The youth voice is resonating with susan singer. Sekar suman was the first one to launch the susan singh rajput justice forum even came to patna. Thank you, suvanji for joining with us on the public tv, you started the movement justice for susan singh justice for sushant singh forum. Do you think it’s a murder or a suicide, and is the investigation leading in the right direction? Do you think that a cbi investigation is a must, in this case, uh suicide? Then it would have been a case and this this uh you know, would have shut long ago, but the fact that it is carried on for more than 40 days for the simple reason that there seems to be a foul play. This seems to be uh there’s. So many evidences cropping up every day, every every single day, there’s a new thing cropping up, leading towards the fact that it’s uh something is not right and there is more than meets the eye. You know, as i said like if it was a suicide, the shape that the case would have shut long ago, because no suicide case takes this long, so it’s taking this long.

Obviously, there is wheels within wheels and there is something that the police is trying to solve and and and for that reason, because they are not specialized in that we are uh. You know all of us are demanding a cbi inquiry. I i hope – and i i pray to god and i’m keeping my fingers crossed – that for the sake of millions of people who are fighting for this and leading this uh uh moment that the uh you know it’s going in the right direction: uh uh but uh.

The only problem is that you know we are totally oblivious of what’s going on. We are like shooting arrows in the dark, we have no idea and everybody is sort of just speculating, and everything is just in the realm of uh, surmises and conjectures. So that needs to stop and i think the sooner it’s handed over to the cpi. It would be better because this voice, this time is not going to stop. I can assure you it’s going to get only louder, so the sooner uh you know this is given to the cbi it will. I i understand that it has become a public movement and you were the first one to flag it off in the bollywood industry. You you even traveled to patna to meet susan’s parents, but initially you raised an allegation that there’s a suicide gang and the gangster operating, who stops rising film stars to do well in the bollywood, and also that gangnam, ranaath and satyugan.

Sinha has also raised this that there is a suicide gang that is operating in the bollywood and even kangran around has named them. What do you think is a suicide gang running and operating in the bollywood industry? Well, i’m, not too sure about the suicide gang. But i think how i would like to interpret is that there is a gang. There is a caucus. There is a courtery that forces people that pushes people to the precipice wherein they are forced to take extreme steps.

That’S, i think, that’s, what meant by a suicide camp, what i want to tell you that there is a caucus which is akin to um a mafia there. There is a gang that is operating i in hindi. They are, they are controlling everything they they want to. Have complete control over over the film industry, so they can dictate and they can decide and they can navigate everything the way they want to. So they decide who’s going to go up who’s going to go out who’s going to be in uh. You know for them, like actors are like horses whom they bet on you know, and and they make money on that. You know the horse never gets the money it’s, always the person who betting on them gets the money. So these are the these are mercenary people who will who will walk over each other’s dead body to be there, so they are ruthless and uh. I i think that there was this whole big uh nexus.

This whole pottery was against sushi because uh, because if you, if you, if you noticed if you, if you just have a look at the backstory, if you see the way uh, you know he was being systematically marginalized and uh. You know uh ostracized, it’s, very clear that even in the social function, film functions, uh uh people were trying to just run him down. He was never given his due recognition. He was never awarded, never rewarded, uh and and toward the end, all the big films that he was working in.

He had to wash his hands off those films and without any reason given to him. So obviously there is a gang. I am not too familiar with the names, even if i have i don’t have a proof, so i can’t name them. I can’t blame them. I think in two portions i’ll ask you one question. I will ask you one question about this about about this gang that there was a famous tv show of karan johar in which aliyah what was given an option? Whom would you kill and whom would you date with then aliyah bhatt decided to kill sushant rajput. So the way young talent like sushant was humiliated all the time. What do you have to say on that? Even sina has commented that bollywood and there are allegations that only four families run the Music be given equal opportunity. You know that that show that you’re talking about i i do remember that that killing pit, of course, that that uh, you know what should not take that literally killing, but the fact it was it seemed that it was done to uh deliberately humiliate the guy.

I mean she could have you know. The actress in question would have killed anybody else, but she decided to kill sushant killing means you know in in a way it shows hatred towards the guy that i really don’t care for this guy he’s, absolutely inconsequential. So you know, and and in more than more ways than one and in more shows than one he you know people came forward and did the same thing to him.

So it’s very, very obvious, it’s very, very clear what they were trying to do. They were just trying to marginalize it because he wanted to chant wanted to live his life on his own terms. My next question, my my my next question is my next question is: is the investigation leading in the right direction because it’s been more than 40 45 days and police has not yet come to the conclusion and top bigwigs have not been called for interrogation and do You think that the influential people in the bollywood are tampering with the evidence, because you were talking about prime facade evidences, like the the news or the room or whatever the finger images. So talk to us about that. Please i i i i for the sake of everyone, for the sake of all the people who love susha, and i hope that it’s going in the right direction. But you know, on the other hand, said that i don’t think that, because if it was going in the right direction, it wouldn’t have taken this long, because, if it’s a suicide case, it would have ended long ago.

