The series is based on the book. You should have known by jean half cordless and i have not read the book, and i want to move away from it to have a clear view on the series. Now the first episode we follow the life of grace as she is living the life. She always wanted. A son in a prestigious elite school, her husband, jonathan, is loving and devoted to them and is also a successful pediatric oncologist. They have a normal life in this square as a metaphor which is nice but obviously outside the box, or i saw the square. The series has a lot of secrets and mysteries ready to be unraveled, and that is going to be the basis of the series. My name is christian from beyond epic, and this is the episode one of the breakdown of the undoing. Thank you and let’s begin now. As i said, there’s gon na be a lot of secrets that are going to be revealed as the series explore the complex world of the character of grace and jonathan. The whole idea of the people that surround their lives as well will create a whole aspect of how things are going to develop in the upcoming weeks. The gossip and the influence that it has in the life of others would definitely be something to look forward to, but now going to the character of race, she’s a high profile couple, therapist well known and it’s expensive to have consultation to so i highly recommend to Pay attention to the sessions which, obviously you know, they’re expensive so now in this episode she provides information to rebecca and a couple, and each of the therapy sessions represent the idea of the weaver writer bites to others, and it applies to herself in reality everything she Said is like she’s talking to herself, without even knowing it grace provides information to them to the couple which is reciprocal to the curtain.

She has which she cannot see the things that are about to happen and, honestly, if you heard her own advice, then the story that is going to be developed is going to be completely different. Now, breaking down the therapy sessions, the first one is about rebecca and how her husband is bipolar and her issues in trust in the different husbands that she has had it’s a way to represent. How grace cannot see the truth from her husband and what’s going to happen and it’s something that i’m looking forward to, as this shows only six episodes? So the story is going to develop really quickly, as graystone become a victim of her husband’s actions, which in reality is going to be more of her actions by not seeing what was happening in front of her the character even said, there’s a particular type of person. You want to be with, and maybe you’re a little too quick to see that that person in the man you meet instead of seeing what’s. Actually there so it’s like um grace that’s for you girl now going to i’m going to go later in my theories. But it really brings a lot of the mysterious aspect to the show the second therapy session talk about how we have to talk about the lies and the relationship and how this husband cheated on the other, and i love the way she said that all all three And hidden things are in the shadow of the relationship which you will always have and how the show itself has shadows, which are going to be revealed by the light and honestly.

This is something that i really enjoyed about the series: how the we’re going to see different actions and different aspects to the show and then a perfect example of this is how we can see glass and how we can see mirrors so it’s. How the the truth is gon na go ahead and be revealed now i have to say that nicole kidman is turning to this character in an amazing way, she’s hurling into this character, and i cannot wait to see how the character is going to be developed as Well now, the oral series has to be of the face of people using society. The idea of presenting another view of who we are is something that we can see everywhere and every time, and this can be seen in the fundraising for the school, which is of a representation of high class and idea that they have about who they are in Society, but in reality it just boosts everyone’s ego, and this can be hidden by the shadows that each of the person has so it’s a nice way to represent that in this series and honestly, this is something that i really am enjoying so far about the show Is that every one of the person has a hidden shadow and honestly, i cannot wait to discover what’s going to be grey’s shadow, as this story develops now there’s a lot of things that don’t make sense in the show and in the series, for example, when the Husband of breaks, so he doesn’t want to go to the fundraiser that it represents.

The idea of you know being another person to others, but at the same time, the secret of jonathan and why he doesn’t want to go there when he arrived. He even talks about how he’s you know he doesn’t want to be there and there’s. A lot of things that doesn’t feel right with the character of jonathan and going back into the mirrors and glass is something that is going to be easily destroyed and in a way to represent the different views and points that we’re going to see. And i cannot wait that you know the house goes destroy. You know in the metaphor of the glass and mirror to break down and reveal what’s, you know behind the curtains. We have different characters throughout the series, and one of the weird characters in a way is a character of elena who has a family. He has a husty, has a husband and a son and a baby uh baby. So in this meeting before the fundraising event, her character is looking a lot of grace and this one we start to see something really weird about the show. Now she starts breastfeeding her baby, and this represents how she doesn’t care, and he is open to that. In a natural way, but to the other moms is something weird and something that you cannot do in all class, so it’s a nice way to represent that and honestly that’s one of my favorite things about the episode.

Now later. One of the moms and grace talk about this, and this is when the gossip starts happening and how the mother reveals about a weird situation where she encountered the character of elena, which she was just sitting there. Looking at her school. So it’s about this dream that each of the characters has and what they want and what they think they want, but something that we can see in the character of elena is specifically this scene about the school. As you see it in there now, the character is later killed and we don’t know who it is, but this one it’s something this is when the the show starts to happen in you know, as gray’s husband also disappears and leave his home phone behind and other Strange things happen as in the front racing event, the character of grace is looking a lot of them, maybe she’s, looking at grey’s husband, but later she’s, crying and she’s sad, so there’s, a lot of things that are in the series that makes me think that a Lot is about to be revealed in the upcoming episodes and honestly i’m. So happy. We get to see a show like this i’m intrigued to know more and try to know more about the characters about what’s really happening, but so far there’s a lot of things that are mysterious, for example, the whole woman in the hospital which for me thinks that The character of jonathan is, with another woman, maybe the character of elena.

We cannot see who the woman is, but going into that a kid. So maybe this has to be something like that. We also get a weird scene between grace and lena and she’s naked. Only to talk about how they met in the fundraiser like before in the meeting and how she make her, you know feel good about with the other moms so yeah. This scene was a little bit awkward for the character of grace, but is how she felt open and, as you know, pretty much naked to talk about those things so really awkward scene. But it brings a lot of clarity. How the character of elena feels comfortable with the character of grace, but why? Because she didn’t did anything now. The big thing about the episode is about grace. We don’t know who her husband is, which is something full circle, beginning to the episode to the end of the episode, and it lists the episode in a really nice way for the next week. Now the end of the episode she started to investigate and find her husband’s phone and it really set off the show in a really good way. We also have the whole fbi agents and how they’re investigating this appearance of elena – and this is gon na – be uh. Maybe it’s gon na point to the character of grace, because she has had a lot of experiences, a lot of meetings with her and as well as the character of her husband disappearing.

So maybe she’s gon na protect her husband that’s a lot of things that i’m just theories. But honestly, i cannot wait for the next episode. This is my breakdown. What are your thoughts leaving in comments below? Thank you so much for watching.