The criminals have played video games using mobile phone of sushant singh rajput to prove to raise a false defense that so far so sansa glass booth was alive at 815 m or 14th June 2020, which he was not. They killed him already that the criminals have used. Google account of sushant singh rajput to confirm about his death in the body at maybe 1030. They have tried to know if his death has come in to record on Google. So again they have used his mobile after his death. Then these activities prove that the killers the criminals were in the flat and we’re in hold of the mobile of sun synchronous, after that the criminals bring the dead body of so sauntering booth in a small room and hand him by his neck to the motor of The ceiling fan they have called sister of sushant singh rajput and informed her that that there is no answer to the knock at the door at eleven a m and waited for her life. You know the servants Sandeep Singh and Mahesh city who were supposed to be present on in the flat on 13th night 13th June in the night, and they are present in the morning of 14th June as well.

They took know in incentive to break the door by calling the neighbours, the police or ambulance. The criminals have raised no alarms because they kill him in the previous night. So there was no urgency so invited after sister said after the sister of sera sushant singh rajput arrived, the criminals call a key maker to make a pretension that they had no hold of the key, which was already in their position.

The key maker opens the computerized lock of the doll in few minutes by use of the duplicate key, which have been in the position of REO chakra, see herself. After opening the door in front of this sister of Sol Sol singh rajput, the criminals immediately cut the green colored kurta, by which the killers had hanged the body the dead body of Suzanne sing gospel. They their intention, then sunny they intentionally did not take photographs of the way the dead body of sushant singh rajput was made to hang by the ceiling fan, especially intentionally they avoided taking photograph the servants, Sandeep Singh and Mahesh city, destroyed the evidence of impossibilities of committing Suicide by hanging off his so son, SIGGRAPH, Rajput six feet tall body plus six inches added by dropping off his feet, down waddling within the distance from the bed to the ceiling fan. That itself is six feet, so there was no evidence they and there was no. In the room, there were no evidence of any suicidal note. There was no stool to climb and commit suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling of the fan.

These two, you know evidences, they are not fun at all. After the dead body of Suzanne, singeth booth was put flat on the bed. They call the police police takes photographs. The killers give false statement to the police. Natsu san singh rajput went for walk at 8 a.m. and came back and asked for a glass of pomegranate juice.

They say is total lie. These criminals say same as Suzanne sing. Raj would ask them. What are they going to cook for lunch, so they must have already told sushant singh rajput what the menu was for lunch and according to them after knowing the menu he locked himself in the room and locked from the inside, which is a total lie. This is a very important thing here that Susanne Singh that booth was not hanged in his bedroom because his dog named as fudge, was present in the bedroom and if they locked him in another room, possibly he would have started barking because he was always accompanied with So, science, English food in his bedroom, we have seen the videos, the intimate I know affection. He had for his in a pet. The same criminal have made further contradictory and inconsistent a statement to the police that and even in media, that at eleven a m they knocked at the door of the room in which Susanne Singh was supposed to be to ask you something: Rajput that what they would Like what sushant singh rajput would like them to cook for lunch, when already so sun singh rajput, as they say, had asked the menu, and i knew what they were going to cook for lunch, how they were knocking at his door at eleven o’clock to ask him At what they were going to cook for the lunch it’s, a total lie: it’s a total lie.

They are trying to raise false defence. He was a life in the morning till 11 o’clock, which is total life. The photograph of the room is Sol and during the photography is so that a medicine box was kept on self in a corner in that small room, and there was nothing in the room how the room there was. Nothing is just a medicine box. All the cupboards were empty and in the room was very a small room. It was not his own bedroom, his bedroom. We have seen in so many videos very big bedroom and where he kept his a very big instrument for his a tsunami, the telescope, I’m. Sorry and it brand new in that medicine box the criminals, they have used their brain and put a strip of a new brand new strip of antidepressant turrets and may they have made it protrude from the box like this. This is ester rotating out of the medicine box. Not even a single tablet has been consumed, so they have done it to raise a false defense by trying to prove that Susanna Clarke, Ruth was suffering from depression and he was taking medicine. The question is why the medicine box was not in his back or bedroom. Why not? A single tablet were consumed by Suzanne sickness pool. No documents have been seized all recorded to show that Suzanne Singapore suffered from mental depression, not in his Diaries. There is any mention of his mental depression and a person no suicidal note was found.

So science, English booth wrote his Diaries regularly. He would have definitely written a suicide note saying he was going to end his life and nobody’s and nobody is responsible for it. The entire room was a spic and span tidy. The covers were totally empty. The it shows that the room was an empty room, a sparrow which was used by the criminals to hang his dead body and to avoid the dog they have not had him in his bedroom further then so. Sun singh rajput has directed the body to be taken to Cooper’s Hospital where they can easily get you no report of a suicide committed by sushant singh rajput, and I know they will never be caught off. The murder of Suzanne sing gospel once the Cooper hospital declared. So son singh rajput is dead due to asphyxia the entire media declare it society. The hizmet and his whole clan went on record leveling sushant singh rajput as a case of paranoid schizophrenia like that of Parisian burrito for the first time such a derogatory, false and baseless started making rounds on mass scale. It was also because the two servants Sandeep Singh Mahesh Sethi and sister of sushant singh rajput, reduce a punch, nama and signed it and handed over to the police as evidence of being witnesses of hanging dead body or so something wrathful by the ceiling fan on 14 June in his flat, so this punchy nama on the basis of dysfunction Amma, the police declared a case of suicide.

Otherwise, even this punchy Dhamma is not a cogent evidence that there is a conspiracy to raise punch nama, why the photograph of the hanging body was not taken because it was not possible to commit suicide. You know, without you know, any without sorry, it’s not possible. To hang, I know himself by sushant singh rajput by the motor of the fan, which was just six feet above the bed. Sandeep says started giving a statements without any quarterly legal evidence to mislead the people by telling them in media that sushant singh rajput ended his life at his own will, due to mental depression, why he did not mention before he his his death and did sushant singh Rajput tell him in his ear that i am ending my life at my own will and that you are not my killer, it’s just nonsense. Without any legal authority, Sandeep Singh has started interacting with police to mislead the investigation and alter the facts who he was. He was not a family member. The foolish white police chose him to you know, interact with Sushant Singh related to to find the facts related to the death of sushant singh rajput, so the police and sushant singh rajput they both were in conspiracy. Sandeep Singh also has started interacting with Cooper hospital to sabotage the post mortem proceeding, and he was the witness of post mortem proceeding who or who gave him this Authority. He can’t do it on his own.

He was not the owner of his dead body, no way how come he was became the owner of his dead body. Where was reaiiy hiding and where was you know? Why RIA had no access to that confidential documents of Suzanne sing gospel, so silencing had access to the most confidential documents, also son Singh glass booth, which he has handed over to the police? He has admitted it in that interview which he has got. I don’t done to clean his face. He has said that he has provided police his passport, his ad hoc on his bank card, and it was he who declared the you know confidential four numbers of sustain so son singh rajput, and that is the reason he was repeatedly changing his four numbers.