The room for the democrats to protest or to struggle physically struggle in inside chamber. In our legislature, it’s harder and harder and it’s getting easier and easier for us to go to jail for years for life or even you disappear in hong kong and you get trial in mainland china. It could easily happen, but then we would not give up. My name is ted hoy and i’m from the hong kong democratic party and i’m, a legislator serving in the legislative code for already four years. Four years ago i was elected into the legislature, hong kong, mainly because i felt there’s a need for hong kong to get really changed, because we hopefully don’t have a democracy and our human rights been infringed and more and more seriously, and so with the national security Legislations – and i think our freedom has gone to an all time – low and they’ve seen the protest tonight. One district councilor put up a sign and he was immediately arrested and stopped and searched Music. I personally are not afraid i think it’s our mission and our duty to stay in the council and to speak for the people we will. Still, we are still standing will still come up, but we wouldn’t give the regime an easy excuse to arrest us all. So i encourage especially the young people of hong kong that in in the past, we thought it’s only one battle and to stand in the way of the extradition bill that was proposed by the government.

But now we have transformed and our uh, i believe, should transform that it’s, a long battle, it’s it’s a long time war that we have to fight on for years or decades so that as long as we still, we are still here and we are still fighting And as long as the hope are still in in the people, and we will not be defeated by fear Music, we also had a good discussion about the challenges posed to us by authoritarian regimes. I talked about the chinese communist party’s threat to freedom everywhere. I am heartened to see that denmark and the danish people join the american people in supporting the hong kong people in the face of great beijing’s repression, i’m optimistic that people come out to vote and especially under the national security law.