com and it’s time for a horror, show no ric flair, isn’t so hard up. He started in only fans, yet extreme rules 2020s here come on andrew, do some spooky stuff in the edit quick, oh terrifying, we’re, keeping things really simple. For this, one predictions are just for fun, but we will be providing all of the usual lovely content, including what happened, including wtf graded we’ve, got pitches coming up on friday, all of the usual stuff. You know how it works by now and also i will be live streaming reactions so come and join the fun and by fun i mean horror because we’ve got a swamp match. We’Ve got an eyeball being pulled out of its socket. The only thing that would make it scarier is if naya jax herself was on the card. Please don’t, do it. Vince let’s get on with the predictions, so first up is a match that hasn’t been formally announced by wwe. Yet like i thought it was confirmed on smackdown on friday night, but there’s, nothing on yet, but you can it’s gon na happen, isn’t it. It is the bar room, brawl, featuring sheamus and jeff hardy. I am taking jeff hardy for this one. I was willing to give this a chance at the beginning, and i thought the first night with the car and bloody jason jordan out there and all that stuff. I thought. Oh, this could be all right. You know it’s it’s a bit it’s a bit close to the line, but if they’re sensitive with this, it could blend reality and k fabe in a really really captivating way and since then we’ve seen jeff hardy glass, an innocent man and sheamus get covered in piss.

This needs to finish jeff. Hardy needs to come out on top and we all need to forget about it and the pain leave the memories alone. Let’S get blackout drunk and forget. Any of this ever happened jeffrey hardy, to get the big feud end in victory here and what’s more he’s going to do it by stabbing seamus with a broken off pint glass, because when it comes to jeff hardy, he gets away with any kind of glassware assault. Jeffer, oh my god, i’m extreme. The bar fight needs to be jeff hardy’s redemption story. Jeff needs to win this so i’m picking jeff to win this plus i’m, predicting a swanton bomb off either a jukebox, the bar or a pool table next up. The new united states title is on the line as mvp squares off against champion apollo crews. Now i should be backing apollo cruz he’s younger he’s, hungrier he’s, better in the ring i’m going for mvp, though, because i found mvp so tremendously entertaining since he’s been back in wwe for me, he’s a highlight of raw and when i think of the united states Title mvp is a face that pops straight into my brain, and i want to see him have one more run with the gold, and i know that’s wrong. You shouldn’t be backing mvp he’s about 65 years old. Now i know he’s not don’t, comment i’m going for mvp, because i and he can be a transitional champ that’s.

Fine. I don’t want to hold it for ages. I don’t want him to go on and win a world title. Nothing like that, but one more run with the gold because he deserves it. Sorry apollo in this battle of my belt is better than your belt. No, no. I do believe that mvp will be the man to come out on top here. First of all, because his belt is actually better than apollo cruises. Imagine if apollo crews wins and he sat there thinking. Oh, this bastard mvp has brought his belt in i’ve got my belt he’ll, look like a right numpty if he keeps his belt on top of mvps. Second of all, mvp and the herd business have been at the forefront of raw over the last little while, while apollo crews simply hasn’t been featured as much, and on top of that, an mvp victory in my opinion gives you a lot more storyline possibilities coming out Of extreme rules – 20, 20, 20., bloody hell that one hurt montel. You do ball, don’t you, but i’m extreme mvp has been gallivanting with that shiny new us championship and he needs to come up and it seems weird to have him steal the belt own. The new one and then win it properly from apollo crew, so this needs to be crews, polishing off mvp and holding up that shiny new us title. So my pick is for apollo crews, next up it’s, seth, rollins versus rey, mysterio and what’s on the line.

Here. Oh yeah, your sight, it’s an eye for an eye match. The winner is the man who removes the other man’s eyeball. If you’ve not been following wwe tv i’m, not making this up. I promise it’s a horror, show i’m taking seth rollins here, because rey mysterio, the ultimate baby face, cannot get his ice cream scoop. I assume out and pop out seth rollins’s eye that’s, not what he’s about. Why am i? Why are these words even coming out of my mouth uh? If we want to get a bit more analytical about it, rey mysterio, reportedly hasn’t signed a new deal with wwe. This could be an easy way to write him off. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. A man is going to have his eyeball removed and it might be great, i don’t know how many times have we been told. The only way to win is by extracting one of your opponent’s eyes. I’Ll tell you a hell of a lot so many times. In fact, i reckon wwe have given themselves a get out close from this preposterous bloody thing as much as i want to see all of the horrible crappy cgi gimmicks in the world. As much as i want to see all of the horrible special effects that belong in films from the 1970s that had a budget of 10 whole pounds, i reckon they’ve mentioned that thing there so many times, we’re going to have a no contest, no winner, a double Whatever you want to call it both ronald mystery, yes and seth rollins will keep both of their eyes where these keep coming from i’m extreme.

This is a funny one, because whoever loses this there is career long ramifications. Really. I do quite like the idea of seth rollins wrestling the entire of his career with an eye patch, i think it’s. Quite a strong look, so i’m. Actually, picking rey mysterio to gouge seth rollins eye out i’m sure there’s a way they can retcon it down the road you know have rollins, walk out of a stem cell clinic and go. Why are we not funding this? They could figure that out, but ready to win next up. The smackdown women’s championship is on the line, as the challenger nikki cross takes on the champion bayley. First of all, i just want to say: it’s brilliant, seeing nikki cross on pay per view in a women’s title match that’s great isn’t it because we were all a little bit worried when the rest of sanity got called up without her. They broke sanity up and we were like oh man, nikki’s gon na nikki’s gon na struggle here. What they’re gon na do with nikki but she’s been brilliant. I really enjoy her partnership with alexa bliss. It looks like they’re having a lot of fun doing it and yeah, seeing her in a title match on pay per view thumbs up from me. Well done, but she’s not winning. Is she yeah, no i’m i’m taking bailey for this one? I think sasha banks is going to get involved and cost nikki cross the match, bayley’s going to retain and sasha’s stuff is going to play into the next match too.

