You can have laughter chosen to laugh a very big uh, a very positive way, looking at all this trump had and you’ve had many more when you look around at the anger that they’re currently, especially after Music, what’s right, you know with that, you know. Firstly, i think this lockdown has been very tough on people it’s made all of us confront our worst fears, our demons and um. You know sometimes it’s not easy. That process is very difficult. It. It it’s not easy to accept yourself or your life and um it’s. Almost like an extended department, you know – and i think therefore there’s been a lot of all – that people may have probably just brushed under the carpet. Can’T can’t be ignored anymore, so i think with sushant singh passing away. You know people probably people who felt wronged people who felt neglected, ignored whatever i think it was like they felt. I think there was a sense of identification with him right now. The point is rightly or wrongly, we do not know, because we never know why he took the step he did and i think in my personal opinion, i believe that you know to show respect is to actually keep quiet because you never know to speculate. Is people can come up with all sorts of theories? You know, so i think that’s unfair to him more than anyone else and to his loved ones, who really are probably grieving.

You know, but i think it’s. Maybe this lockdown has just been very tough on people. Having said that, you know: i’ve had um, i’ve had i’ve been through ups and downs, but i think that’s life kaviri and you know um, so i i don’t feel that to each his own but i’m of the opinion that you know if, for example, um i’ve Had all sorts of experiences in the industry um i’m – not saying nepotism does not exist. Of course it is a reality, but let’s not forget. The nepotism is not um the preserve of uh, the film industry, yeah that’s, how that’s how it happens in life. You know, but having said that, i didn’t let any of that stand in the way of me doing what i’m doing or living my dream and i feel very blessed. I think you know, but everyone is different, so i think that’s, where the anger is coming from. All the past rejections and maybe failures, and all of that has just shown up in a really um in a really maybe in a way that people are unable to ignore anymore yeah. This is a moment in history. When uh the industry needs to take stock of the way its power is structured. You know, that’s, i feel that’s the truth about life. You know when someone has a lot of power. Invariably, at some point that power structure will crumble and give way to a new power structure until that also gets corrupted is unable to deal with its power, and then that is replaced by something else.

So maybe this is that one time but um you know, i don’t think that it’s that one definitive moment – or it is a tumultuous moment the world over. It is a tomatoes time the world over and the industry is part of that. So i don’t think it’s just it’s just that here, it’s all very public – and you know public figures are choosing to speak about. You know their whatever their opinions are they’re voicing their opinions uh vociferously, and you know, which is why it’s, but no one can be blamed if someone decides to take their own life really yeah. You know i just feel like let him really rest in peace here. They’Re delivering such humongous hits. I mean, i think everybody has. You know uh the right to a little slack time, but i don’t think that flag time was ever given to you. So did you feel sometimes that uh that people were just being uh cruel as they are now i used to feel that uh early on in my career uh, you know maybe around 2007 8, when i faced that kind of uh criticism for the first time, but Not anymore, i just feel like um, you know i i i feel i process what you say the way i want to, depending on what i’ve been through, depending on what i’m going i’m going to. Similarly, your the way, you’re reacting, also comes from what stage you are in right in life.