I really want to make the film he said this is your first picture that you’re making. I will do it. I said, listen first, he said I don’t want to it. Is your film I’m doing it? I think I’m still in shock. I haven’t spoken to anyone for 2 3 weeks. My sister said I am getting 100 messages. 100 calls I couldn’t believe. Obviously, when I got to know this, I ran my mom dad. We were all shaken because what just happened. I was at the airport because my mom came from Delhi. I picked my mom and I was driving and I was crying. He was aware about it. He said not on 8 may will do it on digital. This is the best time everyone will see, and this is the best time he’s seen the film he was very excited. He couldn’t see the final film, unfortunately, because he knew I don’t know how to say this, because I think I wish I knew he is clearly the most reowned casting director that you have in Bollywood, but today he is also somebody who is making his debut with Sushant Singh Rajput in Dil Bechara, the film is special for many more reasons, and today we have Mukesh Chabra joing us for conversation only on PINKVILLA Mukesh. How have you been I’m, okay, I’m still coping up, it’s, a very difficult time for the industry for the country as a whole, but there is nation, wide love and support for the film the trailer released and the amount of love that the trailer got is extra.

Ordinary is like highest number of the likes from audience seeming to how much people are looking forward to watch your film. Does that give you sense of validation or happiness somewhere? Maybe the last response will get what he deserve. I feel happy, and this is all Sushant’s blessing all his blessing and his charm is still working for everyone. I think maybe people are loving. The promo people are loving, trailer and song. I am very, very happy, but also it’s, all Sushant’s blessing, so much love people are giving to this trailer. I hope they gave so much love to song and trailer same they give to the film because it’s 6 days away from the film now you’re the one who discovered Sushant in films. Actually, do you remember your first meeting with him yeah yeah obviosuly? I met during Kai Po Che audience. Sobha made me meet Sushant once like I meet so many actresses from industry and TV. So then I got Kai Po Che casting. I met him at tea coffee. I met him because of Sobha. Then I called him for audition. He was so charming and he Rajkumar and Amit three of them were brilliant that’s. How we started meeting. I want to know when you spot Sushant and when you spoke to him. What was it that you blew towards him, because everyone felt that he wasn’t essential hero, but he was such a good actor and he of course looks so amazing.

I think his charm and, of course, acting, is very important. When you meet good actor and plus you are charming, then you are set when you’re a good actor. Suddenly you get the charm. I always say that if you’re, a good actor you’ll always do better and better. I think the charm worked performances, work and honestly – and everyone knows his smile worked, so everything worked for Sushant, you guys from work relation. You development something more beyound that you guys were brothers. What is your fondest memory of Sushant? There are so many if you ask m about Sushant. I can write a book on him because I have been spending time with him since film Kai Po Che then Kedarnath then couple few then Dil Bechara. It was 2 year journey, so everything has so many memories. You never know the time you spend with people now will become a memory. There are so many phone calls discussion spending time going out travelling. There are many. I can’t just pick one everytime every minute every second, we talk about Dil Bechara. This film has been planned for years from 2018 2017 me and Sushant discussed. Whenever you make a film, I will do 2018. When I got the script from Pooja Patil she had approached me. I read the script. I felt this is correct and right for this film. I should definetly make it I called Sushant. Finally, I liked the script. I really want to make the film he said this is your first movie.

I will do it, he didn’t even ask for script. I said: listen first, he said no, he said it’s your first film. I am doing it so I think his trust and faith he showed now. Whatever I did was for Sushant. I guess so. Film started from 2018 on 9 july. It was the first day now. It completely 2 years now Sushant was a very intelligent guy. Sometimes he would say thing that we wouldn’t understand, because we don’t have the IQ as him. I sometimes didn’t understand. He would explain it to me and very simply he would put things and I would understand how communitively was he involved with film? Did he give you creative inputs on yeah? Of course, when you guys are really close when you are doing script and feel like you can do this in the scene, obviously it’s all collobaration with when you work with your own friend, so use to discuss about things, always what is wrong and right logically, sometimes He use to win, and sometimes I so, of course we use to have fights for that on film set it bounds to happen when you work with your friend. What is the one quality that you miss about him? The most one thing you guys talk about discuss about that you can’t discuss to others, because I know your bond, so I am asking one thing: maybe you think maybe I think this happened for one last time His dreams.

