Sparking demands for an apology and official action against the crude lawmaker. According to a reporter from the hill who overheard the exchange, reptio arfla confronted ocasio cortez d n.y outside the capital in between votes monday and called her to the power up for suggesting that a recent spike in new york city crime could be attributed to hungry parents. Shoplifting food for their families, ocasio cortez, reportedly fired back by calling yo ho rude in bch yoho was then overheard saying as he walked off ocasio cortez apparently didn’t hear yoho’s defensive remark, but she punched back at him in a string of tweets tuesday. I never spoke to rep yo ho before he decided to accost me on the steps of the nation’s capital. Yesterday she wrote believe it or not. I usually get along fine with my gop colleagues. We know how to check our legislative sparring at the committee door, but hey bs gets stuff done. Ocasio cortez’s democratic colleagues backed her up and demanded a formal apology from yoho. Mr yoho owes not only the congresswoman an apology, but also an apology on the floor of the house of representatives house majority leader, steny hoyer dmd, told reporters. We need to pursue this kind of conduct and make it very clear. It is unacceptable. It was the act of a bully, hoyer didn’t rule out official reprimands against yoho bottom line. I think it was despicable conduct that need to be sanctioned.

He said hoyer did not say precisely how to punish yoho, but among the options is a formal censure vote on the floor.

A spokesman for yoho did not return a request for comment on tuesday. In this march, 28 2017 photo rip tajioho. Our flaw leaves a closed door strategy session at the capitol in this march, 28 2017 photo reptag yoho. Our flaw leaves a closed door strategy session at the capitol j scott applewhite ap rap, roger williams. R texas was with yoho when he verbally attacked ocasio cortez, but the texas republican claims he didn’t hear what the beef was about. I was actually thinking as i was walking down the stairs. I was thinking about some issues. I’Ve got in my district that need to get done. Williams told the hill. I don’t know what their topic was: there’s, always a topic isn’t there ocasio cortez said williams had actually joined jojo and shouting at her what’s wild. To me, roger williams, is why would you blatantly lie to a reporter who saw this exchange? You were yelling at me too about throwing urine ocasio cortez tweeted at the congressman, a spokeswoman for ocasio cortez declined to comment on what the context was of william’s alleged remarks about urine. A representative for williams did not return a request for comment. A number of occasio corteses male colleagues wondered why yo ho has never accosted them in similar ways. I have suggested the same thing that aoc has poverty and unemployment led to crime.

Tweeted rep, ruben gallego diaries, weird neither yoho or any other member has ever talked to me.

That way. Michael mcauliffe is a dc based stringer for the daily news covering politics.