The peaceful process that is going on today in india, the 22nd of july for justice of sushant singh rashford and since i don’t have twitter, unfortunately, to share my voice and our voice for this protest and also live in the candle not only for sushant, but also For entirely india and the situation with the coronavirus, i decided to make a video for inspiring you guys. So at least you can share it, and you can see that our heart goes to this cause and goes to india in general and i’m going to talk later about the points and why i think justice for sushant singh rashford is necessary. Here is the candle. We have dedicated with we have krishna, ganesh and shiv, but also ashoka wanted to share something about the matter since he only spoke in one video. So this is what we think and why we think sushant singh rashford is necessary as necessary for him to have justice and the entire situation for india and why we are praying for india, okay, first of all, it’s a very sad situation with the coronavirus and then On top of it, you have such an story: okay, it’s, a double it’s, a double whammy; it’s, not a good situation for india, and i really hope things get better, both ways: the koran of our situation and sushant situation. Justice needs to be given to this poor guy.

Now i don’t know much about him. I didn’t know much about him because i’m really to be honest, i wasn’t that involved in bollywood, but that i’m indian, of course, i’m going to know about it.

And when i heard a story and when i saw him on the stage in the awards, i could feel purity. I mean this was a good guy. Mujer so what’s happened to him is incredibly tragic and we all need to stand with him. Even after his sad passing away, justice has to be bought, bought to him. You know things should not be delayed. This is my opinion. Things should not be postponed if you, if you get what i’m trying to say and with the coronavirus situation, let us deeply pray. Let us really go inside our hearts and really pray from the bottom of our hearts for this great country to get healed to recover from this really horrible thing. This this sick thing called coronavirus, let’s put our minds and hearts for once together and come together as a nation and pray for these two huge events that just took place, these bad things, tragic, corner virus and sushant sings sad passing away. He whom we could all relate to in some way or another, you know because he represented us, the normal people, the common people, to a certain extent and making it big out there it’s very sad. Every time i hear details about his past. What what happened to him? Please please pray for him and pray for the country we like this candle today and people of india are protesting today, but at the same time sushant was part of the world.

It was part of this. Humanity belongs to the world and he was a talented person, a talented human being and a soul having a human experience which experience so for some reason has been interrupted. The people who want to support the theory of suicide. Well, it is undeniable that if that is the case, which is not my opinion, but it doesn’t matter my opinion. If that is the case well, it needs to be investigated further, because why a guy that is so talented decides all of a sudden to end this life and if you want to go with my opinion that there is definitely something more than meets the eye. Well, surely we need a cbi investigation, because a country like india, a country that is progressing so much a country that is so spiritual, a country that is full of passionate people and talented people cannot be based on corruption, cannot be based on any type of mafia And we have to pray for the light. The light shines over any darkness and the light is what also represented the light of truth, the light of being talented, the light of making it no matter what obstacles you have in front of you like supratim, says, and i highly agree with him. Sushant was one of us and that it’s why it hit us all as a generation. Now, obviously you can say by your western. What do you know about but think about it? We are all one, and so many things are happening to this world and so many things now like it’s, almost like the dust it’s getting like clear under the rug and even though i don’t think we needed the departure of such a talented soul.

It has happened and because it has happened, there is no turning back and we as the people as fans as citizens of the world, not just of india. We need and and need to ask and demand for truth, because at the end of the day, like vivekananda used to say, the truth is the only thing that matters so be bald and share. Your truth, don’t be afraid, and if some people get out of the way, because of that meaning they walk away from your life, it means that they weren’t meant to stay anyway. We need to demand justice for sushant. I want to bring up some of the topics again in this video of why we need to demand justice for sushant and please go ahead and put your points as well, without being obviously offensive or abusive towards anyone. But please drop in the comment down below. Why do you think sushant singh rashford needs justice, and why do you think we need cbi inquiry? I think we need cbi inquiry because there’s too many shadows to the story. Not only was he intelligent was he talented? He posted a picture of a lion. It was a warrior and all of a sudden without a no, he commits suicide. That also needs to be understood better, why certain people were around him before he died, and why was he away from his family, his own father? Why wasn’t he talking! Why was he feeling outcasted why the fingerprints in the dupatta or putta or whatever it is that allegedly he used for killing himself are not found? Where are the keys uh? Why uh riya chaka bertie, has left three days before and can we really trust what she’s saying since she’s, not even replying about things and there’s so many whys, but on the other hand, i don’t hear any response.

