Welcome back to the channel. Please do subscribe for more fpv reviews coming up and if you want to check me out on patreon that would be super awesome. Christmas is coming up and i need some more help on the channel, but today, we’re gon na fly this the eachine shadow fiend, four inch […]

Gear for FPV Drone Pilots – 12 Things You Can Use To Have More Fun Flying!

A lot of these apply to camera drones, but all of them apply to fpv drones and that’s. More of the focus of this video, these are accessories that i have recently discovered to be very, very helpful, and hopefully they will be helpful for you as well, so stay tuned and we’ll check them […]

Speed Dial EP 21 – Jerry Calverley

This is episode number 21. After um. I guess i started doing this this summer. I counted them all up. I was like wow that’s that’s, quite amazing and it’s, going to be a good one, because tonight i have jerry calverly from the drone interest group out of mesquite texas. Also, you know a […]

iFlight Alpha A85 – Digital FPV For Beginners

So if you like, drones, quads and other rc stuff be sure to hit the subscribe button and check it all out. What i have here is the iflight alpha a85 i’ve actually already got it all set up, but i thought i’d pull it out of the box. Nonetheless, it is a little whoop […]

DJI Drone Comparison – A Beginner Guide To DJI Consumer Camera Drones

I want to take you through their current lineup and tell you the pros and cons of each one at a very high level and help you make a good decision so stay tuned. So if you’re new to the channel, i hope you will hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so you’ll […]

4″ LONG RANGE QUAD SHOOTOUT!!! – Flywoo, Chimera4, Baby Croc, & ROMA F4 – Compare & Review 🏁

We are going to do the four inch long range under 250 g, quad shootout, and i know a lot of you guys have been asking for this, but i’ve been testing each of these quads in different scenarios. This year and we’ve been doing some long range with my tbs crossfire tango 2 antenna […]

DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo Unboxing

So before we get started, i want to say thanks for watching and if you like drones, you should really consider subscribing to ready set drone, because we cover a lot of camera drones, fpv, drones, toy drones and other fun, rc stuff, so let’s get into it. This is the mini 2 combo pack, […]

Global Fly In With Oz By Drone

Everyone welcome to us by drone i’m greg he’s, not john in fact, he’s currently frozen. Not you not you kelly! So kelly’s sitting in the coho spot today, john’s running everything happened at the same time this morning. So john had something come up, so we said kelly let’s get you on screen. It […]

BEST 4″ LONG RANGE? – Diatone ROMA F4 LR under 250g Drone – REVIEW & FLIGHTS

It is brand new. It comes in around the 300 mark we’re going to test it with a lipo on here, a 4s 850 as well as a nice long range battery on there from gap, rc it’s, the 4sp 3000 milliamp. It should get me up where it’s 20 minutes flight time on this […]

MOST DURABLE! – iFlight Chimera Long Range Fpv Quad – REVIEW, CRASHES, & FLIGHTS

It is a unibody four inch, long bed original style x, frame with around five four to five millimeter bottom plate. It is pretty beasty, it is the thickest of the bunch uh as far as your bottom plate and your arms go it’s the heaviest out of the bunch all the ones i’ve tested, […]