Thank you very much. Much love to you, i’ll pray for you, foreign Music, foreign it’s. The next day i recorded that that what you just saw was recorded last night it’s now the next morning, it’s like 8 30 in the morning. Sushant are you still with me? Are you still here, a lot of people wanted to know about your death. A lot of people feel there’s, some something different that happened with your death sushant. Why did you take your own life? Did you take your own life? Okay. I i’m not sure what you said there, but when i review this and listen back i’ll hear it a lot of people don’t think that you took your own life um. Can you tell us why you did that? Why did you take your own life change? Is there there’s two spirits here? I see such ant here he’s actually standing to my right in front of this box, but there’s another gentleman sitting on the floor older. Who is that gentleman Music? Am i seeing that correctly he’s sitting on the floor and he looks just peaceful and you’re over there? Oh, i feel that energy que sushant you’re.

Here i can feel you. I can sense you. I can see you all that love that was sent your way. All these people who are mourning your death, celebrating your achievements, of course, but saddened by the events, the tragic events. These are really passionate fans. You have sushant, so that tells me you projected love while on this earth, and that is amazing that’s.

How it’s supposed to be but i’m, connecting with you, spiritually with our energy use that energy use my energy? We can work together to accomplish this if your friend who’s with you, wants to help if he is a guide of yours come on through. I know your dad, but you can still talk see if people watching this understand our soul never dies. It can change a lot of lives and it has for many years when we understand as the living that our soul never dies. We may choose to live life differently. Well, my name is steve huff. I come as a friend i come in peace. I come with love to you: let’s bring that love energy, this energy into this room. I can feel it. I have to have my coffee in the morning all right sushant. I feel your energy here in this room and i felt that energy last night and now it’s familiar to me. Do you you’re? In that light, you saw it last night, much love to you, my friend. Thank you. It’S been a pleasure.

It is ending. That was a woman’s voice, saying it is ending. It seems like both times he had a guide with him and they both nights or yet last night, and today confirmed when i ended the session. Thank you very much shushan. Thank you for coming through much love to you. My friend. Thank you.