How do we prove it so he is like. Should I put up these chats, I was like go for it. Maybe that helps so. He put up chats. Still people were refusing to believe us. Then I gave the girl who have supposely accused. The boy gave clarification even that doesn’t work. He was always present, always giving always like you have seen the trailer you can tell that’s, not an actor who’s. Mind is else where he is all there. His craft, his control over acting over the technique is so heightent. I still say his because he is still forever. I can’t just say walls. It just doesn’t come It’s a mixed feeling for everyone involved with Dil Bechara. They might have not expected such turn over on event prior to the release, but we have debut actress: Sanjana Sanghi joining us on conversation. Only on PINKVILLA, Welcoming you Sanjana. How are you Thanks? Nayani’M, okay, when you remember a person like Sushant so fondly like. If I had to remember him, I would remember him for the conversations that we had and the intellect that the guy had there were times half of the things I wouldn’t understand of the things he would say he use to explain it to me. Has that ever happened it to you yeah all the time I mean the thing is like when you just meet a person it’s very different from start.

When you know you have to tell such an intense story together, then you’re getting to know that person on extra level, because you and I even if we were best friends, I wouldn’t – be that emotionally vulnerable with you, as we tend to be as actors with each Other because it’s our job to feel comfortable at that degree, but also then, when you realize oh, like she likes studying, she is a nerd I’m, a nerd she’s trained with Ashley all her life.

I have trained with Shamak, she loves food. I love food. We love cinema it’s, like one thing after the other and than you become than you are just like. Inseperable right people had to break up us on set it use to be like okay. Can we now start? Can we get on to work because we would end the scene and weep out to talking about this book and that book, and that was out normal. So I never thought of it as something special or something unique. It was just how it was. I didn’t have any president for it, and so for me, Sushant was one who understood me at every level, and I understood him when people say he was an introvert, I don’t know. I know he selected his people, but I knew one of them. So I was just like man, I don’t know, but I know him and I know how he thinks I want to know when you start of has debut.

It is very important to have co actors who will support you and who will take you to that whole process. I remember how Sara also use to say Sushant was always helping her with lot of scenes. Did that happen to you because he was a very warm person on sets. He was very helpful to everyone around. I didn’t realize until I starting filming for Dil Bechara, because Dil Bechara is plaunged in Kizie’s, shoulder it’s a story been told through her eyes and Sushant had complete humility in knowning that it was not surprised when you read he script.

You’Ll know that this story, the girl’s story, how she meets this boy, which is rare, because we tend to tell stories from male gaze in our films uptill. Now there was complete acceptance of that and then there was so much humility in his own craft like his craft. His control over acting over the technique is so hightent. I still say his because, whatever I can’t say walls, it doesn’t come it’s like one half of a football playing field. That side of day is yours, and this side is mine and we, if need to, will keep passing the ball, but otherwise we are drewlling on our own. It was that kind of a thing that is everything and that in the unsaid way he would it’s a very emotional film, very tricky, very heavy one day I have to cry. We had to shoot for Taare Gin, then I’d, to do a scene where I was falling sick, so it was very demanding.

I didn’t even had to say him and he would see me prepering in the corner. Send his spot boys saying give her Cappucino his spot boy use to come and give, and I said what he said: Sushant has send it and I got use to these things because for me this was our thing I am preparing because he may not have scene Later so he is like let’s go and play cricket. I am like listen. I have to shoot just please like don’t, distract me and then he would be like brother just play some cricket just dance.

He would tease me like try to distract me. He really helped make it lighter for me, I’m kind of person. I become too this thing about my work, I’m like blinkers on and get this thing done, he sort of lighten it up. You worked with him on his last film with so many months. It is been label of love for so many months. Actually did you ever feel like he had issues any kind of issues that he was dealing with like nobody knew about it, people are saying that. Did you ever feel it that there was something that was bothering him? If you know I met Sushant on Dil Bechara right, I didn’t know him in 2016. I didn’t know him before Dil Bechara. So basically, the only Sushant I knew was the Sushant I met so whether he was quiet whether we was joviour, whether he was focused for me, that was the parameter, so my mind never go on, because it was also that he was always present always giving always Like you have seen the trailer you can say, that’s, not an actor his mind is else where he is all there.

So for me I saw a person. I saw an artist as passionate as can be and totally committed to the job and also supportive and collaberative. So there was no scope for me to even think anything else on it today. In the morning the reports says psychiatrist has given the statement that he was going through bipolar disorder.

