And now today we have aoc who took to uh the house floor to address the entirety of this, and we have a couple of videos. We want to show you. It is powerful stuff, starting with she uh relays. What actually happened. The initial confrontation then going into vote and then what happened after that? I walked back out and there were reporters in the front of the capitol and in front of reporters representative yoho called me, and i quote bitch. These are the words that representative yoho levied against a congresswoman. He represents new york’s, 14th congressional district, but every congresswoman and every woman in this country, because all of us have had to deal with this in some form some way some shape at some point in our lives, and i want to be clear that representative yoho’s comments Were not deeply hurtful or piercing to me because i have worked a working class job. I have weighted tables in restaurants. I have ridden the subway. I have walked the streets in new york city and this kind of language is not new, so um. We definitely have more um. I had expected that with his embarrassing display with what passes for an apology that that would be the end of it that we wouldn’t hear from her, but i’m, very glad that we did um uh.

What do you think about the the back and forth there? I know you, you have more knowledge about yoho uh than i do.

Well, i mean i’m, forgetting ted yo he’s, a backbencher he’s, an unimpressive member of congress. He he ran for speaker actually some time ago. He got two votes when he ran for speaker, probably one of them um he uh but he’s. You know he’s he’s, a a piece of dust in the congress and you know congresswoman ocasio cortez. There is doing what a lot of people haven’t done, which is uh, call people out for the false apology. Right i mean if you heard uh congressman yoho’s apology, you would have yeah. I heard it. I said what he didn’t apologize and he didn’t mention her name. So i think that this is this is less about ted yoho than it is about in general uh. You know you you standing up for women and standing up for her female colleagues as well, and i you know i i think that that that was the great effect of this and i i’m sure everybody’s really happy she did. It was very impressive. Exactly and um, you know, as you alluded to, that she didn’t make it just about him and her. Basically, she talked about him as a representative of a culture where this is a universal, not just for congresswoman but for all women, and i want to turn to that section now and that’s when we start to see that this issue is not about one incident.

It is cultural, it is a culture of lack of impunity, of accepting of violence and violent language against women, an entire structure of power that supports that, because not only have i been spoken to disrespectfully, particularly by members of the republican party and elected officials in the Republican party – not just here but the president of the united states last year, told me to go home to another country, with the implication that i don’t even belong in america.

She also mentions um. I don’t. I think it might have been desantis that called her a a whatever she is, or something like that. Some other weird dehumanizing phrase and and we’ve seen that against aoc against other new congresswomen like ilhan, omar and rashida talib and others um. This idea that you can, without consequences, viciously attack them demonize them, otherwise them and that not even without consequences, but in fact positive consequences that, if you’re a member of right wing media – and you do this, you’ll get more viewers. If you’re a right wing politician, you do, this you’ll be considered more of like a fighter for conservative values and things like that: it’s horrifying and it’s their it’s. What they have right now in in modern day republican identity, politics attacking women like aoc, is just about all they have. I think it’s important that we also point out that it was a good week for women standing up on capitol hill in a way that you wouldn’t expect, which is that republicans attacked one of their own and liz cheney, and we don’t have a lot of nice Things to say about the politics of lewis cheney, but she stood up to those attacks and so did alexandria, ocasio cortez.