He use to tell me all his dreams. He use to write all his dreams and use to tell me what exactly he use to come and tell me is about his dreams, the ideas and so many ideas. If right now, I am thinking about Idea. He must be thinking about 100, more ideas. He has many ideas and he use to complete his ideas. He actually use to write down and follow them. So many people tell I want to this and that he use to write it down and do very few people who can actually do that. He use to day dream and fullfill coming to day that happened. I remember I spoke to you. All of us were mess because what happened, because nobody could even imagine in their wildest dream, like I still can’t process, that he did it. This happened to him because he never let success or failure define you know him better, because you have worked with him and know him as brother for longest time. What was the environment that time? You were one of the first few who went and met who went over to his place. I saw pictures. How did you hold yourself at that point? I still don’t know. How am I reacting to this question because I think I’m still in that shock, I have not spoken to anyone from two three weeks. My sister said I’m. Getting 100 messages. 100 calls. I still can’t believe so I went there.

Obviously, when I got to know this, I ran my mom dad. We were all shaken what just happened, so I just ran to Bandra to see what is happening, so I think I was shock and I’m still in shock. When you ask me the question. I’M still thinking what I did, how I went very disturbing, I think still when I think of that, I feel awkward who told you this. Do you remember who informed you this? There were so many messgaes, so many 100 of messages on social media that I came to know. I remember I was at the airport because my Mom came from Delhi. I picked my mom in the car. I remember I was driving and crying. I said. Let me drop my mother, so I immediately drop my mother and went this movie was suppose to release anyway on Hotstar. You guys had planned to launch it. There was a big event being planned, which was with you Sushant and everybody. I want to know what your last conversation was with him personally and about the film. Was he happy about this film releasing on digital? He was really happy about it. He knew about it. We were discussing about the idea about marketing plan. Personally, he called me on my birthday long chat, and that was on 7 May. He was aware about it, so he said not on 8 May will do it on digital. This is the best time everyone will see and nobody know like if I ask you, but I think he knew about it and happy with the movie and also he was seeing the film that was exciting.

He couldn’t see the final film unfortunetly, but he was excited. He knew we were discussing, how will market it and all social media today, friend, like you, have to prove their loyalty towards him. Does that upsets you because people? He knows what you meant him. He knows what you meant to him: people who know what you guys meant to each other. I don’t think so. I need validation from social media because you, your close one’s, you know what your heart feels. We get love from people through social media, about your love. Everyone knows about it. Even on social media people can judge who geniuenly love and cares. Everyone knows about it. We can also understand how people see everyone can see everything it’s, a very strong medium. That is why we all love social media. What ever your relation is, you can protrait the way you are. If you try to play smartly, they will all understand. Is there any sense of regret about, maybe not making a last call? Did you know about? No, I have no idea. I wish I knew about things sometimes wish. I wish I knew because of lockdown we couldn’t even meet. It has been long time. I don’t know how to say that, just that I wish I knew. I know what kind of dreams and plans you both had for films. I still remember the message you had put on your wall about this film and it will always remain but going forward.

I am sure you spoke about another film doing together, which is also remake. How are you planning to take that forward honestly, I’m, not even thinking anything right now. I just want people to see this film and once I sink in properly, then I will decide and understand how to move forward I’m, not thinking anything right now, because in this situation I can’t think about my second film or third film. My whole focus is on Dil Bechara, always your first film is very different. Now this film is for everyone, I’m, not seeing anything right now. Thank you for doing this. I know it’s a very difficult situation for all of us, but also it’s a legacy he is leaving behind and you will be a very important part of the legacy you’re the end and the beginning of the legacy in that filmography I mean not legacy. I know people always keep saying this to me. I launched him as actor. He launched me a director all the best more power to you.