We are now in Oakland. Oh, do like so these amplifies your invasion, so you have here is like pro I can see from here: Music Applause, Music, melot Ryan. Here we got a new member of the group. Sorry, yo what’s, good man, all right, let’s get started, what’s good, not the Weed Man, but I know him he’s tending to his his his buds. You know what I mean even like how you said you were like it’s, okay, to be late, that’s, why we say meet at this certain time: cuz you’re, already giving ourself an extra hour leeway anyway, with that extra time. This is such a. This is like a dream you know like this is like something I always wanted to have, but I I couldn’t because you know the time it was. I right amazing. Alright. So we just finished a music video shoot we’re gon na go pick up. Latoya got a lady woman right there. Oh look at that, that’s beautiful bugs on everyone, quick in and out shout out to Ryan. We were on the cameras handed up man it’s. Alright, you know what I mean that shit was cool. You know what I mean like it’s, like that that Jay call video. I showed you this map he’s just on the bus riding the bus. This is amazing, like like the colors of the lake today. Did you something else like I was just like driving around here and I start seeing like the colors and I was like fucking beautiful go.

You wish you to sit with us Music, all right, that’s, a wrap all right, so we’re really hitting our flow. Now, whoa cell self belief, structure following through and it’s been about like five hours we got in a music video. We ran some errands. We got this vlog going while this is all going on. We got to make four spoken word pieces and intros for the artists and it’s like 600 p.m. and we better call it a night. I feel like I ran ten miles like I did, the Bay to Breakers or some shit, but like I’ve, been working maker, music. Making music videos don’t only trust the process be the process. Thank you tune in to the vlog.