He made a night easy that should be good today, tim, my goodness, how about life right? Yes, Music and this one going right up the middle between the two bunkers great shot to shambo on into oh, what a roll, simple, easy! Not a lot of strap help us kick one time what Music away needs to keep tracking, not bad from there. We saw you solid Music, oh plug plug Music that’s come out of there very well that’s, a good effort from there i mean curtis. If i had that lie, i might move it 30 yards, while you’re walking up to the green downhill putt here for bryson, not a huge amount of break just a little towards the bryson makes his part bunker plenty of green to work with. Well, maybe it’s too much too. He would expect a little bit that bryson deshambo ties dustin johnson at 10, under par between a couple of clumps, but it’s got a little bit of. I thought that was gon na come out. Better yeah to his ride came back. Left at the end, good try to johnson and cameron champ, as they finish the par three eight that’s as long like that left with the wind coming off that side, this one pretty high just see what he got. The club stuck a little bit. There might have came, come in leaving themselves an opportunity for not to make a mistake, so the co lead for bryson.

Should he make this well. The era is long here. It runs away quickly after the hole now for par, just short, so back to back bogeys for bryson dadoff tee shot pretty straight. The dog leg is on the second part of this hole. Music. How do you lose if you care Music starting to drift slightly left Music, a lie that’s a little bit into the grain? Oh, but he’s done a good job of keeping the pace through the swing there curtis much better. Well, he bogeyed eight and nine, and that is like drove it. That’S gon na drive him nuts he’ll regroup and give it another one. This is a good looking shot starting to drift. A little left on the wind, yeah that’s, a beauty, solid work, gon na go a little left at the end. Yeah it doesn’t come back Music and he will make the bar to remain at 8.. The 10. come on be right. I would be muttering as well. If i had just done that – and you could hear him – Music Applause Music kept an eye on him a little longer and he found the fairway curtis Applause. This is a very delicate little shot here out of a tough line. Well, that’s! Well done just slid it right, underneath there useful yeah, good, save said the shit all right. Ah, just didn’t get around it. You know when you swing that hard and you try to power, lift every tee shot.

It really is hard Applause Music. Well, i am. I don’t know about you guys, but this well, that looks like a bullet didn’t. It easy perfectly placed this one drifting to the right pound. Birdie opportunities are tough to come by bryson, slides that one right to remain at nine under. Can he do it wow? So close to being close, but that is some tough one to see exactly what it would do, you’re really at the mercy of the grass there, but uh looking good looking shot here. Little long i didn’t break one bit: dude that’s, a tough one, so he’ll walk off the 17th green. Now bryson he went out that one come on come on. Do your job, i believe Applause as well as they have played today. That was not two feet. Colin marcowa just eagled 16 to move to 13 under par. Okay.