My heart starts sinking my stole once again tides, sweat, chills down my neck. As the clock strikes, eight eyes steady at the door, hoping is gon na be late. Wait I can hear him come. This sound is not a stranger. I can hear the Nocturne. I can smell the danger. The odor tells me he’s, drunk again full of frustration ready to deliver some pain ready to break another plate. He throws me down like an insane another mark. He has left on my body, so now helplessly crying are able to speak yeah. His harsh makes me go down my swapping acts like music and loves him to sleep. His flowly comes out of his unconscious world as the pain of my heart rolls down my cheek. There is no place left for a new wound to be born. He gives me everything and the cycle goes on. I want someone to teach my heart to beat again. I want that someone special who can kiss away might be I’m craving for a delicate touch, but I can’t control my life so again the Sun sets I die again, but managed to survive now.

Why am i reading this poem out today, I’m reading this poem out, because there has been an alarming increase in the domestic violence cases in this lockdown period and it’s terrible to even read imagine someone going through it every single day. You know when I wrote this poem, I wrote it because my house helped at that point.

I was talking to my mom and crying about how her husband comes home, late, every night, drunk and beats it up, and I remember my mom trying to tell her that you know she needs to do something about it. You know maybe report it on or leave or you know do something, and she said she couldn’t do anything about it and she was to say my car’s on give her chocolate color. But today, in fact, to go back and change something about this point. It will be the end which says, but I can’t control my life so again the Sun sets. I died again, but managed to survive. Why do you have to survive? It’S your life and you can’t control your life and only you can control your life. So if you are someone who is going through domestic violence of any kind first, we know it in your heart in your mind that it’s, not okay, it’s, not okay, for anybody to physically hurt you and you can’t control your life, so here’s, someone who’s going through This please report, you can call 100 or there are numbers given by a National Commission of women that can help you out.

If you are too scared to do that, then at least start by talking to your relatives. Talking to your friends talking to someone who you know, cares about you and can probably help you out, but don’t just go through it.