So now, in the context of this right, he said that she was disgusting for suggesting that poverty and unemployment were driving a spike in crime in new york city during coronavirus, the coronavirus pandemic. Okay, so now wait a minute. Let me give you some additional context into this uh now, so this goes back to one of her recent town halls. She suggested that some of the surge in crime stems from economic hardship facing new york’s, poorest communities. So now some of uh new york has also seen an increase in in gun crime in shootings, right uh. So now the right wing says well that doesn’t have anything to do with poor people right uh. Then why are people shooting each other? I mean it’s not like they’re, you know going and stealing a loaf of bread or anything like that. No they’re shooting each other. Well, that was one of the things that the right took out of context, uh, and so what she actually did say is that look crime is a problem of a diseased society which neglects its marginalized people. Policing is not the solution to crime. So, look i mean she’s right right, uh when you get into you know the nuance when you actually try to have a real discussion. Without you know political agendas.

Uh you get into a discussion about. Okay, you’ve got crimes of despair right uh generally, people don’t do crime because they like crime, yeah sure some people do all right, but for the rest of people i think there’s normally an underlying reason.

Uh and some of those reasons. Some of those factors that do lead to some crime are legitimate again: you’ve got poverty and and by the way, i’m not saying that the crimes themselves are legitimate. Just saying the reasons are understandable. Like okay, i get it, you shouldn’t do that and we maybe we should have programs to alleviate those factors which is what aoc was saying, but you can understand, like somebody who’s poor who can’t afford food can’t afford their rent will go and steal. I, like i get it it again, doesn’t make it right, doesn’t make it just, but you have to understand that those factors are there and we should have a government that is able to actually help those people and look. You could also have you know, theft being a a result of mental illness, which is also again something that we could use. Uh government spending government resources to be able to help that person manage that mental illness. So all of that stuff right so now that said um if you grow up in a disadvantaged area – and i i don’t remember who was talking about this – might have been vaush right uh. So he was talking about the uh.

What is it 1350 right? Uh that gets talked about by conservatives a lot how black people tend to you: do more crime right, uh, that’s, what conservatives are saying, uh and actually what you know. The numbers kind of kind of panned out well there’s reasons for that: okay growing up in a disadvantaged area, the inner city, with not a lot of job opportunity.

There are, i mean what’s, the only way that you can provide for your family in some of those situations. You join a game now. Gang violence is a huge problem. That’S, probably what’s driving a lot of these shootings, but you know you have that situation where you either make minimum wage working at mcdonald’s right or make a lot more money dealing drugs. I mean if your goal is to take care of your family and to get money. Well i mean the choice, for some people would be obvious and so that there’s again, we can do something to alleviate those issues. We can do something to help to reduce that level of crime and actually make the choices for people in those communities a lot better, because not everybody who doesn’t necessarily wants to get mixed up into that and might not have a choice. But again, this is this. Is these are these are very nuanced discussions and i can understand that there are some people that are not interested in nuanced discussion that are interested in writing off large swaths of especially the african american population as just thugs criminals that are unable to be redeemed whatsoever.

In actuality, of course, human beings are very complex people uh and with very complex motivations or even sometimes simple motivations wanting to survive anyway, uh ocasio cortez again went on to propose that economic desperation caused by coronavirus, which is also another thing, with 42 million people.

Out of work, uh, millions more that are facing in october, about 21 million people are as 21 to 23 million people that face possibly eviction by october. If there is no more coronavirus relief, if we allow those uh, you know benefits and in unemployment to end at the end of july, uh and don’t do any sort of recurring ubi payment or do any sort of rent, uh cancellation or or freezing uh. Something like that in order to help them then we’re going to face a massive massive eviction, problem, homelessness, problem and that is looming on the horizon, and we can actually do something about it, and so she was saying that uh now she also added that there were Glitches in the delivery of federal stimulus checks, as we’ve seen, unemployment payments that has helped trigger crime uh, and so she said. Maybe this is uh. This has to do with the fact that people aren’t paying their rent and they’re scared to pay their rent, and so they go out and they need to feed their child and they don’t have the money so they’re put in a position where they feel like they Either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry that night again, nothing to do with violent crime, so there’s nothing to do with like the shootings, actually, the violent, uh stuff there uh and so again they did take her out of context all right and again, i Can see that again, that’s, not always the case again nuance here right, but she’s right that you, you know that you could alleviate at least a decent chunk of crime in an area if you go after the underlying causes of it.