He was diagnosed with it. I haven’t read that report yeah, but my saying is that you being an co actor, did you ever face it? You never did. I am not a psychologist. I wish I was to be authority to be as this person as bipolar or mild depression. I have best friends who I have grown up with today. We are 23 it’s pandemic everyone’s, losing jobs it’s a tough time and they come and tell me: listen I’m going to therapy I’ll be that’s. Awesome, like I look therapy or mental health in very different perspective, because I have studied psychology in school. I love the subject and I feel we all should be aware of our mental health, but even with my childhood best friends, I have never been able to be like. Oh, I think she is going through depression. Sort of thing I can be like. I know it’s a tough time, but that is circumstances like I’m going through a tough time right now. This is not easy for me right now. I don’t know about the illness, part of it because that’s how your mind works and if you would have ever let something off to me or told me, I would have had that conversation, but he never did.

Then I read post few weeks later after police called you, and you wrote, this might be your last visit and speculations were that you don’t want to do films anymore, did that affect so much, no because it’s misconstruted, I am from Delhi.

I have been in Delhi since the beginning of lockdown. Since March I flew to Mumbai for a day when I flew to Mumbai after pandemic, the streets were abnormally. Quite there was stunned silence. I have never experienced Mumbai like this, and that is the only word. It came to my mouth and the honest truth is This: is me I’m not giving you off any less than who I’m right now? This is what I’m in totallity, and I want to say, what’s on my mind, and that made me realize it came out in headlines. My mom woke me up. She slapped me with the newspaper on my ass and she is like what is this and I’m like what she is like you’re bidding a do to Mumbai and Bollywood. She tried to tell me that Sanj people aren’t here to understand you they will make other meaning out of what you say. So please watch what you say and I fought with her because I haven’t said anything wrong. They understood me incorrectly I’m happy to clarifly, but I don’t want to stop speaking what comes to my heart. It was misunderstood. I flew in and I flew out because it was pandemic.

We aren’t shooting in Mumbai, I’ll go to Mumbai. I’Ll go to Manali I’ll. Go to LA where ever work takes me when work re starts, sadly, I’m hear to stay and tell too many more stories, because I love acting way too much, but before we go and round up.

I want to know this thing because it really involves you when that whole Metoo thing happened, the people who got most affected were you Sushant and, of course, when something like that happen, there is a discussion how the relation on set can also affect. How did you guys deal with that situation? Sushant was definitely bothered by all the news. Did you speak up with him? What was the conversation you had that time? So there is two things: one is everyone things. Only Sushant is the one troubled there. I was as troubled when this thing happened. I just said because usually thats not how people see it. The thing is that we know the truth right. He was there with me. I know what he meant and he knows what I meant to him that’s all. That is important first of all, and we were on sets shooting everyday. So when one or two article come you just you can’t pay heat to every rumor. That comes out, so you just let it go, but then, when it became rempled I’m, a graduate from Delhi University in Journalism – and I have interned at best of media houses, to learn that journalism is one of accuracy and honestly and integrity.

So when I see articles which are baseless, I have no respect for them. Neither do I have respect for people who write them, so my parents have brought me up in a way that they told me.

You know your truth now when people see our film when they get to know me when they want to know Sushnat who he was, they know our truth. Nothing changed between us because there was nothing all that happened was. How do we believe? The truth? Imagine how state of affair is for two people who actually adore each other to have to sit back and pthink? How do we prove it? He said. Should I put up these chats, I said: go for it, so he put up chats still. People refuse to believe. I gave the girl who have supposly accused the by gave my clarification even that doesn’t work, and that made me seat back and think what kind of society are we in I’m just waiting to belive in certain reality, because we like it when there are problems and Negativity people can’t accept that we really like each other. We really work with each other and making a beautiful film. What is the problem I couldn’t understand? I was too young and too unexperience also. I didn’t know how to cop with it when that thing came out in the first place, what was Sushant’s reaction? What did you guys talk about and somehow I’m asking you this, because I know you have been asked this lot many times somehow lot.

Many people say that why did you take that 2, 3 weeks or 4 weeks to come out with your side of the story? Do these kind of thing that you are asked all the time? Do you bother you even now they hurt me because they troubled me in the past.

It reminds you for time that made me very uncomfortable. They see as a time, but the truth is they don’t know our reality. If they are waiting for lies to be clarifying, I don’t want to parpecuate that culture I don’t want to be in that place where every rumorthat is written about me. I have to come out with my trusted colleagues to clarify them time and again, so I didn’t take time as a truth, and there is nothing that I shouldn’t have needed to clarify anything because nothing happened. He was the greatest co star I would have had, and I have every answer, love and respect for him. If something had happened, we wouldn’t have gone ahead. Paris and done our schedule dubbed our film. It wouldn’t have been like this, so I would really just urge people to to believe only the truth. Thank you so much. Actually, this has been a wonderful conversation. I know it’s been a difficult road for you in the last one and the half month. It is difficult journey for everyone involved in that film. Everyone loves Sushant, and I have said this with interview with Mukesh, and I will say that this movie is not the movie anymore.

It’S become universal emotion that people re willing to watch and embrace all the best and more power to you just for our love for Sushant and his legacy. I hope this film works really really well.