So i’ll tell you a little bit more about that in a second bailey and sasha banks have been one of if not the best things going on wwe tv over the last little while and in my opinion, as long as bailey’s record breaking smackdown women’s title ring Continues, and as long as sasha banks is beside her, that is a good thing. That is why i am going for bayley to retain over nikki cross and what’s more nikki cross really doesn’t have to steam behind her. Does she ow what the bloody hell was that it’s a ladder i’m extreme? Both the golden role models have been class acts over the last few months and i don’t see bayley’s reign ending unless it’s sasha banks that’s doing the ending. So as much as i love nikki, this one is going to bailey. In my view, next up, the raw women’s title is on the line as sasha banks challenges asca for the gold. I mentioned earlier how i thought: sasha banks was going to get involved in the bayley versus nikki match, allowing bayley to retain her smackdown women’s title. I think bayley is going to do something similar in this match. Maybe even when sasha looks like she’s got, the bloody thing won, but bailey is gon na balls it up for her sasha’s, not gon na walk away with the raw women’s title oscar’s gon na retain, and that is gon na ramp up the tension between bailly and Sasha leading to what i think will be an eventual summerslam match between the two and i don’t even know.

If that needs a title on the line, like i don’t know, if bayley will be smackdown women’s champion um come summerslam, sasha might cost her that belt down the line. At some point i don’t think there’ll be tag champs either. I don’t think it needs any gold. I think that it’s just a heated rivalry between two of the best women’s wrestlers in the world, and it should be a real money match and a spectacular bout. Ask her for the win here – and i say this because of happenings on this week’s talking raw that’s. What it’s called with renee young and daniel bryan that’s also who host it on that show? It was teased that maybe just maybe we might get a big raw women’s championship match between oscar and her kabuki warrior partner, kyrie sane. I am banking on these reports in the dirty sheets. That kyrie saying is not going to resign with wwe she’s going to go back home to japan spend some time with her husband. I reckon that we’re going to get oscar versus kyrie saying it’s summerslam a big half an hour. Slobber knocker match a crazy match. Those two are fantastic: professional wrestlers, oscar retains it. Summerslam kyrie gets a fitting send off, but to get there oh bloody hell, but to get there first we need oscar to defend against such a bugs. Ask him to win i’m extreme. I swear, i still don’t, think we’ve seen the best of oscar as raw women’s champion, and i feel like this match with sasha banks.

Whilst it will be great isn’t the end of her reign, you could have some fun in continuing that story of bayley and banks. The dissension that slowly ticks away between them and by having bayley involved in the finish somehow i’m picking asuka to retain her raw women’s championship, but a little bit of shenanigans along the way. Next up, we’ve got bray, wyatt versus braun strowman in a wyatt swamp fight. It’S, the horror show i’m taking bray wyatt here uh for a couple of reasons. First of all, i think they do want to do the three faces of wyatt thing and i think we’ll get the fiend versus braun strowman at summerslam uh. The second, the title is not on the line is that the title be on the line at summerslam. I think this is probably the easiest match on the card to predict, and it should be a bit of fun right. I, like the cinematic matches, so it’ll be interesting to see what they do here. Lots of special effects, i hope bray wyatt can’t lose the first ever wyatt swan thing, don’t be so silly dear viewer. That would be like the undertaker losing a buried alive match. Oh, he did didn’t, he that would be like mankind losing a boiler room brawl. Oh, he did the same as well didn’t. He that would be like the bloody great carly himself losing inside the punjabi prison. He did that as well. Didn’T. He bloody hell that has it then that’s it sorted.

Braun strowman will win inside the swamp on sunday. At the end of the day, this is classic cult leader, bray wyatt. He talks a big game, it comes to doing the wrestles or the swamping and he comes up short at the end of the day, which is building one more step towards summerslam, where the fiend will eat braun. Strowman nothing happened that time, lovely eh, all the fun. We are gon na have with a swamp match. This is gon na, be a spectacle. It really is um, but i predict that braun strowman is gon na walk out with his wwe championship. I think that it seems obvious that if braun’s gon na lose to anybody, it’s gon na be the fiend not swampy bray wyatt’s, not that one so brawn to leave the swamp with his title. And finally, the wwe title is on the line drew mcintyre taking on dolph ziggler and drew’s winning isn’t he it’s 2020 dolph ziggler is not going to win the wwe title from drew. Mcintyre drew’s been brilliant. He feels like a champion. He isn’t dropping the title to dolph. I don’t know what else to say about this: hey dolph’s, gon na make him look amazing right, he’s gon na sell like a madman for him, i don’t know what the stipp’s gon na be. I think it’s, probably gon na, be that the claymore is banned and so drew will just headbutt him to death. I guess drew mcintyre will win this one quite frankly, because one of the people in this match is drew mcintyre, while the other is dolph ziggler.

I um extreme sorry, i just uh dropped my skull uh. This is not the end of the row for drew mcintyre, dolph, ziggler’s kind of got this legacy now as the guy that can get there, but can’t quite get there. So whilst this will be a really fun match that they have, this is another galvanization of the era of the doo, so drew mcintyre to retain his wwe championship here. So those are our predictions. Thank you very much for watching this. Video keep an eye out on friday for nine pictures, for the horror, show at extreme rules and then keep an eye out after the show for what happened. That for graded for wtf and, of course, join me on sunday night for live reactions to it’s forward. Slash cultaholic forward slash, live, take care of yourselves andrew.