Welcome back to the channel. Please do subscribe for more fpv reviews coming up and if you want to check me out on patreon that would be super awesome. Christmas is coming up and i need some more help on the channel, but today, we’re gon na fly this the eachine shadow fiend, four inch […]

$99 SKYZONE Atomrc Dolphin! – Long Range Fpv Wing – REVIEW & FLIGHTS 🏆

Today i have a new plane here. This is an fpv race, wing or medium range cruiser. You could call it a long range cruiser if you want to add a flight controller and gps in this one. It is running a very similar setup to a lot of our five inch race quads. We […]

Gear for FPV Drone Pilots – 12 Things You Can Use To Have More Fun Flying!

A lot of these apply to camera drones, but all of them apply to fpv drones and that’s. More of the focus of this video, these are accessories that i have recently discovered to be very, very helpful, and hopefully they will be helpful for you as well, so stay tuned and we’ll check them […]

iFlight Alpha A85 – Digital FPV For Beginners

So if you like, drones, quads and other rc stuff be sure to hit the subscribe button and check it all out. What i have here is the iflight alpha a85 i’ve actually already got it all set up, but i thought i’d pull it out of the box. Nonetheless, it is a little whoop […]


This is an ultra durable cinewoop, with a different design than you’ve ever seen before on the ducks. These are very shallow ducks i’m, not even sure that i can classify this as a cinewoop, but it has very shallow ducts and it looks to be like polycarbonate on here. They are plastic, molded all […]

RL R10 Two Armed Folding Camera Drone Flight Test Review

The jeff jeff was first to say first in one of my recent videos and that’s. What is the shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review. Another neat new drone. This is the rlr 10 drone. What is the rl r 10 drum? This is an oddball one. Folks uh, […]

$175 low cost 4K Drone – MJX Bugs 12 EIS is not bad for your first drone! 🏆

After that, here we go has to be one of the best values out there right now. In 175, you get 4k 3840 electronic stabilized video 50x digital zoom, ground, sensors, gps maps, all kinds of modes 5g, wi fi video in here, making it a lot more reliable. We have folding props on here […]

DJI Drone Comparison – A Beginner Guide To DJI Consumer Camera Drones

I want to take you through their current lineup and tell you the pros and cons of each one at a very high level and help you make a good decision so stay tuned. So if you’re new to the channel, i hope you will hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so you’ll […]

BetaFPV FPV Whoop Racing Starter Kit 2 Flight Test Review

So congratulations good morning, quietcopter101 here with a neat review of something neat. I’Ve i’ve been actually having a good time with this down in my basement, this is a lot of fun. This one uh this is from beta fpv. This is the beta fpv beta 65s light ready to go fpv kit with […]

ULTIMATE COMBO! – DJI Eachine Cvatar HD 3″ Cinewhoop – REVIEW & FLIGHTS

You can’t tell from the field out here, but you can tell by the clouds that are up there. We have some serious clouds up there right now. This is like the only spot on the radar that had an opening for me to fly today. Everything portland vancouver everywhere, is just covered in rain […]