. Besides, all these arguments To get to know whether this is murder or sucide, A person called Steve Huff is talking to the Sushant’s Spirit. By using his own Ghost Box Equipment which helps to communicate with spirits. He started talking with sushant’s spirit From the moment his video went on viral Sushant’s fans are sending him money via Patreon and YouTube to support him talk with sushant to get detailed information from him. But… Is it possible to communicate with spirits using these quipments To get to know about this? Firstly, we have to know about Paranormal Activity. Paranormal activity is phenomena of talking, seeing or touching the dead people spirits. Scientifically. There are no evidence to it.. Illusions are created in our brains due to problems in right side, brain hemisphere, lack of oxygen or hormone problems. Pause the video and focus for about 20secs on the white dot which located on the nose and then see the white area on the right, side. let’s start Watch it without closing the eyes for 20secs. Do you see color photo of a girl in the white area? These are called Illusions.. Our eyes cannot perceive negative colors for longer time., Therefore, immediately they perceives its opposite colors Thats. Why here you perceived color photo of this girl. Due to similar illusion problems in the brain. We imagine that the dead people are alive and are communicating with us.

The psychological problems in childhood and memories of dead people will resulting in this imagination.

To make cash out of these human behaviorsweakness. Witches and Babas play different tricks with people. Steve Huff is the same kind of person. To make sales for his Ghost Box. He do fraudulent, fake videos on YouTube.. Once a buyer bought the product from him, then sooner he will block the buyer.. There are No Refund Service to his products.. He made people to believe that his apps and equipment can able to communicate with spirits.. These technical babas are lot cleverer than thief babas.. He targeted Sushant’s death and playing gamesmaking money out of the emotionsweakness of Indian people. Lot of people were asked him to exhibit his product in public if that is really working., But he never responded to them. For this kind of fraud. People James Randi conducted a 1Million Paranormal Challenge.. He challenged to give 1Million to the people who really communicating with the spiritsShould Proved Scientifically. All entries were failed to prove it.. The challenge started since 1964 to 2015.. There are lot of challenges similar to this.. Kanagana Ranaut is fighting alone to prove sushat’s death is a murder.. She is fighting like a lady legend for the truth and against nepotism. By putting aside all her industry reputation, name and fame., Even though people are asked for CBI investigation, the MH Home Minster said No need of CBI involvement. Bollywood actor. Shekar Suman said that the proofs will be erasedremoved if the investigation is getting delayed.

. Kangana said to police that if they didnt get any proofs from investigation of the Aditya Chopra, Karan, Johar and Mahesh Bhatt, then she is ready to return her Padmasri to the Govt.

Support these kind of legends to fight for the TRUTH, but never get into the trap Of fraudulent babas.