So what is going to happen? In my opinion, in the next six months, one year two years is we’re going to have a combination of astoundingly bad leaders and real problems, and so we have to fight for our country. But you also have to understand that we are in a a climate and an environment that fighting for your country is risky. So, just to give you an example, those uh the couple in st louis who i believe were democrats and they uh people broke into their their property and they they went out in the front yard, with some guns. Well, now they may be put in prison. They may lose their license to practice law. They may they’ve definitely been outed on social media. They may lose family friends all these things over all this their whole thing they may be psychologically destroyed, just because they they attempted to do what they thought they could do and they were attorneys of defending their their uh property with their uh their rights under the Constitution, but maybe they can’t and that’s the point in this book that i’m on the quote from which was a violence of mine, training and preparation for extreme violence by mark freeborn. He talks about me, remembering you have a primary mission, which is to get home safe. Okay, and so in our purposes for this conversation, your primary mission is to get home safe to your family uh, and you have to win the physical fight, which means not getting hurt.

Okay, if you go out to do a protest, let’s say lawful protest and some people come out there with cameras and they’re going to put the cameras in their face they’re going to yell and scream at you and call you names. If you get upset and say the wrong things, then you can go to jail, you can get runs. You can get everything. They’Re trolling you with those cameras. In order to get you to do the the thing they want you to do, which is run your own life, okay, uh, so you need to win the physical fight, the legal fight, don’t, break any laws and get yourself thrown in prison because then you lose. You have to win the social fight don’t get up on a viral video. Remember the chick from the uh the park. She was being followed around by the guy with the camera, with a dog uh. She had a dog and, and then they ruined her life. She was also a democrat it’s kind of interesting to watch, democrats, eat democrats but uh. You know the guy followed her around. He was filming her and he was feeding her dog and stuff, and so he was waiting and she she gave him everything that he wanted. He wanted her to get upset, say a bunch of stupid, crap and get destroyed and guess what happened. The mayor, i think the mayor of that city called her out. I mean her that woman’s life is ruined, they can and uh.

They will do that to you. Okay, so what we need to do here is remember two parts of the mission number one fight for your country, but number two don’t get destroyed by like these people did you have to be uh, you have to win the physical fight, the legal fight, the social Fight in a psychological fight after this is all said and done, and your life is totally ruined, you’ve lost a psychological fight as well. You have been destroyed as a person don’t do that this is a long term. Uh race, it’s, a marathon it’s, not a sprint. In the next six months, two years the economy is going to suck are we’re going to be continued to be politically divided, and we still need to fight for our country in every way we can think of legally and lawfully to protect ourselves. So we can go home at the end of the day. Maybe the uh assessor comes to your house or gives you a tax notification, and you say i don’t think so so you get a bunch of contractors come out and give you estimates and you fight that. Maybe you go to your city meeting and you say: uh they’re, going to talk about your tax rate and you’re like no. I don’t think so. I’Ve noticed that you haven’t cut any of these expenses you’re still building like in you’re still building all these parks. You’Re still doing all these programs you’re still we haven’t cut anything you haven’t cut any uh resources or anything.

Why are we gon na pay for anything at all until you’ve actually decided that you can try to balance the budget? So you want to fight locally. I think local elections is where most of this needs to take place. I mean just think about it: uh the school systems it’s, always about how it’s all about the children, the children, the children, the children but there’s got to be some ways. We can cut some money there we’re going to have to there’s just because it’s the school system doesn’t mean that it’s immune that they can spend an endless amount of money, because what about all those administrators that we don’t need and so on and so forth? If they’re going to be going half days, doesn’t anything get cheaper anyway, local elections, civil disobedience and then jury nullification. If a jury decision comes along, if you get some opportunity to nullify some of these things to create kind of a de taunt, then do that too. It may end up being that the best we can hope for is a is a de taunt is a is a nullification scenario or a civil disobedience scenario where our leaders are so at loggerheads. They can’t get anything accomplished, which is good, because it’s been my experience that when the when the government gets involved, they almost never make things better. So anyway, i remain hopeful because i believe that if we work together, we can get to where we need to be.

I think there’s, two visions for our country and neither one of them uh, is uh they’re, not gon na work together, okay and then there’s there’s external powers that are trying to influence our country as well. So we need to work as citizens, as i’ve said before. Just us, americans it’s just us, our leaders are not going to do it, no one’s going to come in over the hill and save us at the last minute. We have to do this ourselves. So, to recap: if you live in a large democrat run city, i really feel sorry for you. If you can move, please do if not remember you’re kind of in enemy territory and even if you’re, a democrat because they eat their own number. Two remember that we do have to fight for our country, but we need to do it in such a way that we win the physical fight, the legal fight, the social fight and the psychological fight, because it’s a marathon not a sprint. Okay and remember that these agitators are trained to film, you and piss you off and then elicit the response that they want and they want to be able to run your life whenever you are in a situation like that, you need to be prepared with training mentally. So that you know what you’re going to do and how you’re going to respond when you see someone with a camera on you, the first thing you need to do is remember: you are on camera and i would say maybe the next thing you need to do Is get a camera out and start recording them? They record you, you record them.

There needs to be two witnesses and then start calling 9 1 1 and say well. What’S going on, i don’t know i feel really uncomfortable. I don’t know what’s going on here. This guy’s just won’t, leave me alone, maybe he’s not breaking the law, maybe is, can you just come out and and see what’s going on you know and then anyway, we can fight the good fight and we can get somewhere. We don’t have to agree, and maybe not agreeing is the best we can do right now, but we have to speak up. You can’t just have the left speaking up, the right needs to speak up as well anyway.