I made a very simple basic question about whether nadia had a bodyguard, because we saw the picture with this bodyguard, which is not an accusation to the guy. The security guy, of course, is not is simply a question. Did he had a bodyguard? Did he add security? Since this guy was always in the picture with ria and if in case he did, is he being interrogated why certain piggies in the bollywood industries are not being summoned and interrogated? There are too many questions and there is no answer and the cbi is for the name of justice and it’s, because a soul cannot rest in peace when we are killing him twice. We are killing him when he was alive and i already made a video about it, because the public has support in certain behavior and we absolutely need to take responsibility for that. We cannot hide under some curtains. This is not the time, but also we are killing him twice. When we are blindly saying is suicide, because we are only going to remember him for such a week, we could call it sorry, no offense weak act. I want to remember sushant singh rashford just for an act of suicide. I want to remember his smile, his intelligence, his activity when he was doing things for children as well his movies, his spirit, and i think that killing him twice and doing almost like a character. Murder, it’s not fair on his soul and plus it’s, not fair to the young generation of india.

That is trying to seek for the truth, because again, sushan can be one of you the next day. In fact, if you want to share a little bit of your story that obviously we’re not going to name anybody, but these things happen all over the world, but especially in india when it comes down to artists and when it comes down to cut the wings of Talents – this is why we need justice and we need truth, and today the people of india are protesting, and i hope this video is inspirational for all of you guys, knowing that our hearts goes to you guys, and we are also from another part of the world Demanding justice pursuant now this is very important. The power is with the people. No real change can happen without the pressure of the people. Obviously peacefully protest for sure you know i mean you got ta start somewhere at least, and you guys are so strong. We as a nation, especially the young generation, we really need to step it up now. My story is what happened. Was that i’m a bit of a bit of an artist i passed? I you know i did a little bit of art. Um i’ve worked in the corporate sector and then my mom’s a fashion designer and somewhere along the line. What happened was that a director from the south indian film industry uh, he noticed my pictures on my mom’s phone when she was showing some of the clothes, and you know he asked who is this guy? You know – and she said it’s my son and he said i want to cast him in my movie, and so i got this offer for a movie a south indian movie, and you know everything was going on the training for the movie uh learning the language because I’M, not really south indian um everything was going on, but what was happening is that when the shooting actually had to be had to begin, there were a lot of weird things happening like it was being called off and then it was being postponed called off postponed.

I signed an agreement, a contract uh. You know saying that i can’t do anything else. Apart from this film, you know, and somewhere down the line, the elections that started in tamil nadu and what happens is that we get the shocking news that the movie has been called off, because the person producing the movie was also a politician has been found. Is being investigated by the police for sort of like underworld money, which is what? Which is what i was told and i was shocked because i was sort of naive you know sort of like western educated going into this place. I still have a lot of friends who are local and you know i’m a bit here and there, but i had a great interest in movies and in acting and i was shocked, it was shocking because i thought i was going in one direction and bang. You know it just hits me right in the face movies called off producer is under investigation. The director is scratching his head, you know, and i mean when it happens, that somebody is under investigation that obviously doesn’t mean that that director or that politician was necessarily guilty. We actually don’t know him. We are obviously not accusing anybody, but it just means that there is an undergoing theme of when somebody wants to do something independent, no matter where they are, they get boycotted, and i mean there are so many movies, sorry and i think sushan itself wanted to open His own production company and they get sabotaged they get investigated for something and somehow they didn’t do like this needs to stop and that’s.

