I was taking a look at the poll and there were a good amount of people complaining about this topic, claiming that samoa joe is not ruined. And i completely disagree with those people, because samoa joe had the potential to become a wwe champion and even have a good. Few title reigns in a few occasions, he’s by far one of the best on the microphone in the company. If not the best, i think it’s safe to say that samoa joe might be the best on the microphone but that’s a video for another day and to top it off, he’s got the vibe and energy of a monster. Samoa joe is the total package, and yet he still doesn’t have a high place on the card. Additionally, many of you are speaking about samoa joe’s injuries, playing a large factor in his mid card level role, and this is something that i have to disagree with as well. Samoa joe only started getting injured in the second half of 2019 wwe had around three years to make him a superstar, and instead he was just seen losing many matches. I didn’t go as far to say that he had the bray wyatt treatment back in 2014, when bray wyatt would have a big talk and pretty much lose every match. Anyways let’s get right into the video and discuss his career Music. When speaking of samoa joe, it is crucial to mention tna, where he made a name for himself in the wrestling industry without cna, there simply would not be a samoa joe.

That is where success originated from. There were many top story lines. He was a part of such as his undefeated streak for an entire year becoming the tna world heavyweight champion becoming a part of the main event mafia and having other top championship runs if you’re a wrestling fan throughout the 2000s. You knew of samoa joe, and you knew of how much of a beast he was. His in ring matches definitely experienced a decline when he jumped back first into a flight of stairs. How this move got approved is mind. Boggling somo joe, could have easily been stuck in a hospital bed for the rest of his life, but just as his character, the man is just one tough sob. He went on to continue his career in tna as well as wwe. The best way to describe it is that he was a straight up killer in tna. This is why it was so shocking when fans discovered that he signed with triple h to join nxt. This was by far one of nxt’s biggest signing to date. The samoan badass was joining forces with wwe’s developmental brand, and things were definitely getting interesting. Music samoa joe walked into nxt at the perfect time possible. He came in in 2015 when nxt was literally at its peak with wrestlers such as shinsuke nakamura, sami zayn, kevin owens and finn balor nxt was an absolute, must see television show at this point. I could talk about his nxt run for days.

The only feud i wouldn’t want to mention is the one against baron corbin there’s, just something about baron corbin that i just can never get behind. I think that’s another video topic as well for another day as for joe’s good feuds, though his rivalry with finn balor, was extremely fun. In my opinion, everything from his heel turned to the championship. Victory was perfect, so mojo went to have an extensive feud with the brand new superstar shinsuke nakamura. These two also had great chemistry on the black and gold brand. They did have a few matches over the span of three months where samoa joe lost his title won. It back and then dropped it again. It was a weird thing that nxt usually doesn’t do. I think they just wanted to add a shock value to stun fans. I wouldn’t have done it but that’s. Just me, the most interesting thing about his nxt run is that he was actually scheduled to remain on nxt for his entire career samoa joe, had no plans of moving to raw or smackdown. His job was simply to elevate these young stars and teach them a thing or two about pro wrestling. However, vince mcmahon was impressed with his work and decided to call him up to raw, which is his next chapter. Music samoa joe, was ready to be called up, and his debut would happen in 2017, just a few weeks before wrestlemania 23. that night he made his debut.

He made one tiny mistake, which was accidentally hurting seth rollins knee this was concerning because triple h versus seth rollins was a big match at wrestlemania and joe nearly jeopardized it from happening aside from the fact that he felt a little dangerous to some people. Part of me felt like this was also a pretty bad way to make a debut for samoa joe. I think him debuting, as a single star with some vignettes and promo packages and running through local competitors, could have been better. Then you could have inserted him with a top star in a big storyline and that’s how you could have taken him to the next level, regardless of how bad it was. It led to really nothing with triple h. There was supposed to be a new evolution group, but that never really happened either. Instead, samoa joe began a feud with seth rollins after rollins defeated triple h. This is where wwe started to mess things up with him. Joe would have a big fight feel, as i mentioned earlier, and always talk about how he’s going to destroy his opponents, but when it came to the matches it was usually a loss after another loss and so on. Wwe was build him up as this beast to stack up just so many elves throughout that year. The same thing happened when he feeded with roman reigns, wwe made. It seem like he was the one and only roadblock for roman reigns until roman had the match and defeated him.

The best example where this happened was at great balls of fire, which i can’t believe was actually a wrestling pay per view name. He was scheduled to fight against brock lesnar for the universal title and in all honesty, i thought that maybe he was bound to win the title or at least put up a good fight. The storyline was pretty good samoa joe, looked like a monster, badass and even brock. Lesnar was scared of him and honestly brock. Lesnar acted scared for absolutely no reason, because joe was finished in just a little over 6 minutes. All of that hype and build up was worthless. I wanted to originally say that this was the moment that they ruined him, but brock lesnar is brock lesnar and he did just win the title around this time and they didn’t want him to drop it anytime soon. So i understood that plus samoa joe was given a match with the beast during his prime that’s, pretty impressive in my eyes, Music. Instead, we are going to jump into the wwe championship feud between himself and aj. Styles on smackdown live in 2018. In order to understand exactly how this was the beginning of joe’s downfall, it’s important to mention aj’s title run, he was champion for about seven or eight months. I don’t know the number exactly, but he was champion for a long time and a majority of people will agree with me when i say that it was far too long and it was getting boring.

Samoa joe was the perfect person to dethrone aj styles around this time. He wasn’t even injury prone, so wwe had no reason to make him lose to top it off. Wwe made samoa joe look like the ultimate villain. He was antagonizing aj styles by bringing up his wife and even showing up to his home. These were sick acts that could have made for a great heal champion on smackdown smackdown needed a fresh breath of air, and this man was the perfect fresh air. Even if he had a short title reign, i would have been fine with it. I know it would have been some entertaining stuff and the match of summerslam was fine in my opinion, because it was a good moment to move the story forward. I do think his next two losses were the things that ruined samoa joe. He did not need to lose, he could have won one of them and then another and then have a rematch where aj styles beats him, but not for the title. Aj gets his redemption, but it is not for a championship match. You could have even said. Oh samoa joe’s only giving him a rematch if he doesn’t use the title rematch class that way aj beats him up, but doesn’t get the title back. I don’t know these are just some logical things that pop into my mind. I think he never really recovered ever since those two losses to be quite honest with you, Music samoa joe, would go on to do some good stuff, like that promo, where he destroyed the entire smackdown top stars, as well as the jeff hearted feud.

But after those storylines he really didn’t go anywhere. He had a one minute match with rey mysterio at wrestlemania 35 and then, after that he did start to suffer from some injuries. I think wwe had a good moment in 2017 and 2018 to make him a top wwe champion. He would have thrived in that role. He did it before in tna. He did it in nxt and he should have done it in wwe, because he’s a professional with experience. As of now, though, he is on commentary, and i do see that he’s doing well there, but i miss samoa joe on tv stirring up a badass promo. I wish we could see one day the rise of samoa joe, where he stays healthy and wwe gives him one world championship reign. I firmly believe it would be a ton of fun, but for now he is ruined, and that is it for the video guys. Thank you so much for watching.