You know you have been an acting mentor. You’Ve been an acting coach. You have been a fantastic casting director casting chavray as your wonderfully and lovely call. So what took you so long to be? You know a feature film director. What kept you so long away from becoming a future film director. So i think there is. There is a time for everything, so i think i didn’t plan anything because when i’m assistant director i will, but that is not a direction. You know you have to still learn from any craft. So then i felt i should uh generally focus on direction when i was actually slowly slowly learning everything about this time. So i think there’s a time for everything when i felt indian audience so that’s how it happens. Perfect, sir – and you know the trailer you know, it’s been, as you know, i mean better than me. It has got so much of love, so much of appreciation from all around the world. It has become the most liked, trailer on youtube, so that’s a feat in itself: that’s a lot of love coming from the audience in itself. I want to know sir. He responds your hair it’s, obviously good there’s, a lot of buzz around the movie. You know people want to see sushant’s last movie, but personally, sir, from an audience’s point of view, what can they expect different in this movie? What will what would be your viewpoint as a director in answer to this? I think different.

First of all, the very uh less people have seen foreign to make it more authentic for indian audience so uh. I think it i, i think, it’s a different story. You guys could tell me and see how his blessings and his magic is working and absolutely sir – and you know, as you said, you know, like you know at the very beginning that you know everything has a right time. You know you have to you. Don’T have to be in the competition and you have to just don’t have to be fighters. I like absolutely – and you know the best things in life are unplanned as they say, sir, so you know, but i want to know, sir. You know. Obviously you didn’t plan it out, but then you know you’ve been in the industry for so long. You know everything. That’S involved you’ve been a wonderful casting director. So i want to know, sir being a first time feature director. How much did your experience of the casting director help you for your footing? Yeah of course, because the patient level, with the audition, so many people and to dealing with people is also very important because then also it’s, a big responsibility. When you take a decision, because everyone everyone to work, uh get everyone together like in one track, one one track that’s most important from the world. I think, with the casting patience that really helped, because – and this was my first window, all my activities have done.

Like 20, 10 15 15 films, i’ve done like so i think also it’s a a huge responsibility to handle everyone and tell everyone to come together and make this wonderful, sir, and you know it’s all the experiences and the off screen tales that actually make the thing Interesting so uh, you know my next question to you, sir, would be that uh. You know. Obviously you know the casting brain that you know that that look for talent. That third eye is always there. Now you have you’ve made this pair very interesting, so shan singh raj food and sanjana. So i want to know, sir, from your viewpoint, what made you feel that sanjana would be the appropriate cast alongside sushant for this particular project. If you see her faith, do you think it’s wrong, absolutely not separated? I could see only in her face for this girl, yeah that’s for the full point of casting that’s the whole point of casting that you can’t go wrong with the casting absolutely sir, and you know the chemistry that we have seen in the trailer so far. It’S amazing people are loving it, so we can only imagine the kind of love they both will be getting once the film comes out. Yes, let’s hope, then let’s, hope and let’s play all the good wishes from the entire industries are for you and the entire film. A chords have answered you know uh. This is a bit on the emotional note.

Obviously you know sushant not being there right now, it’s a huge loss for the entire industry. Everyone is feeling very saddened about it, but he’s a very integral part of the film. I want to know, sir, from your end, that when the movie comes out and when people see the project – and they say sushant and sanjana their work, your work as a director when the when all the accolades will be coming when all the appreciation will be coming From all rounds and corners, what would be your biggest regret at that point of time for not having sushma round? I know he has been a very dear friend to you, but what would be your biggest regret at that point? Yeah we get against family requirement yeah. So merely all this uh, i don’t even know whether to be happy to Music. Well, i hope god gives you all the strength on planet earth to handle that situation at that point of time before i let you go. Thank you so much for giving me your time. You know mental health at a difficult time like this it’s, a very daunting period, it’s a very difficult time to deal with mental health discussion. Is there everywhere, from your personal point of view, from your experience in life, who has also dealt with difficult situations? What would be your three biggest mantras for the audience for people and for people in general so that they can handle this time and their mental health with a lot of perfection and precision, i think i think it’s very important to take care of your mental health.

It’S very important because, like important thing, i am not the expert who can actually discuss and talk about mental health because i’m. Nobody – because i have not i’ve, not studied it properly, that what! But when i personally, when i feel very low, and i feel that something is not going right in my life, i will see if i’m going to tell them. People need to stay away from negativity and as much as you can be creatively busy as much as you can, but the city will make you feel lonely and you will go through. All kind of emotions feel happy share everything you deal with different different emotions, yeah and also especially in this field, and also any even a youngster in today’s time, if you’re, not an actor or not from this industry, everyone is always in a hurry, so they all Need to just calm down and think absolutely there’s. So much negativity people just need to be kind with each other and just love and support, rather than pulling each other down and spreading negativity. The very important thing people just not spread negativity it, you know subconsciously, affect you and the people around you, but every absolutely, sir, and i hope our viewers take all your points forward and i know it’s been a very difficult phase for you personally, because you have Dealt with a lot at this point of time, god gave you immense amount of strength and power to deal with everything that’s coming your way.

I wish you all the best for the movie going forward. Sir, thank you so much once again for joining me and giving me a valuable time, and i wish you all the best going forward. Thank you so much. Thank you.