. You know. I left a list of 45, i had a list of 25 and now i added 20 names to all top scholars, top top scholars and amy was one of them took amy off and the fact is, you have no idea a lot of people say. I won because of the supreme court because they didn’t know who i’d pick and i gave a list – and i said i’ll pick somebody like this and then they said that’s not good enough got to pick somebody in that list, so ultimately it’s a list of 25. All great scholars, all people that believe in something known as the constitution, if that’s, okay, i don’t think his list will, and they say that that was a big part of the reason that we won the election four years ago, and he has to do the same Thing he’s got to not only agree to not pack the court or you can’t put them on. It would be terrible terrible for our nation. Even justice. Ginsburg said you can’t. Do that you can’t, have nine, is the right number? We have a senate, we have a house a lot of people.

Nine is the right number. Nine great people that’s the right number but he’s got to agree to not pack the court, but he’s got to agree to give us a list of 5 or 10 or 20 or 30 or 40. got to have people to pick from. And if you don’t have that list, you can’t vote for him and you can’t vote for him for another reason, because during the debate i’m sure nobody watched the debate, did anybody watch the difference. Remember the last question it was like perry. Mason was just like perry. Mason, it was at the end. He was doing great. This guy was doing so wonderful, not really i mean you know, meaning he was getting through and then the last one i said so. You don’t want oil, joe well uh. Yes, we want to get ourself off of oil and how about kristen, who i thought treated me good? I really did. I thought she compared to chris wallace much better right. Chris wallace, i was fighting two people, but no, i thought she treated us good and frankly she went in and she said why did you say that to him and that’s when he really blew it? So, basically, he’s not going to allow you to frack and you have a million jobs at energy jobs, probably more than that and it’s a big part of our nation. What you do people don’t realize that about pennsylvania, but fracking is a very big deal.

Who are you pointing to Applause? Oh, oh, oh look at that! Whoa, oh boy, the coal miners right, the coal miner dig. We must dig, we must clean coal. I don’t call it coal, i call it clean coal. They can do more with coal now.