Maybe debbie will ask questions if she feels comfortable, but just having her here i think, will i don’t know we’ll see? Will it change the dynamic i don’t know we’ll see if it’ll, maybe my energy will bring a different dynamic? There are the two videos we recorded they’re, surpassing seven million views in less than five days, so you have a massive fan base if you have anything else to say to them now is your chance come on through, if you can Music thanking god? Is that what you just said actually debbie is uh. She moderates a lot of the comments and she’s been seeing all the comments. Oh yeah, your fans miss and love. You very much you’re you’re very loved, come on through sushant. If you want to speak, do you have anything else to say about your death Music, something about the light? A lot of your fans are continually asking about your death. Many think you were murdered. Many say they know you were murdered instead of taking your life because it didn’t make sense to anyone why you would do that. Do you have anything to say about that at all Music? I might not hear what you’re saying, but maybe your fans will. I know one of the specific questions they are wanting to know.

If you can answer is, were you alone who was with you? I don’t know that you can give us that information, but do you have anything to say to debbie who’s right here, come on through soo sean all right now, debbie let’s have her.

Try put your hand here if you’re still here and you want to speak, you can do so. If you have any messages for your fans or anybody sushant. Can you hear me hello, Music, anything else, Music? Is there anything else? You want anyone to know Music all right well. Thank you very much. Casey sean. Thank you for coming through. Thank you for coming through i’ll. Try a little more later. You love me as if people are watching these videos magic well, this is real magic. You know people do magic, tricks and illusions. This is what i call real magic, almost really hard for a lot of people to comprehend, you’re speaking from the spiritual realm. What is it like, where you are i’m? Getting asked to ask you more questions about your death and spirits. Usually don’t answer detailed questions about their death. Spirits are energy, our soul is energy. Music. Spirits are not physical, but that energy can come back and converse with the living using our energy. Our connection and devices such as this astral doorway all right. I just want to record a couple more minutes. Is there anything else you want to say all right, sue, sean! Thank you very much, much love to you.

You said you got your wings Music, very clearly undeniable, what you said there: oh i’m, getting an energy surge which is telling me. Yes, i got my wings, so you have wings now, Music, you will get them.

That is amazing. Oh man, i am getting a chill all right well, thank you, sushant much love all right guys.