Why? We need clarity in sushan singh rashford case now. Supra can be one in a million of talented actors or talented people that wanted to break in this industry as a model as a musician as an actor. But if you constantly have to either compromise, if you are a girl, you end up, maybe in some sort of prostitution, racket we don’t know or just director that want to sleep with you, which has happened also to me it’s, so sad and it needs to stop. We as the youth of the world, we need to ask for a better world. We need to ask for clarity and in the hope that what has happened to sushant singh rashford doesn’t happen ever again to any other, talented artist, girl or boy that it is in the world, but especially in india. Today we are lighting this candle for you sushant. I hope you can hear us me as a psychic. I have promised that i am not going to summon a neither channel your soul anymore. I i think he has. He wants to rest in peace, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not watching us. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get angry when people are using his name for a profit or for visibility. Half psychic scammer that doesn’t mean that the soul is an evolved consciousness, lives in an eternal place of peace, compassion and love, but also lives in a place of justice and truth, and this is also what the spirit of suicide is demanding: it’s, truth and justice.

Okay, i just i’m i’m, so sorry for interrupting okay! I just want one last note: i’ve been seeing it. I was like. Oh my god, what happened? No on this, this this video, this steve huff. You know i don’t want to personally attack this person, but as far as the work is concerned, i feel it’s extremely offensive, like i find it so shady like a channeling, a spirit. Why hasn’t the scientific community come out with hardcore proof saying that these things exist. Why are you people giving the power to the wrong kinds of people and without getting i’m? Sorry, if i interrupt you, but without getting too wrapped up and calling uh directly people out, which i already did anyway it’s about the fact you need to understand – let’s go for a direct investigation, tbi exactly we don’t need to get to paranormal stuff. Necessarily. I had a vision and i shared it, but moreover, when a spirit guy is passed away on the other side, it doesn’t retain the same voice, it’s a spirit like you’re, our eternal soul. Today you’re angela today you’re pretty tomorrow, you could be rachel. You don’t, the body, is just a vehicle for the soul, so sushant wouldn’t speak in the same way. I remember telling you this as far as this, because i i do practice yoga uh quite a bit and exactly i remember talking, we were talking about this there’s. No way that a spirit can actually you know, there’s a whole process, but yeah continuing and is uh.

This guy’s been confirmed very, very sources to invent these things, that’s why he doesn’t even do he’s calling someone in with this fantastic machine life for people, but it’s asking for a donation donation should be delivered to the family and the only donation that we need right Now, for sushanting rashford is justice and cbi inquiry. So please i appreciate all the psychics that are genuine they’re, our talent and that wanted generally helped sushan sol. I think those people are great. You guys are, you guys, are in the light and you know guys who you are and we don’t even need to name. You drop it in the comment down below, but enough is enough. We need proof, we need facts, and this is why the people of india today are asking for justice, and i don’t think that we will ever stop asking for justice until his soul is going to be recognized and we will know – and we will have clarity among All the questions, and not me, but everybody on youtube not and on social media, is asking about the wonderful soul of sushant singh rashford. So thank you so much guys for watching us and listening to us. We just wanted to honor this protest from afar and our heart goes to. You goes to the family of sushant and we are really praying for india in all possible to improve the to the world actually to improve and again to to deliver and have answer very soon.

I’M. Sorry, if i seem a bit worked up guys, but the thing is it’s, my country, which is going through a very serious issue and it’s very difficult for me to be cold and emotionless i’m, going to show some kind of pain. Okay, let’s just hope. This coronavirus situation gets out of this country. You know a country has got issues and whatever but it’s our country. You know let’s just come together and try and do some even a prayer. You know come together and do all prayer, the justice system, the legal system, whatever it is in our own small way. Let us try to come together and let’s hope that justice is down to sean. You know exactly drop in the comment section down below share this video share, all the other tweets. Let us let us speak, and i want to hear your voice too.