I think i’m. Paraphrasing him, how rigorous has it been for you? Well, you know those questions have to go to the campaign, but i do believe that the vice president will pick the person who can best be a partner with him and to help in the healing of this country, because so much needs to be done. I just think about 141 000 americans that are dead because of the problem you were talking about in the last segment, it’s just unacceptable and would that best person be a black woman because of all the other. You know the reckoning over race. The president praising the confederate flag again saying he’s going to veto the defense bill because of renaming bases isn’t it time not just to make the administration look like america, as he indicated in that answer, to troy, reeve, meaning some, a black woman on the supreme court. Uh people in his cabinet, but a black running mate, and that would be a black woman. Well, you know i. I do think that with all that the president has done every time he’s in a tight spot. He always goes to race. He always goes to division, and so, if you think about what’s happening in the country, whether you were talking about policing or now that people are looking at systemic racism, hence him sending the troops out to cities there’s so much division going on.

Of course, i would love to see him appoint a woman of color as his running mate but, like he said, he is going to make sure that his administration on every level looks like america, and i think that that is absolutely important and sufficient at this time.

Wherever those people might be placed, are you at all asked to miss optimistic about the funding battle right now, where senate republicans and democrats are getting together today with, for the first time on the next money for covid relief, and there are about two trillion dollars apart? So the gap is huge: one trillion versus 3 trillion from what the democratic democrats are wanting, but the senate republicans are not on the same page as the white house. Does this make it better or worse for getting a result? Well, you know, i do think it’s difficult and what i think is so shameful, though, on the uh senate side is to let people suffer first, i mean you know that we passed the heroes act more than a month ago. They’Ve had plenty of time to act and it’s like they wait until the car is going over the cliff to pull it back and i just think that’s so unacceptable. I do believe we’ll reach resolution. I do believe it will happen, but i think that it’s, just with all of the anxiety and stress that people are feeling now because of how our lives have so dramatically changed with the virus.

To add unnecessary stress i just think is cruel, given what’s happening in your home state in your home district in l.a county. Do you need a stay at home order now in l.a because of the surge? Well, it looks like that, and i think that that’s especially uh frustrating, because in the state of california, the city and the county, the leadership did everything they were supposed to do.

You know we were one of the first states to do that, so it is very frustrating that we’ve had the spike again, and i do believe that we might get to the point where we have to shut down. I know they’re thinking now that maybe we opened up too soon that’s hard for me to imagine i mean you, don’t go anywhere in los angeles without seeing people with masks on and you can’t get in anywhere. You can’t go to a store. You know you basically can’t do anything unless you um are protecting others and yourself, so i think it just shows how difficult the covet virus is, how difficult it is, and then you have states. Of course, i mean look at georgia where the governor is going to sue the mayor because she’s trying to protect the people in her city it’s, just craziness but it’s. What happens when you don’t have craziness well speaking of craziness, of a different sort uh according to congresswoman, alexandria, ocasio cortez after votes yesterday, she was really attacked by a colleague, representative ted yoho of florida, who called her a terrible name, a really outrageous attack on her Using the f word he’s denying it now to us, but apparently there were some witnesses to it.

It was overheard by a reporter. Are: are women members of congress uh being attacked this way from colleagues? Well, i have never seen or heard of anything like that before and i’m so disappointed in representative jojo.

I work with him we’re on the foreign affairs committee together. You know i’m glad you’re raising it because just 15 minutes ago i spoke to alexandria, and i told her that i had heard about what happened, that i thought it was completely unacceptable and that i think we need to do something about it after i spoke with Her i spoke to brenda lawrence, who is the chair of the women’s caucus, and i said that we need to come together because, as far as i was concerned, it was a verbal assault, something like that should never happen. I do understand that he’s not running for reelection, but he cannot get away with behavior like that, and she told me again just a few minutes ago that wasn’t the first time he’s done this now a couple of times so right after the first blow up a Few hours later he did it again, and so we just can’t have this and – and so i i know, we’re going to be putting our heads together and figuring out how we respond, but there will be a response and we have not been able to confirm this. Yet but there is word that’s coming out of the republican caucus that some of her uh colleagues, i think casey hunt has just confirmed this i’m, now being told that some of the republican colleagues went after liz cheney for criticizing the president defending dr fauci.

I don’t know what’s the matter these boys.

Are they talk about craziness that they seem to be losing it over there, but we’re just not going to stand for that. We have a woman speaker. There is a woman that runs this house and we’re just not going to stand for that, so if they are treating their own that way uh, i guess it shouldn’t be shocking, but i do think that we need to do something. I also just finished sending cheney as the third ranking member of the republican caucus. I just want to point out. She has a leadership role right right right, i mean they only have a handful of women over there to begin with.