I don’t really usually like using profanity on this channel, but i guess i kind of have to because it’s actually sort of the topic i want to talk about. You’Ve probably been seeing this story in the media, but it’s not really the story itself that i want to talk about and, like i said before, this is not really like a political channel. I don’t like talking about democrats or trump or republicans or aoc or whoever you know, that’s kind of a men’s rights channel. What i want to talk about is the reaction to this whole story and specifically the word bitch and the way a lot of the media has been kind of presenting it as misogynistic and sexist, because it’s sexist for a man to call a woman, a bitch. To me, i’ve noticed there’s kind of like a double standard here when it comes to words that we use for women and words that we use for men and what’s considered offensive. The word bitch and also the word. Cunt are kind of considered like these sexist words, because they’re, like these words against women and they’re, like these words, used to offend women in a sexist kind of way. But no one ever really stops to think about the fact that the word dick or the word prick.

Those are words that are used to insult men. Those are kind of specifically male insults, calling a man a dick but that’s not really seen as sexist or offensive it’s, like kind of two different rules for the different words, and when you think about it, people say that cunts is sexist, because it’s, basically it’s a Derogatory and kind of an ugly term for the female anatomy and it’s turning that into an insult.

But what is the word dick isn’t? That kind of doing exactly the same thing, so it’s kind of like two different rules for men and women and words that you’re allowed to use, especially as the words bitch and cunt, are sometimes used towards men as well in australia. In fact, the word cunt is almost considered a completely different word than it is in the united states and it’s not really considered offensive in the same kind of way. I think in general, too there’s just a difference in the way that you can talk to a man and the difference in a way you can talk to a woman like what people would considered rude or hostile or aggressive it’s like two different standards. So if you’re like let’s, say you’re kind of yelling at someone because um they almost hit you with their car in the parking lot or um, you know you’re just kind of correcting someone who made a mistake. The way people perceive talking to a woman is different than the way people perceive talking to a man.

I think people are much harsher on men uh when it comes to like how you’re allowed to talk to a man how you’re allowed to criticize a man. You know how angry you’re allowed to get in a man for whatever reason, whereas when people see someone say the same thing to a woman, they have kind of a different reaction to it and i think the way we have different rules for words such as bitch And cunt and dick are examples of that: um it’s an example of how we have these different standards when the same thing or a similar thing happens to men versus women.

So i actually do think again. I don’t want to make this a political channel. So i’m, really not going to talk about the story with aoc and yoho.