Williams Racing, Formula 1, Claire Williams, Frank Williams, Italian Grand Prix y Quit F1

It has been confirmed this morning that claire williams will step down as deputy team principal of the team after this weekend’s italian grand prix, but more importantly than that, this weekend’s race at monza will be the final race for the williams family in formula one. The end of an era now in case […]

Belgian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz Jr., Formula 1, McLaren, Belgium wis Hamilton Asked "Will You Boycott Spa?"

His brutality on thursday lewis hamilton was asked if he was looking to boycott the belgian grand prix. This is something that we’ve seen athletes doing. Um, the article drop link below from motorsport.com mentions naomi osaka, but last night we also saw the um marlins and the mets uh go out onto the field […]

Formula 1, Bahrain International Circuit, Racing MI EQUIPO DE F1 2020 #47 | NOS INVITAN A PROBAR UN COCHE CAMPEÓN WILLIAMS FW14B | BRASIL | TEMP 2

No nos est, poniendo las cosas, nada pero que nada fcil es por otro lado me alegro, porque, si no llegaramos muy pronto, a la lite de la frmula, 1 y sin, lugar, a dudas mercedes es un gran equipo y est, mejorando muy bien el coche y hay Que ponerse las pilas y estas […]

Formula 1, Bahrain International Circuit, Racing Manama‎, Bahrain

The 2004 grand prix was the first held in the middle east, beginning in 2006, australian v8 supercars raced at the pick with the event known as the desert 400.. However, the v8 supercars did not return for the 2011 v8 supercar season 24 hour. Endurance, races are also hosted at pic. The circuit has […]

Formula 1, Bahrain International Circuit, Racing firms Turkey, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi in 2020 F1 Calendar!

Please um. We have goal confirmation by looks for things of a final formula, one calendar we’re, looking at 17 races which well, if you haven’t, said that a few months ago, you still wouldn’t, have believed it, and especially with the additions that we’ve seen today. Of course, we see the double header in […]

Lando Norris, McLaren, Belgian Grand Prix, Formula 1, Belgium : Hamilton beats Bottas to pole by 0.5s

Pod 1 just enter and still 1 beer float. Scooters 2 die lover lover to users to stand on. You were x over and on 3 2 mein teil 50cm deep experience, gf lsr top note: 2i wade, hampm sleepers d, 3, 4, 5 m spoon person, p power, ot usd 9 celeste band percent, […]

Lando Norris, McLaren, Belgian Grand Prix, Formula 1, Belgium 2020 Belgian Grand Prix Red Bull Honda Press Conference

Good to see you max, i feel we should start with you, belgium, grand prix in previous years. Lots of your fans lining this track, just how does it feel coming here? Knowing that they’re not going to be here yeah well, i mean, of course, it’s a shame that you know they’re not around […]

Mugello Circuit, Formula 1, Scuderia Ferrari, Racing 2020 Formula 1 Calendar Confirmed!!

Well now we have completed the 2020 formula, one season by adding three tracks and four races to finish a very quirky 70th anniversary race. In the 2020 formula, one season of course admits of the corvette 19 pandemic, which canceled postponed basically switched around the entire season. We started off in austria with a […]

Mugello Circuit, Formula 1, Scuderia Ferrari, Racing 'Klokkenluider Ferrari tipt FIA over motorafstellingen concurrenten' | GPFans News Special #10

In de comments, hieronder en vergeet ook zeker niet te abonneren, dit kanaal ferrari, heeft de via getipt om de krachtbronnen van andere, leveranciers te onderzoeken zo meldt de jets, 13 de strenge controles op het gebruik van het, eren systeem, zal, voor onze, medium de meeste impact op. Honda gaan hebben, het team van […]

Mugello Circuit, Formula 1, Scuderia Ferrari, Racing 2020: CAMBIO PILOTA e BOTTO al PRIMO GIRO

Premio di silverstone ma poi successo questo via kyoto, contratto scaduto, il team principal noi, gliela voluto, rinnovare, abbiamo, preso mix, schumacher sia, perch, lumache, remix, schumacher, stanno, veramente bene come coppia eppure per una scelta diciamo di ripiego, il classico traghettamento il motivo presto; detto v8. Si prendeva due milioni e mezzo e ha […]