Today i have a session that i have conducted for the late sushant singh rajput. This is a gentleman that i was not aware of. He was a bollywood actor in india and over the last month i have received an enormous amount of messages from his fans in india and across the world asking for me to do a session for sushant, as his death was a little suspicious, so we’re going to Get to that in just a moment if this is your first time here, what i do is communicate with spirits using itc or instrumental trans communication methods. This is basically using electronic devices like digital recorders scanning radios, my infinity portal, so we cannot only connect and hear spirits but actually record their voice. So if this is something that you are interested in, please go ahead and hit that subscribe button and the notification bell. So you can be notified when i do release future videos. So i conducted three sessions starting about a week ago and i finished the last session today. I use different methods each time so it’s going to sound a little bit different, but i believe i made an excellent connection with sushant and with that being said, let’s go ahead and get started i’m. Looking for sushant singh rajput i’m trying to connect Applause, Music. Ah, sean i’m, just gon na assume you’re here i’m, not i’ve, been getting lots of requests to do a an interview with you.

Can you tell me how you’re doing have you found the light? Sushant Music, you have. Are you in a good place? I knew what i heard but wasn’t sure what patna meant and had to look it up and determined that patna india is where sushant singh rajput was born. This was a great validation that i indeed made contact with. Shushant let’s continue Music sushant. A lot of people want to know Music. If you really did take your own life. Your your fellow countrymen and women of india have been asking me to do a session with you to reach out to you. They want answers. Applause, a lot of people from your country, can’t, believe that you may have taken your own life. Can you give any clarification as to what happened Music? Did you actually do that Music? Is it just you here, Music Applause, okay, i’m, gon na? Let you go for now is that okay be blessed sushant um want to get to the bottom of your death. Some do not believe that you committed suicide. Can you give us any information on what happened? Did you did you commit suicide sushant? So sean? Can you tell me, did you commit Music suicide? Is your death connected to your manager that died a few days prior Music sushant? Do you have any messages for your fans, your millions of fans in india and across the world? Do you have any messages sushant for your fans across the world? What happened i mean you were? There are reports that you were on playstation playing call of duty.

You were having a good time and you were winning what happened? Can you give us any details as to what happened to cause your death Applause? Do you have any messages for your loved ones? Are you in a good place right now? Are you with god? Did you find the light? Okay, sushant. Thank you. If you connected here, if you communicated with me, i’m gon na review this – and i will try again perhaps tomorrow – is that okay, Music, okay, thank you! Shushant god bless hello Applause. Is this you sushant Music. I believe this is the third day that we are speaking.