As for police, look technically police aren’t there to stop crime, i mean the whole point of the cops is to catch people before or even sometimes during a crime right and the crimes they generally intervene in are usually traffic related. If there’s a murder, then the cops generally didn’t, i mean prevent that right. How could they have known that a murder was going to happen? They can’t their job afterwards is to investigate to find the people responsible and get them off the street and into the justice system. Nobody’S opposed to police playing that role and helping to keep the peace. What we are opposed to when it comes to police – and this is where defund the police comes into play – is hey. Maybe we should, instead of you know, funding the police to such an extent that we are doing right now. We should take some of that money and redirect it to things like education, job, investment opportunities, rehabilitation, mental health care, social work and other things like that. Dealing with those things dealing with mentally ill people, for example, are kind of above the cops pay grade. They don’t know what to do: they’re, not trained well. In that situation they shouldn’t be asked to deal with that and before somebody asks well how’s the social worker supposed to restrain somebody that could be acting violent, who’s mentally ill. Let me tell you workers: do it all the time home health care workers direct support professionals? Do it all the time in behavior, in in homes where people do sometimes violent, behaviors they’re not allowed to kill their patients? No, if they do, they get blackballed from the industry and they have to deal with all sort of sorts of negative violent.

You know sometimes dangerous behaviors. They don’t get a gun i’m just saying, and they shouldn’t. So why should cops deal with that when they’re not trained right now, the cops take on way too much than we actually pay them for than they actually should be doing when they should just be there to keep the peace and that’s it so now hold that Aside right back to afc so they’re on the capitol steps and he calls her disgusting and then adds you’re out of your freaking mind. So her response was well you’re, being you’re being awfully rude right now the two then parted ways uh aoc headed into the building. While yoho joined by representative roger williams of texas began descending towards the house office buildings, a few steps down, yoho uh said this quote: fucking bitch well you’re classy wha. What a classy guy now after it happened. Uh aoc did talk to reporters about it because there was a reporter there uh and said that kind of confrontation, hasn’t ever happened to me ever never had that kind of abrupt disgusting kind of disrespect levied at me. Well, what do you expect from republicans honestly approached a few hours later? Yoho had quote no comment now because of course, williams, who was in a position to hear the entire back and forth said he wasn’t paying attention, and he had this excuse quote. I was actually thinking as i was walking down the stairs. I was thinking about some issues.

I’Ve got in my district that need to get done. I don’t know what their topic was: there’s, always a topic isn’t there. The reason i do that stupid voice is that that is a condescending, glib response, total bullshit, to which, of course, aoc on twitter later on uh said this got ta, love republican courage from representative roger williams, when he undeniably sees another man engaged in virulent harassment of A young woman just pretend you never saw it in the most cartoonish manner possible and keep pushing by the way she adds he’s lying. He joined in with yoho. So now it wasn’t just yoho. When does one republican? It was two of them. Apparently, she uh. According to aoc, he was yelling at her as well about something about throwing urine. I don’t know what the context of that conversation was uh, but wow blatantly lying to the reporter about uh, who even saw this exchange just lying to people any surprise. Right any surprise. I mean a conservative verbally accosting, a a fellow it’s supposed to be a colleague right uh on the steps and then lying about it say it ain’t. So this happens to, of course, be a a a young woman, but again she’s been a target for quite some time, even though she actually didn’t expect this kind of uh this kind of thing. From a fellow member of congress, she said in all these intense news cycles. I have never ever been treated that way by another member before i am frankly quite taken aback.

She also said that she holds her differences uh until they get to the door right and so and that’s. Of course uh, when they go into actually have substantive arguments, are supposed to have substantive arguments on the uh on the issues she also did add in a tweet, but bitches get things done. Look i. I think this is uh uh again, i’m. Not surprised right. I believe this is how the base wants their politicians to act because that’s, how i, how they act, they constantly scream in people’s, face be little. Women call them names right. I mean how much would you bet this wouldn’t have happened if it were a male politician in aocc i mean i don’t know about you, but i i think it’s pretty safe to say that i would win that bet, hey guys. Hopefully you enjoyed that free video. Now i’m gon na have to ask you a favor between the uh demonetization and the youtube algorithm messing around with view, counts, etc. We’Re, having a hard time adjusting to the new youtube reality, which is where you guys come in see we have a patreon tytnation, set up to help us rely on the you guys, the viewers instead of big corporate ads. Look, you know the show. You know. I’M, not in favor of big corporations anyway, so help us transition away from relying on the ad model to pay the bills and sign up to be a patron patreon dot com, slash tyt nation.