If it is not, then it’s very obvious that there is something uh more than meets the eye there’s something wrong with it uh i don’t know about tampering with their uh with the evidence or not. But yes, i mean giving it too much. Time would give enough time if they are people involved to sort of eliminate uh and obliterate.

All these evidence, so one has to be a quick uh. You know the response quick to hand it over to the cbi uh, but there of course uh uh. Only after the investigation, it would be uh clear and it would surface what the people involved in it. But as i’m saying that uh, you know uh it’s been 40 days and it’s far too long for people to other people are running out of patience and i think uh and one more thing i think you know i it beats me completely to to to to Know and to acknowledge the fact that none from the industry, none has come forward to ask for a cbi inquiry. They are big, influential people if this big people, the so called big actors who think they are stars and superstars if they had come forward if they had voiced their opinion, if they had joined the movement, this would have been handed over to the uh for a Cbi inquiry long back, you know, because you know they’re just trying to keep silent and probably trivialize the whole thing and push it under the car.

Do you do you think? Do you think that it’s a murder or a suicide? Do you think that it’s, a murder or a suicide or susan is a victim of nepotism? I i definitely think he is a victim of gangnam if, if not nepotism, he’s a he’s, a victim of that caucus and it definitely points towards a murder.

It definitely points towards the foul play. You know. I don’t think that sushant was the kind of person he had everything going for him. He had name, he had fame, he had success, he had a you know a fantastic love life he had. He had the best of cars and everything going and then he was moving up on the echelons of of of of success. Every day he had three films to his credit, which had crossed a 100 crore uh mark at the box office. So what would prompt him? Why would anybody in his right mind when, when everything is you know so hunky dory for you would uh take his own life, so obviously all the evidences that have come out all the facts that have emerged clearly point out that that there was something wrong that There is a foul play and i have said that and i’ve reiterated that i’m going to say it again all the things that that have come out, including uh. You know tampering with the cctv uh footage uh the the duplicate key missing the mark on his neck.

The height of the bed, etc, etc, and the absence of a suicide note very succinctly and very clearly point towards a murder, sekar kapoor. The noted filmmaker has also talked about the way sushanti used to pursue his acting career and get into the nitty gritties of acting. So there were talks about that. Sushant was snatched off six flip films in the recent past.

What you have to say on that is: is it true? This is because you are there in the volleyball industry. This is a clear indication of the fact that you know when you don’t adhere when you don’t become uh a a slime ball when you don’t become a yes man when you are not a smooth tongue, the sycophant, when you’re not falling at somebody’s feet when you’re, Not become when you don’t become a yes man, you are marginalized, you will not be given the time of day, and that is what happened to sushant because he dared to to choose his films. He said this is the film which i don’t want to do, and this is the film that i would wait for. Even if i have to focus six films – and that is the reason he he might have said no to a big producer – which i think he did i’m told and that they were he was infuriated and in return what he did that you know that the whole Nexus then passes this dictate this order, that no one is going to take take him on and that, if you have signed him with a film just throw him out of the film so i’m i’m sure that that must have had a very deep impact.

On his mind, but because suddenly, when you wake up in the morning and stitch to seven big films for which you have like worked hard for, you have spent time listening to the script and, and there are financial investments also, you know uh, based on that.

The film that you signed sunday sort of uh goes kaput, then uh. Yes, there is a cause for worry and that’s. What happened to susha that you know you have to say goodbye to many families from a small town like patna as you do. You are also from a middle class family and we went to bombay like satrugan cena did, did you ever face the wrath of the genghism like susan did in the past years, uh indirectly, yes, and you never get to see the faces. Of course, i i face the rocks of these people because you know i was doing a show like food and shaker when i name people and do my shows so you know obviously a lot of them. Probably uh took it upon themselves to get back to me and uh. I would probably not have believed that and i would have thought probably. It was my mistake that you know i would get the kind of films i should have gotten in movies, but when a couple of directors came to me – and he said whenever we want to cast you in a big film, there is uh. Something goes wrong.

We get a call from this one or that one without naming the person he said, i would not like to name them. They would say: drop shaker drop, shaker from the film so except one film, which i got from sanjay lead up and solidification gave us uh.

You know the role of chunilal, which i unfortunately couldn’t do the rest of the you know that that i was cast in. I was obviously thrown out of there, but they didn’t realize that you know you can’t suppress talent for too long. So i said: okay, if you’re not going to give me enough opportunities and movies i’m going to uh, you know go to television and let’s, see if you can stop in there. If you stop me there, i’ll i’ll go do theater. If you stop me in theater, i’ll go to a street here and if you stop me there, i probably you know, stand on my rooftop and start acting, but you can’t stop me so that was it yes, i did face. Not only me also a face. Thank you very much for talking to republic tv sushant sings that has become a public talking point. Ever since republic, tv has launched a campaign against the nepotism in say everything about about what is happening around us and thank you. Thank you. Thank you secretary for joining with us on the public tv susan singh rajput. That has become a public investigation and talking point among the millions of small toy boys who aspired to become big actors or make it big in life and i’m sure sushant singh rajput will get justice for sure, and i wish you all the luck, because you started The movement justice for suicide forum and may the cbi, take up the probe.

Thank you very much.