You should go on her instagram it’s great. It got me fired up today. There’S a hero right there, john there’s, a hero that is a hero, but after that she’s just playing music and she’s by the way, wearing the mask good to see that’s leadership um now, following all of that ted yoho, went to the uh the house floor to Apologize and i want to play you a portion of what he said and we’re going to evaluate whether he actually did or not. I rise to apologize for the abrupt manner of the conversation i have with my colleague from new york. It is true that we disagree on policies and visions for america, but that does not mean we should be disrespectful. Having been married for 45 years with two daughters, i’m. Very cognizant of my language. The offensive name calling words attributed to me by the press were never spoken to my colleagues and if they were construed that way, i apologize for their misunderstanding. As my colleagues know, i’m passionate about those affected by poverty. I cannot apologize for my passion or for loving, my god, my family and my country. I yield back that’s terrible in a lot of ways, so j.r. I want to go to you first, because you were the person who asked him to apologize for his passion and for his god and his love of his country.

That was a thing that was asked of him, so it makes sense that he would respond that he can’t jam he bravely stepped up to the table and apologized um for people misinterpreting what he said to aoc.

I apologize for you guys not hearing it right after someone heard it right and i denied it that’s the apology, oh and i apologize for uh the abrupt conversation, not the aggressive, uh cuss filled conversation i had with a colleague of mine on the capitol steps and Yelling and wagging my finger in the face, none of that none of that happened actually, who is this random person? What are you apologizing for your name? Do you name someone? I didn’t hear any names there. It could have been anybody right, maybe maybe it could have been a republican who, just you know he had a disagreement about lunch. He wanted sushi wanted burgers, so they got mad at each other and yelled a little bit. Who knows we never know? We didn’t get the full story, but he wants to apologize for you guys misinterpreting that entire passionate reaction by the way, a part of this that we cut out from that was he knows about poverty. He and his wife got together at 19 and they had they had. They were on food stamps and he decided to try and pull up a few tears which he couldn’t get out because he’s a horrible actor all that was tried, it’s best to just stay quiet.

Just stay quiet because we already know all you told us is that i really don’t care about this, and anyone who’s really listening to me knows that i don’t care about this and i meant every word of him exactly yeah it’s.

He said the word apologize, but he did every weaselly little wormy thing he can do to not do it and especially, i think you do have to say the person’s name. I think that’s kind of an important part weird to not do that. Um now aoc uh evaluated his apology and here’s. What she had to say: uh does not apologize or name any action. He did doesn’t accept responsibility. Lies it wasn’t a conversation. It was a verbal assault distracts by making it about poverty, ironically, since that’s what he was assaulting her about. She says everyone else is wrong and the incident never happened. This is not an apology and she actually asked politico to take down a tweet, implying that he had uh apologized. She said she was gon na train, her nieces, i think, to um uh to know that this is not an apology and says he didn’t even say my name yeah. He and by the way, look at the weasley thing. He said the words that are attributed to me were not said to my colleague. I get what you’re doing there, because we know that you guys turned and walked away, and then you were overheard setting saying it you little weasel.

We know that you didn’t say it directly to her. You said it about her in range of a reporter, what a weasley and he wouldn’t admit what it was, and he says um, thanks to the fact that i have a wife and a daughter, i’ve learned to be very careful with my language.

You had to have that to know that you’re not supposed to call one of your female colleagues an effing bitch. You had to be trained into that over time. Well, apparently, that training hasn’t finished because he did it. He did it yeah, like i’ve, got some. I got a couple which is again it’s the equivalent of either my one of my best friends is black, therefore, i’m, not a racist. So therefore, you’ve got a wife and two daughters and therefore you’re. Not this, you didn’t do this because of them. They must be very disappointed in you, but when you go home they’re like yeah, i guess you know we still have some work to do here: ted yeah. What are we here for for your cover, that’s? What they’re there for and by the way she uh she said too. I don’t know exactly what the tweet is, but she said some of the effect of her initial comments had been that extreme poverty and um being deprived uh creates a trauma that sometimes people have they commit crimes because they they need to eat literally, it has an Effect on people – and he says i only did all of this – because i’m so passionate about poverty and she acknowledges what you did was run up in a cost of me and yell on my face and swear at me.

But your point is that poverty doesn’t have negative ramifications but you’re, demonstrating that it does, and nowhere does he admit there that he’s going to try to learn or try to evolve in any way.

He just pretends i’m too passionate and i won’t apologize. If i ever get accused of cheating i’m just going to say, i will never apologize for my passion, no an apology, isn’t about listing all of the things you won’t apologize about that. No one has asked you to apologize about. We didn’t even specifically ask you to apologize about this, but if you’re going to maybe do that, that would be a good thing to do during an apology. Do you apologize? No, he was reading it. He was reading it as well come on bro and by the way in the zone of aoc apologies. This is, this is a bad one, maybe the worst, but just in the past couple of days, brian kilmeade uh tweeted out a photoshop tweet of aoc’s, implying that she wanted to keep all businesses locked down. To hurt. Donald trump in the election explicitly was totally made up. Doesn’T exist, it had already been debunked, but he tweeted it. He eventually took it down after everybody raised, you know stink about it and he tweeted out uh that he apologizes, but the tweet had quotation marks, implying that he had copied and pasted it from like a pr thing or something like that. That was his reading and he got her name wrong in the apology.

Wait that i didn’t i didn’t know he did this. Yes, it’s, true, it’s! True, i’m! Sorry, you guys, you know, i just went on the internet and i i reposted something from summer ando, but it had quotation marks.

They went through trouble of pressing shift quotation mark buttons on their computer to fake this tweet. Therefore it’s real right, okay, jr um. I think that’s that’s about all the time we got, but i want to thank you for joining us. We fit a lot into a little bit of time. I don’t know about you i’m exhausted. Now i totally absolutely.