Thank you. So much for tuning in today have probably one of the best sessions I have ever conducted. This is a continuation of the sushant singh rajput video that i released a couple of days ago. I can tell you right now that it’s, absolutely amazing, hopefully it’ll, be able to give some clarity and some closure for the fans across the world. This was absolutely incredible now before we begin. If this is your first time here, what I do is I communicate with spirits using ITC or instrumental transcommunication methods. Basically, this is a way of communicating with spirits using electronic devices like digital recorders scanning radios, my infinity portal. So if this is something that you wanted to sit in, please go ahead and hit that subscribe button and a notification belt, so you could be notified when I do release the next video. So this particular time what I did is I conducted three sessions as I did last time, but I did it a little bit differently. I used the scanning radio to begin with and a lot of the messages that were coming through. I wasn’t really sure if it was the Indian language, so what I did is any particular message that came through that I thought there might be something there. I either put Preston marks if I wasn’t really sure what it said.

What if I had a ballpark idea as far as what it was saying, I would use a software translator to help me decipher what is actually being said, and hopefully I did a good job there.

If I didn’t you’re more than welcome to correct me on that, but I just wanted to leave it there for you all to see in case you want to review it yourself. You can see if there is any of the Indian language in there. The second session absolutely blew me away. I use my in any portal and I don’t believe I ever received such clear direct messages from a spirit, and it was literally like having a back and forth conversation with Rashad. It was absolutely amazing when I reviewed all of the responses. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing so I’m gon na. Ask you kindly if you can watch the whole video from the beginning to the end, because there is a lot of information that comes through and hopefully it’s going to be able to give you closure and a better understanding. As far as of what exactly happened. So with that being said, let’s go ahead and get started. I wish to speak to sing I’m, not sure what language that was there’s a shot. Thank you. I knew what I heard but wasn’t sure what it meant and had to look it up and determine that shweta is an Indian Hindu name for a girl.

I then did a search to see if there was any connection to sushant singh rajput and found out that his sister’s name is Shweta. Was this a spirit guide or perhaps even shushant, mentioning a sister’s name Shweta for a reason? Let’S continue the same voice, Hindi Applause? Yes, Shawn same live bit here.

Can I speak to sushant singh rajput Applause, Music? Believe you shot. Thank You able to speak to you right now. Can we do a session, your your countrymen and women, using it pleasing would need to do a session for you. They want to get some answers as to what happened to you and if there are any spirit guides also they can assist in giving answers. I welcome that also Applause I’m Anne Espiritu here with me right now so shopping you here. Can you speak position wise? You can’t say much, but can you tell me where you are? Are you in a good place? What messages do you have for your fellow countrymen and women of India, I’m gon na try a different way of communicating with you? Is that okay? No! Thank you useful and if you have anything that you can say, sue shaun just before I close this, can you say anything I’m gon na made of language Hindi. I heard something down, not sure if it is you or not, Music, sushant singh rajput that you here with me, increase this a little bit just to make sure I hear you okay, thank you a shunt.

I know towards the end of the session that I just did it with you. I heard what sounded like and that dear I don’t know what that means. It could be Hindi, I’m, not sure it could be a name but that’s. What I heard is the name nadir significant to you.

Yes, who is nadir mr. shunt, your fellow countrymen and women are begging to me. Begging me to do a session with you to hopefully get some answers as far as what happened. I know that you are, you know, possibly in a better place right now, and you may not want to speak about what exactly happened, but if you can give us any information that would help your country, men and women of India get some answers, so they can Have closure is that something that you can do so shunt? Are you here alone, right now or you with a guide or someone else, someone else here with you Music so shot? Can you confirm? Is it possible? You can confirm what happened to you: cause your death Music. What happens to shot? Did someone kill you, sir Shanthi? Yes or no Music sushant singh rajput? Can you confirm? Did someone kill you and do you know the name of the person that killed you Music? How many how many people were involved? Can you give me a number? Please: is there a spirit guide with you right now? Okay, so shunt I’m gon na try something a little different, and hopefully this will help.

You come in a little bit clearer. Okay, can you hold on so shunt sue shaun? Can you say anything in Hindi to your fellow countrymen and women that they will understand that I do not speak the language, so I will not know if anything comes through there’s no way for me to know it.

Could be nothing, it could be something, but do you have? Can you speak in Hindi to your fellow countrymen and women of India? Can you say anything to them right now? Please, Applause! Okay, I’m, not sure if there was any message there, I’m gon na give you one more opportunity and then I’m gon na move on. Can you say anything else in your native language, Hindi, shushant, Music, okay, I’m gon na move on because, like I says, I don’t know the language, so I don’t know if anything is coming through so I’m gon na move on sue shaun. Can you tell me the name of the person that killed you sue shaun? I know I believe. Last time you said that you were not killed at home. Where were you killed mr. shunt? Where were you killed? You think something I’m, not sure there but I’m gon na review.