Lakyn obsession leonetti Karan, yes, sorry, but they would ke saamne. Are we here well, a few stars spoke about being sidelined in the industry. Fearless actor Kangana Ranaut too spoke about it and questioned the Bollywood gang as to. Why did not acknowledge the shuns work through her Instagram video returning her father free award, if she’s unable to prove with statements when it comes to the investigation pertaining to the actor’s death? In her conversation, she mentioned that she asked the official in charge of the actors case to summon her and take a statement but she’s in Manali. Hence she asked him to send someone to do the needful, how it was so far. The actress has not received any reply on it. Karna also said they summoned me, and I asked them to that I’m in Manali – that you can send somebody to take my statement. But I have not received anything after that I’m telling you that I’ve said anything which I can’t testify, which I can’t prove and which is not in the public domain. I will return my Pithom Shri adding further. She said I don’t deserve it. I’M, not that person who will go on record to make such statements and everything that I’ve said is in the public domain. Kagura also questioned the Mumbai police for not calling for individuals, namely Mahesh Bhatt other day Chopra Karan, Johar and critic mahadji’s Masson for interrogation, but recently her make of Emily Aditya Chopra.

A doe lawyers keeps Omni apni statement record cure in regards to sushant singh rajput leaking karna. He bought sorry persuaded videos Chabad, he realized wha. He come now has been trying the level best to get sushant singh rajput, a justice fans, kiss Omni she’s the only one who’s actually fighting for a chance justice, but not only that I’m gon na also made a shocking statement about being threatened by Aditya Chopra. For turning down Salman Khan’s star also thought anushka, sharma featured opposite salman in 2016 release. Certain movie hum by early abbas sufferer, but before anushka stabbed, ended to play the female wrestler in the film National Award. Winning actress, Kangana Ranaut was considered for the role when, in conversation with the same leading portal, Khanna revealed as she was threatened after she refused to come on board opposite Salman Khan. She said that yes, Raj Films, head honcho, Aditya, Chopra, threatened her after director, Annie Abbas buffer, visited how to narrate the script and also mentioned that he will not work with her in future when she refused for the film containing kaha. The director came to my house and hurry to the script. I had a meeting with Aditya Chopra just so that I could express my apologies in person and he was fine at a time. But later in a news piece came out saying Congress said no to Sultana and then he messaged me saying how dare you you say no to me adding further.

She mentioned how other techo para told her that her career will be over. You are finished. I think they alledgely had told Kangnam the actress poke about the internal functioning of the industry when she was talking about such entourage votes untimely death, who is claimed to be a victim of nepotism by his fans. The actress mentioned that she is herself experienced. The same thing in the industry also, the manikarnika actress telling of conversation mention about not willing to work with any Khan from the industry and she has delivered hit movies at the box office on her own On June 14, 2020. So Shawn singh rajput had committed suicide by hanging himself in his Bandra apartment till date, as we have crossed one month to ash and his death. The fans have been demanding a CBI inquiry in the same thing and so has Carla and many other celebrities, but it seems like no. Such action has been taken. According to a recent report, it is said that no CBI inquiry will be done in so Shanta’s case.