In the flat officer, Samson glass booth and he was killed on 13 June 30. 2008 cannot be denied by any person on this earth. First of all, there is no clue where was react worthy on 13 June 2020. Okay, the CCTV camera were not working, they were rendered inoperative. These are all in a part of the crime to kill sushant singh rajput, the duplicate keys of flat of Sesana singh rajput we’re in custody of maria Chakravarthy and we’re missing. They were told to be missing, not actually missing. It was in the hands of the criminals and on 13th June 2020 there was a party at night in the flat of sushant singh rajput there’s, no clue at all who came in who went out of the flat on 13th of June it. There is no clue who attended the party at night in the flat of the sun singh rajput there’s, no clue what was served in the party. There is no clue whether alcohol was given or some possibly some kind of drug was given to sushant singh rajput, so that his loses his a strength. It mental distress, his physical strength to fight against the salt which he was subjected to to kill him in the. It is very apparent that after the party sushant singh rajput was killed by a strangulation in the night of 13th june itself.

There is no evidence of so something was booth being killed on 14th of June 2020.

There is no evidence. There is no evidence on which one can declare that sushant singh rajput was alive till 11 o’clock in the afternoon, not at all. He was killed on 13th June night before the strangulation, so Saeng single output was was brutally assaulted. In the night of 13th June 2020, his dead bodies were shows following injuries, a brutal assault on his body and which took place on the night of June 13th, and these injuries are assault injuries and how can the police or the media or who Sullivan says there Was no injuries on his body. First of all, there is a black eye due to punch on his left eye by a right handed criminal it and it can be visible in all the photographs of his dead body and at the end of this video I can present that photo with a black Eye of his left eye, it takes 18 to 20 hours to develop a new black re after a heavy punch, so it was not developed on 14th of June it was developed at least 20 hours before the photography of his dead body. So it has to be done. On 13 June night second injury, there has been a strangled strangulation, injury on his neck about 18 centimeters long and 1.57 centimeter in width and about 1 and 12 inches below the upper end of his neck.

It is not just at the upper end of net but 1.5 inches below his and below the upper end of the neck running horizontally.

It’S, not you know my inclined towards the back of the ear Oh upper neck at all. It ends sharply at the middle of the left side of his neck, the upper end and the lower margin, the upper soil, the upper and the lower margins are very sharp as if so something like food is strangulated. With an iron rod of 1 point 2 centimeter. One point 5 centimeter in diameter. There is no ligature mark at all at any side of his ligature mark at all at any side of his neck. There is a round mark which is 1.5 inches below, so the ligature mark cannot be below the yes sorry. The luggage remark cannot be below the strangulation mark. Never it cannot happen. The rope that in not on the Rope, has to be alligator on the Rope has to be at the level of the rope. It cannot jump 1.5 inches lower. There is no, then there is no intact skin interrupting the entire length of the strangulation injuries. In case of hanging, there is rupture of his skin, interrupted by hemorrhaging injuries due to shearing force of the weight of the hanging of the body. Sushant singh rajput was not murdered by hanging. He was murdered by a strangulation by using great force from front the surface of the strangulation.

Injury is purple purplish red throughout its length and it is furrowed deep below the surface of the escape and there is a marked edema that is called swelling due to a strangulation.

You know slightly Dima on the face of something put. This purple red coloration of his generation in Judy must have taken 18 to 20 hours, at least to damla, so it was done. Astrogation was done in the night of 13th June 2020. Definitely no doctor, no pathologist. No Judas parent expert in deny this fact number three. There has been a very conspicuous round black color injury mark two point: five centimeter in diameter about one point: five centimeter below the left end of the strangulation injury mark at the middle of the left side of his neck is here. It is due to blunt injury by hard blunt rods end or some blunt object. Black coloration again, the black coloration has been sari, has taken at least eighteen to twenty hours to develop, so these marks are produced by injuries and at least eighteen to twenty hours. Prior to photography of the dead body, it has to be on 13th June 25 right right or maybe why it takes 18 to 20 hours for the black color or the purple color to develop in any injuries. Now I am giving you a pathological evidence, but the logical fact which no one can deny no sign. There is no scientific ground to the light due to injuries with severe force of a salt.

These blackest purplish red coloration of injuries develop after fine capillaries, are damaged red blood cells whose out and get extravasated in the tissue around in due course of time.

These red blood cells regenerate and get disintegrated they break down and after breaking down the hemoglobin part of the red blood cells, it has got Aaron and he molecule him is protein and RM is a metal. This iron metal turns takes its black coloration, and this iron molecules, I know, give black coloration to the tissue, the black pigmentation black coloration of the injury marks. So all we do this RN particle after disintegration of the red blood cells, where less number of red cells are extravasated in the tissue that the coloration of the injury will be purplish red. It takes again, it will take 18 to 20 hours for his skin injuries. To turn to black order treatment, then number 4 black eye of left are the stagnation, injury of the neck and the black injury below the strangulation. Injury on the left side of the neck are severe injuries by brutal assaults on 13th June at night. They are not caused by you know, hanging to three hours of Y now hanging for two three hours on 14th June 2020. Moreover, there is a big bruise of three centimeters in length on the right four of sushant singh rajput on the medial side of the forearm. A linear one developed due to resistance raised by sushant singh rajput against his killing just before his mother in the night of 13.

So then these four visible injuries mark and there may be more injuring mark under his shirt, which we have got no clue number six.

The photographs of face of the dead body of suzanne singh rajput revealed that his sharp features is very important. Point. Please enough attention to this sign of findings that the photographs of the face of the dead body of society Rajput has lost its. You know sharpness of his features. His very conspicuous you know features they are totally blurred out. The face has lost his original configuration with a long period of you know, time having been elapsed between his death and the photography. You know what happens after death that the tenth official muscles and the soft tissue of his face have lost its toes and texture due to degenerative changes of a very long time which elapsed between its death and photography. So it was not. You know when somebody dies in two three days to three sunny in two three hours. His facial features don’t change at all, so this body is an old one and the tissues have developed mark recent relatives changes the facial muscles and the fibrous tissue after committing water. The criminals use so once they have killed him so after killing him these killers, these criminals have used the mobile phone of sushant singh rajput to make two calls one to rhea, chakraborty and unto himself to absolve himself from the crime by proving that they were not At the site of the crime – and they had not flew and to show that sushant singh rajput was alive at 12, o clock at midnight.

You know, and this police has not taken fingerprints of the mobile of the son singh rajput on in the sari. On the 14th June 2020, there is no clue they have their. Their fingerprints have not been taken from the mobile of the sons in that booth. So these are the you know, events which took place in the flat or so son singh rajput. In the night of 13th June 2020, he was killed.