This is the follow up. Just want you to know to keep in mind. This is a real spirit session, it’s, not fake. This is not to be mocked. I take this as serious as i take my own life. So what i do here, what you see here is 100 percent real, and i feel that i have connected with the spirit of sushant, because when i recorded last night he came through better than ever validated a couple of things that he is with a guide. Are you with a guide again sushant, and i also want you guys to know that the device i use is a huge part of it, but it’s also the connection that i have with spirit 10 years of full time.

Itc research – and this is what’s happening here in 2020 – it’s pretty amazing. Also. I want you guys to know this. Video is not monetized. I did not monetize this video. My previous one is also not monetized at this time i’m not going to monetize this video. But if you want to support my work, i’ll give you that option there’s a join button below for my membership.