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I want to start off by saying thank you all so much for your amazing messages of love, kindness in my recent Sushant video, the first one. This is the follow up. Just want you to know to keep in mind. This is a real spirit session, it’s, not fake. This is not to be mocked. I take this as serious as I take my own life. So what I do here, what you see here is 100 real, and I feel that I have connected with the spirit of Sushant, because when I recorded last night he came through better than ever validated a couple of things that he is with a guide. Are you with a guide again sue shot, and I also want you guys to know that the device I use is a huge part of it, but it’s also the connection that I have with spirit ten years of full time. Itc research – and this is what’s happening here in 2020 – it’s pretty amazing. Also. I want you guys to know this. Video is not monetized. I did not monetize this video. My previous one is also not monetized at this time I’m not going to monetize this video. But if you want to support my work, I’ll give you that option there’s a join button below for my membership. You can click that button and read all about it, and it really helps me keep this research moving. Folder does anything or I kids chance to get massive at current reality.

I would make over here, but a late night. We have a code youtube channel and without our channel and go for a spin can expose V Keohane later challenged comments, royal solder, gina, carano, inky, hearty school s, pinky i and Nona after 30 cases, ku F spring KY s, my English and Hindi, language Kappa mr. Taft’S RI and he will Dominic him he’s approval sold on. I don’t wan na press pink eye on her for details about I a key a normal week out. I and you still have any con. He attacked me Connie and its people. Video convenient cat up over thickness or link our discussion means I love still the acceptance in a back. This is good. Thank you. Thank you very much known as to put expose yeah Gina. This is do that what you don’t have overthink e su sound, a Yeosu of our zone here, woman recently, kids me graphical software word: CI, kzv, normal soft words, America, something hi. You know one’s gon na prove video way keen on a panel. Yes, a Kiowa boss, REO, whatever they scratch on getting to you, know, taught a room to do it. I’Ve asked Edom around quiet car key, yes, Ashoka can give a mandamus about Karina and or coming up, quick or cheapest on a jungle. Jury will solder when you gather up or lag 0 is the one that, if no Giada like some for other other disease itself, no names to expose chihuaha funky up, they were the slice of see Dada in life from it.

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