DJI Drone Comparison – A Beginner Guide To DJI Consumer Camera Drones

I want to take you through their current lineup and tell you the pros and cons of each one at a very high level and help you make a good decision so stay tuned. So if you’re new to the channel, i hope you will hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so you’ll […]

Global Fly In With Oz By Drone

Everyone welcome to us by drone i’m greg he’s, not john in fact, he’s currently frozen. Not you not you kelly! So kelly’s sitting in the coho spot today, john’s running everything happened at the same time this morning. So john had something come up, so we said kelly let’s get you on screen. It […]

First Friday – November 6, 2020

I actually had the 2nd of november in there and bud pointed that out to me. Thank you bud for uh, letting me know. I think i think the last program had been on october, 2nd and so therefore um. I had used that as a template, and it said second but it’s november, 6th […]