You have a lot of fans out there. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans now that you have a voice, because this gives you a voice? I’Ve been doing this 10 years, i’ve created this device, and i welcome sushant singh rajput to come through if he wants and speak to his fans. As clearly and effectively as possible his family anyone he would like to speak with. So if you have a message, sue sean feel free to come through. Do you remember how you died Music? Have you made it to the light soushan? Can we connect to sushant, please? I have received an extraordinary amount of requests to attempt a spirit box session, with my astral doorway to try to reach shushant singh rajput famous bollywood actor now i’ll admit right up front i’m, not familiar with sushant’s work, but i am familiar with the fans who have An immense amount of love for this man, i felt the love. I see the love. I read the love and it’s quite amazing when you’re a person who can make that kind of a difference in so many people’s lives that thousands of them reach out to a guy. Like me to ask if i can attempt a spirit box session now, just a reminder – everything i do here is 100 real i’ve been doing this for 10 years, i’ve created and invented devices to do this effectively more clearly to allow spirit to have a voice to Allow spirit to be more direct and more clear.

This is what i do. This is my life, so any of you who stumbled upon this wondering if it’s real, yes, it is real. I believe in love. I always say: love is the key. You have so many fans who love you. I have been getting non. Stop emails non, stop messages, pleading with me to try this to try to reach you on the other side and it’s hard for me, because i i did not follow your work, so i have no connection to you, but i have a connection to spirits and since You’Re on that side, now, since you’re on that side, now i do have a connection with you. The connection is love we’re, all human i’m, connected to that side.