This is steve huff. We spoke two times now. This is the third. Can you hear me come on through now? You said last night, if i heard that correctly and you guys might hear these messages different from me. That’S, okay, always go with what you hear. You said there was an argument with men. If i heard that correctly, what happened? You can tell me anything that you remember: okay, do you have anything to say i’m good you’ve talked of light, you’ve talked of being with someone a guide or somebody Music you’re. In that light you saw it last night, you’ve talked of god. You’Ve talked about your death sushant. Can you tell me what happened the night of your death? Did someone murder you? Do you remember how you died? You said you have one contact. Have you met up with other people that you know you know your our first video? We did together is going to pass a million views today. That is amazing. A million people have watched it in three days, well, they will have by by tonight. I think that is amazing. People are hearing you, people are waking up. They understand that this life here is not the end, so sean do you have a message for everyone watching today. You just wanted to answer me. Thank you. I’Ll just be quiet, i’ll, focus on you and your energy.

If there’s anything you want to say when i turn this dial that’s, when you can come in i’m feeling your energy, i feel your energy sushant with mike.

Have you met michael all, right let’s keep going sushant.