He called her a fucking bitch. Apparently he called her crazy and disgusting. He took to the floor okay, and – and this is what he said – okay, this is what he said. Mr speaker, i stand before you this morning to address the strife i injected into the already contentious congress. I have worked with many members in this chamber over the past four terms, members on both sides of the aisle, and each of you know that i’m, a man of my word. So let me take a moment to address this body. I rise to apologize for the abrupt manner of the conversation i have with my colleague from new york. It is true that we disagree on policies and visions for america, but that does not mean we should be disrespectful. Having been married for 45 years with two daughters, i’m, very cognizant of my language, the offensive name calling words attributed to me by the press were never spoken to my colleagues and if they were construed that way, i apologize for their misunderstanding. As my colleagues know, i’m passionate about those affected by poverty, my wife carolyn and i started out together at the age of 19, with nothing. We did odd jobs and we were on food stamps. I know the face of poverty and for a time it was mine. That is why i know people in this country can still, with all its faults, rise up and succeed and not be encouraged to break the law.

I will commit to each of you that i will conduct myself from a place of passion and understanding that policy and political disagreement be vigorously debated, with the knowledge that we approach the problems facing our nation with the betterment of the country in mind and the people. We serve, i cannot apologize for my passion or for loving, my god, my family and my country. I yield back. What does god have to do with this anyway? Aoc then said this okay. She says he he does not apologize or name any actions. He did. He does not accept responsibility, he lies. This was not a quote, unquote conversation, it was a verbal assault and he also distracts by making it about poverty and says everyone else is wrong and the incident never happened. This is not an apology, oh and on top of it he didn’t even say my name now. Listen, let me get tell you guys something: okay, i’ll give her that i’ll give her that it’s, not an apology, that’s that’s, not an apology. I, what i find what i find so funny about this entire encounter, is that you have these lawmakers. These politicians, who walk around all day, who struck they strut around. These are lovely halls of congress. Yes, in their nice suits, their five thousand dollar suits. Ten thousand dollar suits their expensive, uh haircuts, you know all the jazz and they pretend to be civil to one another and civil in their discourse, while they’re bombing people, while they’re attacking people abroad, while they’re launching a war on drugs, while they’re putting african americans in Jail while they’re trampling all over your privacy and your fourth amendment and your first amendment, while they’re approving these disgusting budgets for uh law enforcement to buy paramilitarized gear to come and crack your skulls with, while they’re, giving the military 700 plus billion dollars.

While they’re giving away trillions of dollars away to people who don’t need it to the oligarchs to the corporations, while they deny you what’s yours, but how dare you say, fucking bitch? How dare you curse? We would never do such a thing in this establishment. Oh i’m. Mortified that’s what’s so interesting about politics right. These are the most disgusting thugs, the lowest of the low vermin, scum murderers, war, criminals and they’re offended by a few cuss words. I mean if this is not irony, i don’t know what is i don’t know what is, and so i think i summarize this quite eloquently, if i may say so. The united states congress is the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, murder, thuggery corruption and imperialist aggression. Yet calling someone a bitch, apparently deviates so much from their usual gentlemanly conduct that one is left absolutely mortified Laughter, i mean you have to admit this is this? Is some peak irony right here? Is it not? You know what this reminds me of one time in the house of commons. You had, i can’t remember this guy’s name uh, which mp he was. He was an older gentleman right and he he goes out and and calls david cameron who was the the prime minister at the time. He calls him dodgy dave. So for those who don’t know what dodgy means in the in in the u.s dodgy is kind of. Like shady all right – and he calls him dodgy dave and he got kicked out, they ejected him from the chamber.

I think this uh, the speaker was john burko and um yeah. It was john barco at the time and he told him are you gon na apologize? Do you take it back and he’s like no don’t, you dave, he said. Okay out, i mean like for the simplest, the simplest, the mildest insult that was too much. He crossed the line. I had to kick him out. I mean it’s, just so ridiculous. Watching politicians be offended by by cuss words. Meanwhile, they screw over people on a daily basis and rob them and kill them. Is it dennis dennis skinner that was him yeah i don’t know but go watch. It go, look up the clip it. I think it was dennis skinner yeah, you know it’s, just like the mafia. It really is like the mafia they put on these nice pinstripe suits, they buy the best shoes, they got the nice hats and then they go and blow people’s brains out and talk politely to you while they threaten your life, how nice, how nice? But you know this is the same thing that you see in american culture right. You see this on tv as well, where they’ll glorify violence, they’ll uh play movies in front of kids, where people are blowing each other’s brains out and they’re brainwashing you into going off and joining the military. So you can fight for uncle sam glorifying war and and killing and everything. But if you cause, oh, oh, you said what you said: god damn turn the television off you’re grounded it’s such a funny it’s such a funny double standard.

It really is. It really is and it’s the same with people who talk about politics as well: we’re, not just talking about the politicians here, it’s the same with pundits right on mainstream media, independent media everywhere, they’re always trying to dress up nice, they’re, always trying to put on suits And blazers, and and avoid cussing and make it family friendly, motherfucker there’s; no, nothing family friendly about genocide, there’s nothing, family friendly about you bombing, the crap out of the middle east, there’s, nothing, okay about the shit! Why are you trying to sugarcoat murder? Why are you trying to sugarcoat genocide, there’s, nothing, nice about this whatsoever, there’s no need for you to dress up in a suit. There’S, no need for you to avoid explicit words. There’S no need for you to avoid cursing. You should be cursing. You should be angry if you are not there’s something wrong with you, because either you are complicit or you’re desensitized or both. How can you not be angry when you’re talking about this stuff, it’s, really a weird paradox right, seeing this all across the board: mainstream media independent media, they they all try to appear professional and and we we must avoid these expertise, thereby speaking high registers. Yes motherfucker. I didn’t ask you to recite shakespeare we’re talking about atrocities we’re talking about injustices, there’s, nothing, nice about this. This. This is just some ridiculous drama. They trying to distract you from their votes, they’re, trying to distract you from the real shady crap that’s afoot, the stuff that’s going on behind the scenes, because, if you’re focused on, he called her a bitch, then you’re not gon na worry about how they’re screwing you With the with the laws that they’re not introducing with the ones, they are introducing how they’re voting now you’re distracted aren’t you, because he called her a bitch by the way on that note, has aoc apologized for the largest transfer of wealth in history, that highway robbery Or robberies, i should say, plural right, numerous ones, multiple robberies when they gave away all of your money to the corporations to the lobbyists, to the dark money groups to people who didn’t need it when they gave you one check.